Oh, ready water damage Denver friends. So happy you took just a few minutes of your day to spend with us on this latest edition of the big put restoration water damage Denver podcast of gold. Want to wrap up just a little bit more info for a subject that we started to get into on the last episode and that has to do with the potential dynamic of either being uninsured or under insured as a property owner or a property occupant. So you may or may not own the property that you are in, you may just be leasing it or renting it, but no matter what you, you do have an obligation to hold insurance on that property and we don’t have enough time to get into the specifics of why that is a legal obligation. But unless you know something that I don’t as the owner or a renter of a property, it is your obligation to have some kind of insurance relating to that property and it is probably a very, very good idea to go and be above and beyond that and even have some sort of an umbrella policy as well to make sure that any incidentals that you may not be aware of, um, would fall within that umbrella.

And you do not have to worry about any silliness, um, that may slip by the coverage of your primary policy and would be covered under that umbrella. I know it’s a little bit frustrating sometimes it seems like it’s just more money and more money and more money. But umbrella policies, I am convinced and specifically because of my great insurance agent that has [inaudible] find it to me more than once. It is well worth the relatively ridiculously cheap amount per year to have that extra extra policy attached to your writer. You know, you’re talking about probably $2 million worth of coverage for 200 bucks a year, something like that. Maybe even less. But for literally just, you know, less than a dollar a day, not even close to that, probably more like, you know, 50 or 60 cents a day. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that if somebody walks by your properties, you know, decides to go on your lawn but trips over a toy and face plants and shatters their face, even if they would try to Sue you, you’re going to have crazy high amounts of coverage and you don’t have to worry about that ruining your life if you don’t have that coverage or your initial homeowner property, um, insurance coverage excludes that or doesn’t include that or there’s limitations there.

Water Damage Denver | Needing To Claim Your Protocol

It could be a a nightmare. And we don’t want that for you. So we do know a handful of absolutely fantastic insurance agents that do property and casualty. And if you ever, ever, ever need a name or a referral along those lines, I would happily refer one of them to you and you would know that you would be insured against all potential water damage Denver issues, fire damage, acts of God of any kind. Um, like I said, just crazy stuff that can happen with, you know, other individuals coming onto your property, whether they’re supposed to be there or not. We have heard some of the craziest stories with respect to lawsuits all the way up to where, you know, criminals are trying to break into a home and energy injure themselves in the act of doing this and somehow some way are compensated through a lawsuit. Uh, just blows your mind how that could happen, but it can and it does. And so we want all of our clients to be protected. But let’s get back to, I’m wrapping up this conversation with underinsurance, perhaps even no insurance on properties and you have the unfortunate situation of having a water damage Denver issue. So we’re going to reference a few more sites online that give us some good information and some good things to think about when it comes to this potential.

So one of the individuals that I find to be very entertaining and very knowledgeable and I’m kind of just a different is Dave Ramsey and people pretty much, it’s interesting. People either love him or hate him. It seems like, um, and I’m not here to discuss that, but I do enjoy a lot of the things that he promotes. He promotes people being wise and, um, capable and responsible with their money and making their money work for them. Uh, so I’ll just leave it at that. It’s not like I endorse every single thing that he says, but in general, I appreciate the, um, the type of information that he puts out. So he’s got some, some interesting, um, words of here and you know, a lot of this stuff, it’s not really water damage Denver related. It’s more probably for people in, you know, very, very consistently compromised flood zones.

So people that are kind of in that hurricane area of the country, perhaps, you know, whatever parts of the countries are more prone to potential flood damage and you know, maybe have a more heightened sense of awareness when it comes to that. Um, but the flood damage is never a welcomed guest. And so regardless of who you are, where you live, I think everybody can agree on that. So what happens if you do experience that territory? What, what do you do? Do you evacuate? Do you try to try to brave the storm? It’s, it’s never, you know, a real comfortable decision that you might have to make. Um, then take into account what if the, you know, what if the water damage Denver actually does occur? Are you going to rebuild? Are you just gonna throw in the towel and relocate? Lots of different things to consider, but Dave suggests that if you do, actually I have to file a claim.

