Well, it’s a water damage Denver people hope that everybody is doing super duper duper and if you’re not, I hope you’re not on fire. You’re not eating a bowl of mold or swimming in a flooded basement. If you do have a water damage, Denver situation or any other loss, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to call big foot restoration. We will treat you like gold and we will treat you like, um, I guess I will explain in the subject of this podcast and really take an all inclusive approach to whatever you have going on in your, uh, home or business, whatever the property is that’s experienced a water damage, Denver issue or another loss. We will do our best to take a comprehensive look at anything and everything that could have been compromised from a premier disaster. And we will also do our very, very best to help facilitate any and every process that we can to get you back to normal as soon as possible. It’s funny, I do these podcasts. There’s usually a reason. There’s usually a


an experience or kind of a precedent that’s been set that triggers my memory or just makes me think this is something that we should address. And so that is, uh, that is exactly what the reason for today’s quick chat is all about is water damage Denver companies that stop well short of assisting their client in getting everything back to normal. And I understand that there are some limitations with companies. They may be designed in a specific way and that’s not necessarily any of my business. But I guess what does concern me just a bit is, uh, the pretty consistent stories that I hear of individuals, both residential and commercial individuals that, um, have a situation, whether it’s a water damage Denver loss or fire, smoke damage mold. And a company will come in and you just, a very, very minute portion of the mitigation, not the full mitigation, uh, maybe not do the rebuild, which that’s totally understandable.

But there again, not, not go out of their way whatsoever to try to get the insured hooked up with a good prop proper, um, and reputable contractor or contract doors that they may need. Just kind of blows my mind. Um, you know, we’ve been in several houses recently where, um, you know, there, it’s, it’s like they just decided to stop at a very arbitrary point in the mitigation and they are long gone. That’s, I mean it’s the, the fact of the matter is that whatever restoration company was originally in there, they did a, they did B and they just decided to stop it at that point

Water Damage Denver | No Evil Can Come Through Here

something like that. And it’s just kind of crazy. I mean, I think it’s fairly understandable to go into a house that’s had a water damaged inverse situation, let’s say. And to see evidence of, of the flood cats that needed to be made to see evidence of maybe containment, maybe the containment’s already been taken down if the project is complete, you know, maybe the materials that had been compromised had been removed. Maybe there’s some flooring that’s been removed, but it’s all clean. It’s all organized, it’s all ready for the next phase of the water damage Denver project proceed. And typically, you know, those things are set up, set out in front of, into mitigation and into the rebuild process. So that’s the way insurance gestures want to do it anyway. They want one. Um, write up one estimate for the demo, the dry out, everything, the treatments, everything that goes, the equipment, everything that goes along with the restoration portion, the mitigation portion. And then when it comes to the flooring, the trim, the drywall, the texture, the paint, the finish work, the, I don’t know, um, electrical rerouting or whatever that may need to be done, the, you know, whatever damage. And then obviously physical, um, assets that people have had that may have been damaged, that’ll be kind of separate thing. But, um, yeah, no, there’s just no real understandable reason why,

um, a company would just stop randomly in the middle of a project and then allowed to, to stop, um, hard for me to understand how

they would get paid for that. You know, I, I just can’t, I mean conceptually, I can’t really understand how it would be possible for a company to go in. Let’s say remove a little bit of drywall, throw some, throw some drying equipment in, maybe a few fans, couple of dehumidifiers, maybe an air filtration device, maybe kind of pull back the carpet, cut out a little bit of pad and then just kind of leave it laying there, kind of back doubled over onto itself. And you know, maybe there’s some trash sitting over in the corner and some remnants of um, you know, some of the, the padding laying over to one side and some tax strip and you know, perhaps some packaging from something that was on, unpacked, you know, for supplies to be used. And they decided at some point that their work was done and so they probably came back and got their equipment.

Most companies don’t forget to do that. But as far as the true totality of the water damage Denver project, there’s still a lot to be done. And that’s really what kind of upsets me. It can definitely give the restoration industry a bad name. You know, if somebody has an experience like that and then what are they supposed to do? Are they supposed to clean this stuff up? Are they supposed to call another water damage Denver company to come out and see if anything else needs to be done? Is it time for the rebuild? Where’s the information from that restoration company? Why can’t they get anybody to call them back? Crazy, crazy, hard to believe type things that people go through. Um, so just so we set the record straight, um, we fashion ourselves as what we call a full service restoration company and we, we named the company Bigfoot restoration and repair because we do some repair work and we have designs on being able to, um, provide the full rebuild in house right now. I can honestly say that we do not do all of that in house and very few restoration companies do. Even the ones that, you know, tag themselves as a one stop shop, it is very, very rare that they would take care of all of the mitigation in house and all of the rebuilding house, more likely not by

a long shot. Um, they’re subbing in construction companies, general contractors, handymen, uh, just contractors. Maybe they’re kind of G seeing the project, but they’re bringing in tradesman to do, um, the certain parts of the job to get stuff rebuilt. So that’s not an issue necessarily. It’s not a big deal, but just to delineate and say that it’s not like a ABC restoration company, employees coming out to do the drywall and then the texture and the paint baseboard, the flooring, those sorts of things. Um, so we do all phases of the mitigation. So all demo, all drying, all clean on water, damage, jobs, smoke damage, jobs. We do all of that. Any content that needs to come back to the shop to clean and process in a clean room. We do that on a mold job. We do all of the work. We do not do the testing, but we have another company come in and do the testing both before and after, but all of that’s done in house.

And we handle every phase of it up until we can say, okay, we’re good. It’s time for the rebuild and we will leave your space clean. We will leave it ready for the next contractor to come in and get right to work when it comes to the rebuild process. Um, also though what we try to do if we can and especially if the client would like us to, is help facilitate that next step. So that may mean that we go ahead and, um, take control of that and we go ahead and, and subcontract other people to come in and take care of the rebuild work or we can get the homeowner in touch with, you know, if they just need a little work done and you know, maybe it’s not that big of a deal. We can get them in touch with a handyman and make sure that they, uh, get the great service from these people that, you know, we have on our referral list that we know will treat them very, very well.

So they don’t have to start just going into the local search engines and, you know, basically throw a dart Laila in the wall and decide which individual they’re gonna use to help them get their house back together. But from big foot on any water damage, water damage, Denver job or any other project that we are involved in, you will never get that crazy, weird, random stopping point where you’re left in the dark as far as what is next, what you need to do. We are big on communication and we certainly are always available to answer questions if anybody has them. So, um, please give Bigfoot restoration to call if you have had a water damage Denver situation or any fire, smoke or mold loss can rest assured we will take great care of you and we will do everything we can to help facilitate anything that we can’t personally handle. I think you know that hope. Trust that by now 70 zero five, seven, five foot is how you get ahold of us for all of your water damage. Denver needs. Sure. Hope you never have any, but we’ll talk to you when they do and until then you stay safe.