What is up water damage, Denver, that is my best completely JV attempt at a Robin Williams salutation. We are not in Vietnam. It is not the morning, but that’s who I was thinking about when I just did that and now that I think about it, that was really, really bad. So sorry, water damage, different friends. I will stick to just a simple normal welcome from now on. So welcome water damage. Denver friends, we have a subject today that is a little food for thought. You know individuals are exactly that and it doesn’t matter if you happen to be married, you happen to have a partner, you happen to have roommates, you happen to have family that live in the home. Each individual has their own unique set of perspectives and their own unique ideas and remedies to problems and that does not, that doesn’t stop when there is a water damage. Denver occurrence.

that is something that I would say we have run into probably, I can count it probably on one hand, but in the last month we’ve probably had four or five jobs where there was significant difference of opinion when it came to how to handle a water damage Denver claim or situation. So let me tell you as a water damage, Denver mitigation and restoration specialist company, that is kind of an awkward vibe when we’ve been called out to look at and assess a water damage Denver job. And all we want to do is provide clarity, answer questions, give suggestions, perhaps offer a professional idea or two, um, as well as just generally helping people problem solve. But if there’s more than one individual that we are giving this information to probably, um, there’s a decent chance that each of those individuals are going to accept and absorb and process that process, that information a little differently than the other. And you do run into a couple or you know, roommates or family members that live together, whoever that, that are pretty, you know, on the same page and you know, kind of understand things and talk things through and ask their own questions. But generally kind of come to a, um, an agreed upon, you know, resolution. But then there’s ones that don’t. And that can be difficult because often when you’re dealing with the water damage, Denver’s situation,

things need to be figured out sooner than later. Um, decisions need to be made maybe a little quicker. Uh, there’s not a ton of time to sit and ponder and wonder exactly, um, when they’re going to pull the trigger on getting everything attended to and cleaned up. And in one particular, uh, case right now, I personally believe that this couple has, um, some growth, some molds that has occurred as a result of not addressing their water damage Denver situation in a prompt manner. And that’s the thing is that you’re running the risk insurance wise of potentially being denied or getting pushed back. If you drag your feet on some of these issues, you have homeowners insurance for a reason. We will podcast on this constantly that yes it is super, super annoying to deal with a water damage Denver situation. It’s super frustrating to have to go through the process of having, you know, a company come in and potentially, you know, make some cuts in your walls or your ceilings or tear carpet out or or whatever or move your furniture around. I get that and I totally agree, but it’s also annoying to have an insurance company deny your entire claim because you now have mold as a result of not getting a water damage Denver company in ASAP to get that water sucked out to get your structure dried out and have avoided

significant more damage. You know, mold typically in that case. So we highly encourage a couple of things and it’s probably something that most people would laugh at, but as a couple, as partners, as family members, anyone that is living under the same roof at a given time, it’s a such a good idea and it’s such, trust me, it’s such a waste of an evening. You’d rather go out to dinner, you’d rather go out for entertainment. You’d rather do an any probably anything. Then discuss what your thoughts are if, if and when anything happens to the home that might need attention, you know, such as a disaster such as water damage, Denver, such as fires, smoke, mold, any, anything that’s like, Oh, okay, this is going to be a process and you could maybe mix in a little dinner with it. Maybe. Maybe you could dangle a carrot in front of yourself saying, okay, we’re going to go out to dinner. We’re going to have some amazing sushi and we’re going to talk about what if our house flooded or what if we had an electrical fire or what if half of our house burned down? How would we proceed? What ideas do you have? What, what scares you about that? What is important to you in that in, in, in case that happened and

Water Damage Denver | Please Agree With Our Plan

that perspective. Even if it’s something that you guys disagree on or just kind of have slight slightly different opinions on, I can’t tell you how much of a benefit that would be to you and to your water damage Denver company of choice by having had that conversation by having considered. Okay. What if we went away for vacation and came home to two feet of water in our basement? What,

what do you think your first reaction would? First of all, like I’ve discussed before on one of the previous episodes, it would be super ideal to have all of your preferred contractors in place to have those numbers super accessible on speed dial or you know, in a file where you know, everyone that you know and trust, hopefully big foot restoration repair, but any water damage, Denver company, any general contractor, any plumber, roto Rooter person, anybody that would need to be contacted in an emergency, it would be super duper advantageous to have all of that information, you know, on your phone or on your computer or in a safe place on your refrigerator or whatever. Um, but also in addition to having those phone numbers and that contact information would be to have a bit of a, a plan and it doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed or down to, you know, crazy, crazy specifics, but it would be incredibly encouraged to think through how, how you would deal with it, what you would really want to know is going to be a part of the experience as far as you know, which contractors you’re using. Do you want to know these people? Do you just want to make sure that they have certain types of insurances or bonding or whatever is incredibly important to you. Um, address those before it ever happens. And that way if it does, God forbid you don’t have to be stressing out quite as much, you will a little inevitably, but you won’t have to on the fly. Think about

checking all those boxes, dotting all those I’s, crossing all those T’s you will have thought through it. And more importantly, even with that, that other person, those other people that are in your home, if there are things to work through with regard to decisions to be made, you can have that discussion before the time is at hand and you’re sitting there arguing right in front of your water damage. Denver restoration team that desperately needs and wants to get to work but can’t because they haven’t been given authorization to because there’s a difference. Major difference of opinion, major difference in how to proceed or filing a claim or not filing claim or using this company or that company or whatever burner. Friday evening, have some dinner, talk about it. Reward yourself with a show afterwards and make a general plan to deal with

your, hopefully hypothetical and never actual water damage Denver situation, but be prepared if you do and save yourself a ton of aggravation. If you didn’t know. We are not only an incredible water damage Denver company, but we also, I guess seem to offer incredible marital and uh, spousal and partner and family dynamic counseling. So if you need water damage, Denver health or just someone to sit down and talk you through some of life’s challenges and problems with your loved your loved ones or family and or family, we’ll be happy to help. However, we can’t. 70 zero five, seven five foot is your phone number to get a hold of the premier water damage. Denver water restoration company in Denver. We pray a appreciate, appreciate, he appreciate the opportunity to be of service, to answer questions, to be trusted, to be used when we can. Thank you so much for your time. Attention loves sport. Dr Sam.