What’s up water damage Denver friends hope that you are well and our 11 life. One thing that we run into a lot in our day to day and I think it kind of transcends our industry and is just kind of a a buzz word across the board these days is perception. So on today on today’s big foot restoration, water damage, Denver podcast of gold, that is what we are going to discuss. We’re going to discuss perception, we’re going to discuss how that quintessentially is reality and why we use that as one of our foundations that we stand on to set ourselves apart from every other water damage Denver company that’s out there.

So this is my, this is kind of my bread and butter. This is what I love. This is what intrigues me and what, um, yes, kind of my, I shouldn’t say my only, but one of my, one of my top focuses with any business endeavor that I’m a part of, especially in the service industry because here is, here’s kind of the, the, the way that I feel about everything that we do, both cleaning and restoration based. Is there? Pardon me? There are a lot of cleaning companies out there. There are a lot of water damage, Denver companies out there. There are a lot of people that do what we do in our immediate market, in kind of the broader local market and then especially nationally, tons, tons, tons, tons, thousands of cleaning companies, maybe a little bit bigger, maybe a little smaller or the exact same size, but they do and offer the exact same services that we do. So as far as a proprietary offering, we don’t have that and neither really does anyone else. We are blessed to live in a day and age where there is a ton of great resources for us, both in the realm of products that we use, equipment that we use, marketing, materials, marketing, they’re available to anyone and everyone that wants to take advantage of them. You just have to be willing to put in the effort, invest the money, the time


to, to offer to your customer base the biggest and the best

that you can offer.

And when I say biggest and the best, it’s not always just about the most expensive machine or the most, you know, high tech, um, dehumidifier or any piece of water damage, Denver equipment. It, there is a lot that goes into the ability to use those pieces of equipment correctly to know when to manipulate the environment that you’re working in to make sure you get the best results. It has definitely, let me repeat. Definitely not all about just having the latest and the greatest, um, fancy gizmo. It’s cool. There’s a lot of great stuff that comes out every year, but by any, by no means is that one of the most important things to a water damage Denver company. So we don’t, and we have never claimed that we have anything that is just not available to anyone else. We’ve never claimed that, you know, we use methods that nobody else knows about. Um, again, it’s just basically what people are willing to do to be thorough or do they want to rush di are there, you know, are they constantly in a state of chaos? Are they disorganized and does that impact the customer at the end? So

although we wish we could say we have equipment that others don’t have, that’s not true. Although we wish that we could say we have products that you know, deal with mold and with other sorts of water damage, Denver related, um, intricacies that need to be handled with a product. Nope. We buy from manufacturers that any restoration company has the ability to purchase from our marketing methods and the platforms that we use, um, are costly and they are essential. But there again, if as a restoration company, as a water damage number company, if you would like to take advantage of those, you’re, you’re welcome to and you’re certainly able to implement them. And we would encourage all companies to do that because it again is a good way to properly communicate with the customer and keep things organized from the uh, from the behind the scenes aspect.


and there are probably five to 10 other sort of elements to our business that more than likely are going to fall in line with what other water damage Denver companies out there offer. And so that’s the point. Those are the things that we really can’t control.


Who uses what? Do they use the same things as us? Are we able to set ourselves apart in that form or fashion? We really can’t. Um, and like I’ve talked about before, we don’t necessarily worry about those sorts of things. In fact, we hope that every water damage Denver company out there is using those things, um, as a benefit to their customers. Um,

Water Damage Denver | Paying Attention To Details

we do then focus on perception and interaction with the customer and not going to blow anybody’s mind here. But that is reality. Perception is reality. And you’ve probably heard that phrase tons and tons of times. It by no means is a niche phrase just for this industry. But we keep in mind constantly that what people perceive about us, about the industry and our work is a reflection of what they perceive. And so how does that look from the second that they call big foot restoration, email, Bigfoot restoration. Um, what is that like the second we show up at their door to start looking at their water damage, Denver ish issue, how do they perceive us during the scope of the project and then what are their perceptions as we wrap up and complete the job and maybe are out of their home. And kind of the followup let’s say to that. So that is something that we take incredibly, incredibly seriously. And let me just give you an illustration of why to me that is so incredibly important in every little thing that we do. Um, literally in the last 20 minutes I went through a Starbucks to get the same

type of coffee that I get probably 95% of the time that I go to a Starbucks every time just about, I get a venti iced vanilla Americano with cream. That’s been my drink for years essentially. It’s pretty much the same every time I go to Starbucks and even when I go to other little coffee shops, that’s what I order. And pretty much it’s the same. Every once in awhile they’ll do something a touch differently, which kind of annoys me. But for the most part, it’s still going to be essentially the same product.


