Well, so water damage Denver friends. Here’s, here’s the point is you can, you can go to a place where you think you’ll get consistency. And if you order a certain hamburger off the menu or you order a certain dish or perhaps you go into a hardware store that you know, goes across the nation, you hope and expect that you’ll have the same experience and that you’ll be able to rely on people following very simple instructions to put you in a good place to make sure that you’re d you’re receiving the product or the service that you’re expecting, that they’re suggesting is what you should expect and that you’ll leave happy, fulfilled, whatever you engaged in Water Damage Denver.

Obviously you’re willfully exchanging your $5 for your big Mac or your whopper with cheese or your, um, whatever Water Damage Denver, whatever you’re buying and you have a certain expectation there. But you’re also trusting that the folks that are standing behind the counter or standing at the cash register or coming to your house to do something are equipped with the ability to do what they’ve been taught to do, to follow the protocol, to follow, to do the protocol and the right steps. And if they don’t, that could be a problem. I’d say when you kind of separate the things out, do tables at restaurants need to be clean? Yup. Do floors need to be cleaned? Yes. Does a mop need to be used? Yes. Not on tables, but on floors. Yes. So there’s a number of things to get a little bit amateurish about it. There’s a number of things that that person technically did, right. They just didn’t do them in the right order and they failed to use the type of equipment necessary to do to clean one surface as opposed to another. They made a mistake when it came to reusing that equipment on one surface and then on another


I have to just let the cat out of the bag a little and say that probably isn’t something that is completely going to be just a burger king thing or just a fast food food industry thing or just a anything thing. It’s going to be everywhere. And of course, you can’t wear yourself to death wondering if people are competent and capable, but you do need to kind of think about it, kind of pay attention to it, and maybe make decisions that will, uh, hopefully not. And invite disease. Invite something that could make you or others incredibly sick, eating off a table that has all the germs and disgusting things that, you know, we’re in probably dirty mop water from even before the floor was washed. But then you go ahead and mop up some brand new fresh stuff and go ahead and spread that over all over. Um, and then you’re putting your hands, your, your meal, right on that. I’m painting a picture that probably doesn’t exactly help you,


want to think about ever eating at a fast food restaurant again. So even in a highly technical sense, even in a highly supposedly professional industry of mitigation, taking care of, um, you know, cleaning up the aftermath of a fire smoke situation, going in and cleaning up, you know, mold that’s traveled throughout someone’s house. Going in and figuring out how to approach a water damage Denver situation. There’s steps, there’s instructions, there’s materials that have to be used. There’s materials that have to be used one time and discarded. There’s materials that can be reused and the right scenario, there’s a certain method to removing mold and it might not seem like a big deal to some just a simple, simple act of, of containing a piece of drywall that has mold on it before, before cutting it out and disposing of it. But just literally taking two square feet of plastic, taking some containment tape and isolating that small amount of mold on a small amount of drywall could mean the difference between disposal of it property properly by the book safely and spreading hi fi strains of, of that particular growth throughout the property. Again, health complications, health considerations that, that uh, that technician, you know, maybe inadvertently did it, but maybe it’s just rushing. Maybe it’s complete ignorance and they don’t care about what’s proper. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it could be, it could be a super big deal. And

the whole approach that bigfoot takes, water damage, never friends is that we, number one, we aren’t perfect. There’s, there’s, there’s no company that is. But the expectation that we want you to have for us is that number one, we know the guidelines. We know the proper processes for,

for each, uh, type of job that were called out to. But number two, that we’re committed to following those rules, those regulations, those Water Damage Denver, those steps in the proper order that ensure everything is being taken care of to protect our clients, their properties, ourselves, so on and so forth. So, um, keep that in mind as you, God forbid, have a water damage Denver situation as you have any sort of disaster. Who are you allowing to come to your home, into your property and your workplace to perform remediation techniques? And do you trust them to follow the script, to follow the, the, the, uh, standard manual in proper order when nobody’s around to ensure the job is done right, that everybody’s called kept healthy and safe. Seven two zero five, seven foot is how you reach us on the phone. There are many other ways to reach us. Look us up@bigfootrestoration.com get to know us, get to trust us. We are there in the time of need. Even right now. If you call, we’re ready to rock and roll. We will talk to you soon. would imagine that they had somewhat of an assurance that this person would do a good job for them. Why as a company would you hire anybody that you didn’t think would represent you?