Water damage Denver friends. Hope that you are good. Let’s just spend a couple minutes on this crispy, crispy morning in Denver, Colorado talking about

the [inaudible]

see the similarities and differences of handling a water damage Denver claim in this present reality that we are facing. If you are listening to this water damage Denver podcast of gold weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennium from now, perhaps you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about. But the world is facing a bit of an unprecedented reality right now


the attempt to slow and eventually stop the spread of this virus, whatever you want to term it and whatever exactly it is. It is something that has taken the world by its whatevers and really been incredibly disruptive, um, devastating for some, um, challenging and


no, very discouraged, discouraging for most and at least in an inconvenience for the rest of the people. So, um, with, with something, you know, and I can’t think of many other examples of, of what this would be like except for cat, other catastrophic events, maybe even worse.


what, um, what is crazy right now is that, you know, businesses have essentially been mandated to shut down if they’ve been deemed not essential. So we, what we offer are water damage, Denver services and everything else that we do has been deemed essential. So we will continue to operate and help people out in their time of need. What may be a little bit different for the consumer or the insured in this time is how to handle a water damage Denver claim and how this current situation may, you know, affect what, what you do, how you go about things, how you’re handled and the trickle down effect of all of that. So we as a water damage dimmer company can, you know, control what we can control. And thankfully for the purposes of a claim, a loss, whether it’s water, fire, smoke, mold, whatever.


the mitigation is the most important aspect. If you have, again, specifically a water loss, the most important part of that is finding the source, eliminating the source and limiting damage, getting things dried out, making sure that the indoor environment is safe and secure. And that’s what we do. Whereas you might not get your project rebuilt or you may not get the correspondence from your agent as quickly as you’d like. Not sure that communication was ever earth shattering with respect to timeliness to begin with most cases, but people are obviously modifying their lives, working remotely, working from home and

Water Damage Denver | No Change In Our Response?

who knows what each individual’s capabilities are. But I would have to tell the insured to rest, rest assured that there would be no delay, no hiccup in anything that we would provide to our customers. The immediate response is still there. The attention to eliminating the source and getting people safe, getting everything attended to that is a part of that first step taken care of and dried out or you know, cleaned up, boarded up, whatever needs to take place. Depending on the situation that can still happen. And the relationship between the insured, the water damage Denver company, big foot restoration, the insurance agent, the adjuster, perhaps the third party, all of that should still stay pretty similar. It’s not that,

Oh, she’d be a problem that any insured individual that experiences a law should have to worry about hefty delays or huge inconveniences when it comes to that. Now, what may be like said a bit of a wild card at this point would be the rebuild, not sure. You know, especially for some large larger projects what a, the current state is in the construction industry. Um, we can handle, you know, smaller to medium build backs if the customer needs that resource. But for large, larger scale things and you know, anything that would need to be reframed or literally rebuilt from the ground up, that is definitely something that who would be way outside side of our spectrum. And so it would remain to be seen what kind of timeline that would follow. But from a simple standpoint of getting a water damage Denver job


handled quickly, efficiently, properly, none of that will change.


so that’s the most important part.


And so if you have anything that happens and perhaps the possibilities of that sort of thing happening is even more possible at this point with, you know, kind of people being at home and


maybe getting a little, a little bored, a little sidetracked, a little distracted, and you know, forgetting about that fire damper that’s still closed and a fire gets made. Um, you know, different things relating to water, mismanaged things happening. Hope not. But again, if it does, if it does, obviously reach out and we will help in whatever way we can hope that any and all listening get through this quickly, safely, and we’re back to normal soon. But until then, you stay safe.