at this particular location that I went to about 20 minutes ago,


The gentleman handed to me in the drive through my cup with literally [inaudible] coffee and cream and I guess probably water, like literally all over it. And he looked me dead in the eye and said, here’s your coffee, sir. And proceeded to get ready to hand me [inaudible]

this cup that

was not clean was not really something that I even wanted to touch, not because I’m too uppity or whatever. But when was the last time somebody handed you anything, any drink or any soda or any coffee with literally whatever was in it flowing down the sides and they looked you in the eye and acted like you should take it from them. It blew my mind and I just kind of sat there wondering, is this guy gonna wipe it off or what are we doing? Like is he trying to just test me here? So I said, could I bug you for a couple of napkins? And he’s, he’s very nice. He said, Oh, sure, yeah, no problem. And he proceeded to hand me a couple of napkins with the coffee and he goes, Oh, did you do you want me to just wipe it off? And I said, I mean if you could that would be awesome, but no big deal. And he said, Oh, okay. Yeah. Um, yeah. Let me go ahead and wipe that off for you.

I don’t micro analyze those things, you know, if I don’t have to. But I thought that was incredibly interesting that he wasn’t aware enough, I guess to understand what he was handing me. And then when he had the opportunity to what it was that I was going to have to deal with, he kind of sorta made it out to be like he’d do me a favor by doing something that he probably should have done in the first place. Is that a huge deal? Not really. Is it something that’ll keep me from coming? Going back to that particular location? It won’t, but it just kind of made me giggle saying, thinking what in the world was going through this guy’s mind? Why would he not have been aware enough


to not allow my perception to be this guy like is

is totally whacked out or his head is another, another place or whatever. So for a cup of coffee, no big deal, I, I will survive. But when it comes to being in someone’s home and dealing with their items, their belongings, their water damage, Denver situation, to not be aware enough to have everything as presentable as possible to not reflect only the highest of standards in every interaction with the customer is, it’s just something that, that we do micro analyze. Those are things that we do want to make sure we are on top of each and every time. Not because we’re,

I don’t know, trying to project an image of perfection or anything like that, but we just don’t want to give the customer an opportunity to wonder what we’re thinking. Like to question why would they do something super simple or not do something super simple that they could have and then go looking for other issues to kind of nitpick I guess. And that’s kind of human nature. Once you give someone a reason to kind of question your work or your, you know, kind of presentation, it does kind of set off triggers in their mind to think, okay, do where else do I need to check to make sure that these things are being taken care of and that, you know, I don’t have to worry about the way they did this or that. So, um, just a super interesting little case study of why we do what we do, why we are so meticulous when it comes to how we present our water damage Denver company and want to reflect only the ultimate professionalism for your water damage Denver project.

So if you have had that experience with us and you appreciate, um, kind of that attention to detail with a water damage Denver job that we’ve done for you, please reach out, let us know your feedback or give us a objective review view on Google. We’d sure appreciate it. If you want to keep us on speed dial or know somebody that’s going through, currently going through a water damage, Denver’s situation and you think they need our type of professionalism in their home, please feel free to pass our name and number along. We will take great care of them for you. I promise. So I, I’ve got a good, nice, clean iced, venti vanilla Americano with cream. I’m going to be happy. I’m not going to let this bring me down, but we promise we will never drop the ball like that. Even with something super simple and seemingly, you know, kind of arbitrary. Uh, it’s big. It’s a big deal to us. So certainly hope you never have to need our services, but we are here when you need us and until that time you stay safe.