Um, you know, he actually says to alert FEMA and just make that phone call cause you don’t, you, you may or may not know the help that’s available and much of it that could be free. So that’s an organization that’s set up to assist people in case of a water damage, Denver loss or really any water, water loss, you know, throughout the country to make that call, make a call to your insurance agent, especially if you have flood insurance, you need to alert them right away and get as much information as you can, you know, from them as far as the appointment, the adjuster’s name, those sorts of things. Uh, you also, I really need to document, document, document. Um, you should actually actually a side note, you should document the second you get your policy, the second you make a decision to take out coverage with your agent, you should document wealth with photo and video, the, the items that you are wanting to protect.

So obviously you’ve got your home, your personal property, anything and everything that could be involved in a loss. You want documentation showing that you do in fact have this stuff, you know, the condition of it, serial numbers, things like that. Should it ever be stolen, but document all of that stuff to protect you if you should ever have to report it stolen or damaged or you know, just completely destroyed. Um, so then there’s the meeting with the adjuster. You’re going to need to have all of your information ready for them and um, you know, go ahead and ask for, you know, some up cut up, up front money. Go ahead and ask for a partial payment upfront so that you can, um, perhaps pay the adjuster. You know, we as a water damage Denver company, we typically don’t ask for a large deposit. We may ask for a person’s deductible upfront, but some water damage Denver companies do.

They ask you to put, you know, a $2,000 deposit down or a $5,000 deposit money that you may not have in your bank account or you may not feel comfortable putting on a credit card necessarily. So it is well within your rights to ask the adjuster for some of that money up front to cover some of those initial costs. And then to go ahead and pay the remainder of that as your contractors come through. You know, you’re going to have your water damage, Denver contractor, um, perhaps other contractors that come through to do extra work, uh, with respect to different types of services. And then obviously your rebuild after all of the mitigation has been done. So you need to keep track of the entire process who’s coming into your home receipts. Again, document anything and everything that you can, but you want to be, you want to want to be on point, you want to be alerted, you know, not really so much in Denver or Colorado, but you know, in some of these areas that do sustain, you know, pretty potential, uh, consistent potential water damage. Um, you’re going to get the unfortunate scam artists, the robotic calls, and they’re going to try to get you to give them information that, um, you know, they can perhaps get some money out of you or your insurance company. Don’t do it. Only speak to people that you know for a fact are legitimate and that can help you.

So then you’ve got the recovery aspect to it. And you know, there’s so much that goes into, you know, the, the initial stages of what you should do right after a water damage, Denver loss. But what we’ve always said is be safe. If there’s anything with respect to gas lines or electrical that you’re just not sure of, even water that you know, may be in your basement or flooded, you just don’t know what it could be contaminated with. So best to just leave it alone. Don’t try to be, you know, going crazy with trying to, you know, get the water out. You know, if it’s just something more than what you are reasonably able to do. Calling a professional, calling a water damage Denver contractor that knows how to do the proper job and can do it efficiently and quickly. Um, anyway, you know, if you know anything about Dave Ramsey, he, he, he always wants people to advocate for themselves, you know, not just take their word for, um, you know, even with insurance companies, ask questions, never settle, never just give in.

And that can happen. Sometimes that can be a strategy. Um, to kind of frustrate customers and get them to just give up and basically accept whatever, you know, amount is being offered or coverage is being offered. You need to advocate, you need to fight for what you feel is right and don’t ever sign anything that you’re just not 100% comfortable with or you know, you have the ability to get other people, you know, third parties involved to, um, to review things for you. And there may be an additional cost there, but it could be relatively nothing compared to, you know, signing a document that would, um, kind of pigeonhole you into, you know, maybe just peanuts compared to what you should be receiving. So, uh, there is a little bit more information from what most people can tr [inaudible] or a trusted source, um, for a claim process really didn’t get too much today into being under-insured or even uninsured.

So maybe we will actually get, um, another episode in on water damage, Denver, uh, podcast of gold on what to do if you literally don’t have insurance, could be an interesting one to get into. Again, we’re not the foremost authority on this stuff, but we do want to help people figure things out if they have a question or a concern. So, um, if you need a water damage Denver company on your side, on your speed dial to reach out to, in the unfortunate situation of having a water damage, Denver emergency, please put seven two zero five, seven five three six, six, eight onto your speed dial. Reach out to us if you have a concern or a question or actually have a loss that you need us to come out and handle until then though, you stay safe.