What’s going on. My Water Damage Denver friends, it’s a beautiful, beautiful morning here in Denver, Colorado. Hope it’s equally as pleasant wherever you may be at and on a morning like this as I’m kind of, as we get things rolling here at Bigfoot restoration and repair time kind of slows down. We’re uh, you know, we just had this daylight savings fall back, which I’m not a big fan of. Um, but you get that extra hour of sleep and man, does that feel nice on Saturday night slash Sunday morning? I think, uh, the worst thing that could happen is that you’re early for church, which isn’t probably a good thing, but, um, it was, it was crazy. We were up, we were at it. We all felt well rested. We got a ton of stuff done before we got the day going on Sunday morning. And uh, it was glorious.

And then it dawns on you that that evening and the subsequent evening, since it gets dark right around five o’clock, right around five o’clock, which is not awesome, kinda gets a little captain depressive mode. The sun goes down that early, but it does rise early and it’s kind of cool in the morning. Um, and when you’re kind of settling in, getting things going and it’s just kinda Chris beautiful clear out and maybe just for a minute, time slows down, it’ll be ramping up and it’s probably starting to go crazy here in just a little bit, but just for a minute. It’s, it’s pretty peaceful. It’s pretty calm. That is not the case throughout the day, especially in our microwave society. Um, and that’s kind of the subject of this little Water Damage Denver restoration podcast of gold would be kind of the subject of time in man is that, uh, interesting.

You know how we get around, uh, just in the course of the day and if things don’t happen instantaneously, it just drains you. It gets, well, I’ll speak for myself. It drains me. It gets me so fired up and I’ve got a couple of illustrations from the past couple of days that in the moment were incredibly just like, what are we doing? Um, literally thinking about it, it’s probably a matter of a few seconds or in the worst case a few minutes. But, and yeah, most of them have to with other people driving, just try and be on the road, get from place to place. And in Denver we have, you know, I’m sure significant traffic, probably not nearly as bad as some of the big cities, but certainly it’s nothing light or simple. Um, there’s always construction. It seems like there’s more often than not. Pretty lengthy rush hours, both morning and evening. So during the middle of the day, as we’re trying to get around town, get to jobs, get Water Damage Denver client’s taken care of.

Um, it’s important that we get from place to place sufficiently in the past couple of days. Um, you know, I’ve got something as simple as, you know, just needing to get up the new, a left hand turn lane and I’ve got a gal kind of, you could tell she was wanting to turn, kind of wanting to get over into the left turn lane, but still wanting to maybe go straight. She couldn’t make up her mind. So she just kind of straddled the uh, the two lanes made no sense in the world. Um, because she was essentially blocking both lanes of traffic in the left one there was, there would have been plenty of room to get by, but her genius maneuver there, um, made me kind of stay there and meanwhile the left hand turn light up up ahead, goes through its cycle, leaves, goes back to red and then she decides she’ll get into the left turn lane and gingerly roll up to the thing.

I always like to kind of look at people as I go by him when I’m confused as far as what they do and not to shoot him a nasty look necessarily. My windows are tenants so they couldn’t see me even if I did, but I just looked to see the look on their face like, are you blind? Do you have a handkerchief tied around your face? Are you being held at gunpoint? What exactly are you doing that’s making you drive like this? Because it drives me insane. I don’t expect everybody to be a perfectionist driver. Like I kind of am, but I also expect you to know simple rules of the road and not destroy everyone’s lives. As you’re driving around, you’re in your own little bubble and you could just tell, I mean, this gal had a teenager in the car next to her and she looked clueless and the teenager looked incredibly annoyed. I don’t think that same day, but perhaps, um, another day was trying, uh, we had a full slate of Water Damage Denver jobs, um, that we needed to go check on. And that’s something that we talk about constantly is when we’re performing anything related to moisture, we’re going to be onsite every single day. We need to check in, we need to check moisture levels, we need to check in


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two days ago, that our relative humidity, low humidity levels are down. All the levels are progressing how we want them to. So we’ve talked about that before. We’re going to be there every day and sometimes it’s difficult to get around the whole city to do those checks. So we have to hustle, we’ve got to be getting from place to place. Um, and interestingly now I think the, that I think about it, this again had to do with the left hand left turn. Um, there is a specific intersection that is for me at least notorious for being incredibly frustrating. It’s a super awkward intersection. It’s not just, you know, kind of the typical cross or whatever. It’s got kind of a weird angle to a couple of the streets and people always seem to tend to take like the super slow exaggerated left turns when the light turns and the green light doesn’t give you very much time to begin with.

Um, and then subsequently after it goes to red, there’s just this incredibly long wait before, you know, it goes through its cycle and gets back to you. So my head is always on a swivel when I’m up at that intersection. I want to get right down it when that thing turns green. Well, I was several cars back, so I knew it would be a miracle from the Lord if I was able to get through on that one. But no, I was watching and I saw the light turned green in the first couple of cars went and then literally it seemed like forever that the next car went and sure enough it was forever and all of a sudden this car that had a commercial wrap on it, and I would love to share that with you to vent some frustration, but I won’t. But it was a like energy bar of some kind that was on this little SUV that went super duper slow through the intersection.

Of course, that was the last car that was going and literally three cars got through on what probably could have been 10, which meant I got to sit at a red light for again, probably what was like five minutes. It seemed like an hour and 45 minutes. But in the grand scheme of things where those issues a big deal, probably not a, I believe that probably I still got all my Water Damage Denver checks done. Um, the sun still Rose the next day. Everything was fine. But in the course of those moments, I was incredibly frustrated that I wasn’t allowed to do the things that I thought I needed to do in the manner that I thought they should be done.

We know that our clients want timely resolutions to their Water Damage Denver issues we do too and we know that there’s probably a pretty good chance that they’re going to get frustrated with the process and just as a trickle down effect, probably us as you know, we kind of help them navigate through their water damage Denver situation. That is why we do everything in our power to streamline the process from the very first moment that we show up at your door and get after the water extraction, any sort of invasive flood cuts, if that’s necessary, all the drying. We want to get on those things as quickly and time efficiently as possible. Sometimes there’s a little bit of a snag or a delay because maybe we need to run a test or two. Maybe we were, we are required to, to proceed with a certain part of the job, but as much as we can within our power, we want to handle your water damaged number situation as quickly and properly as possible.

So we kind of understand that whether or not the client understands similarly to some time. And that’s why I try not to get too fired up when I’m on the road. You just never know. Um, if somebody is dealing with something, if they’re elderly, perhaps they’re ex military and they’re just struggling that morning or afternoon, whatever, or who knows? I mean just the general person that is preoccupied, maybe they’ve got something serious going on in their life. Really. I guess the only thing that essentially drives me up the wall is when people are on their phones or looking down, looking at something else, trying to multitask while they’re driving on the roadways. But anyway, when it comes to your Water Damage Denver situation, we’re going to do everything within our power. We can’t necessarily wave a magic wand and make everybody else that may be involved in the project follow suit, but we’re going to do everything we can to cooperate and to be a part of the effort to get your water damage. Denver issue rectified, resolved, rebuilt, and get you back to normal life as soon as possible. So if you have anything unfortunate happen that you would like us to help you out with that, um, you would appreciate a timely approach response to not guaranteeing that you won’t feel that bit of frustration in your stomach is as we get the process along. It’s just kind of a natural thing, but we’ll sure do our best. So please reach out to Bigfoot restoration pair. You could have those water damage issues and tell them you stay safe.