Oh, ratty water damage Denver friends. You’re doing well. Hope you’re dry. Hope you’re not on fire. Hope you don’t have mold all over your robes. Anyway, good to have just a few minutes with you on this beautiful, beautiful, crispy Monday morning, Martin Luther King jr day in Denver, Colorado. So just, uh, along those lines, want to pay a little tribute to Dr. King to the causes that he advanced to the vision that he had to the leader that I believe him to have been and kind of to be post humorously. Um,

and I’m going to tie it into water damage Denver of course. Um, we always do. Yeah. Let’s not get too, um, to apples to apples here. Uh, you know, the folks that we look to in this industry as being, um, icons and visionaries in the water damage industry, specifically the water damage Denver industry for us here locally. Um, probably not on the same level is Dr. King, but I think, um, let’s, uh, let’s just be basic about it. This man. Um, and again, this is the research that I’ve done, the education that I’ve, uh, been accustomed to. And you may or may not agree with it. You may have a different perspective of who the person was, but, um, I think we can say that for just about every individual in our history books now, uh, you know, people like to dig in and, uh, find any fault or find any bit of, you know, uncouthness about an individual and exploit that to the point where this person was the, you know, literally the spawn of Satan and, um, you know, we have to wipe them from the history books.

So just check ourselves and realize that we’ve all got pretty, pretty decent flaws and, um, also remember the context of the time period and to which these people lived and try to try to understand that the social climate was inevitably different than what we are in today. Political climate. Uh, you could go on down the list of, of how things were in that day and time as opposed to the one we live in today. Um, in any case, uh, obviously that man did some amazing things and had, um, had just some very, very unique ideas and was incredibly brave and fully resolve back, you know, in the mid 19, uh,

19 hundreds, which is kind of weird to say now that we’re into the 20th century. But, um, he stood and fought and wholeheartedly believed in the equality of all people. And if we just keep it at that, and I think specifically with respect to skin color, and again, if we dial it back to that, I think we can all agree that that is, uh, a no brainer, no doubter, but it just wasn’t back then. And, um, we won’t dive into all the reasons and aspects of the social and political climate back then, but we can say today that, uh, certainly he was right and that he, um, not that he was the one that came up with these ideas or, or was the only person that thought these, but he was one of the few people that was willing to stand up and put his foot down and say all, uh,

I’ll champion this cause probably ultimately loud to the loss of his life. And, uh, and that’s just something that a number of people have done throughout history. They’ve given their lives essentially to stand up for something that they believe to be greater than themselves. And, uh, in the case of him, certainly it was. So we have leadership, we need leadership. We have, um, folks in the political realm that, uh, these days I suppose they think of themselves as leaders, not sure that, uh, they are. Um, but that’s probably a different discussion. Um, but certainly going back, we can look further back and see some individuals throughout time that, that did some amazing things. And we’re in a better place because of them. We have those same people in the water damage industry. We have individuals that, you know, I guess relatively speaking could have taken a little bit of an easier route in their lives.

Uh, certainly could have gotten involved in a different industry. Um, the, the industry, the water damage Denver industry, the accreditations and the different people that, uh, make up the governing bodies, you know, there’s still some serious work to be done. It’s probably not the most, um, highly touted industry before. I’ve, I think I’ve given my own little testimonial about the relative sexiness of what we do on a day to day basis. That’s not, it’s not up there. Um, it’s okay, but it’s just not. And, um, so some of these absolute geniuses and, uh, savant that have taken their time, given up their, uh, no and say given up, but, uh, invest their careers in developing the standards that we use on a day to day basis to um, you know, check all the boxes and make sure we’re doing everything right with any type of a water loss or fire loss, mold loss.

Water Damage Denver | MLK Day Is Important To Us

Um, these are individuals that did case study upon case study, did test upon test, uh, wrote manuals, rewrote manuals, edited manuals, met at conferences, met at summits, met at, um, you know, meetings and living rooms probably to discuss the intricacies of the tiniest details. And inevitably, um, when you get you probably really more than one individual in a room, you’re going to have disagreement. You’re going to have people to take exception and different personalities and, um, it’s just, it’s not going to be the smoothest thing in the world, but, um, but it has to be done right. It has to be done by people, hopefully who have nothing but the best intentions and hopes and perspective on what the deep water damage Denver industry was, could be, is what could be in the future. Uh, yeah, so basically past, present and future. And I know, you know, today 2020 that a man there, there are a lot of gatherings that just blow my mind on, um, on the subject matter and how incredibly in depth these people go to to refine and hone and Polish on these principles that have been, you know, kind of put in place.

Uh, I would say really for this water damage Denver industry probably,

and the 40 year range. I mean, I know there was definitely some science and some, some worthy things, you know, happening back in the 70s, but, um, if I had to guess, I would say things really started getting right about to go getting going for this, uh, water damage industry. And probably in the mid to late seventies, probably in the 80s, they were kind of in swing. And, um, at least the generation that I know of, um, that kind of heads. Um, a lot of the different manuals and a lot of the different standards that again, we base our work off of. Um, I would say 80, so that’s a long time. That’s a good, good a sample size of time that uh, research has been done that things have been accomplished, that probably there’s been some failures and some availability to get into what went wrong, what could be better, how it could be better and fix it and then go ahead and test that a bunch of times to make sure that that holds true as well.

Certainly people that are smarter than me that not necessarily have more time on their hands but were willing to invest in a way that would vastly impact tons and tons of other people. Um, as they went on their water damage journeys themselves and whether they’re just technician, helper, a lead tech manager owner or again, just, you know, some of these folks haven’t really dabbled in the, uh, commerce side of it where they are actively going out and starting companies or being involved with their just, uh, the resources they are instructors, things like that. So great leaders. We need them across the board. We all need to be leaders to some degree, whether it’s just leading ourselves, our families, um, you know, programs and our churches, whatever. Um, we need those. And no, no leadership position is insignificant. It, uh, it’s good for you. It’s good for others that you’re mentoring, that you’re leading down the right path. So certainly for the water damage Denver industry, we’ve been impacted by a bunch of great people. Thinking about those people today on Martin Luther King jr day, great leader himself, and why are we taking take a day out to remember him and his work? Hope you have a great day. Think about great leaders in your life. Think about how you can become a greater leader. We’ll catch you next time until then, you stay safe.