What a water damage Denver nation, crazy that a, it’s in the middle of January in Denver, Colorado. And I don’t see a cloud in the sky. We got blue skies, a little bit of a nip in the air, but the craziness and just kind of the bipolar activity of our, of our Colorado weather is definitely a constant thing. I know it happens like this and other States, but, uh, I just think it’s funny how people in general think Colorado is such a, a snowy place and how it’s, um, it’s just bad weather, kinda kinda cold weather when in actuality, I, I believe that the statistic is that, that we have over 300 days of sunshine per year and certainly that is one of those days. And looking at the extended forecast, it looks like we’re supposed to be like in literally in the mid forties to high fifties for the next 10 days.

Not really what you would think about, uh, if you were to pontificate on January weather in Colorado. Uh, I love the snow. I love the seasonal aspect to what we have here. We get all four for sure. But, um, you know, it’s tough to be too upset at days like this. Um, mid winter now we might get bombed in February, March, April on average actually April is the snowiest month in Colorado. You can believe it. March is the second snowiest on average my record. So I’m sure we’ve got plenty of weather here yet to come before we get get out of things and onto the spring. Um, however today that’s just the, uh, that’s just it as far as what we want to suggest to our water damage Denver friends is that don’t get too caught up and sidetracked with the mild temperatures that we are having in the wintertime.

There is still a long bit of potential for freeze for um, roofs to fail with snow and ice. Uh, we put up a graphic on our Facebook page recently about ice damming on roofs and gutters. You know, still plenty of time for gutters to fail, for downspouts to fail and lots of opportunities for water damage, Denver situations to happen if you don’t protect your property. And take some of the precautions that we talked to talk about pretty consistently on this, uh, podcast. So, um, you know, in these mild days, it’s a perfect opportunity if your, you know, I, I have driving around town the last day or two, I can’t remember a roof that I’ve seen that has snow or ice on it. So right now is, is a perfect time. If you’re thinking about running any sort of heat trace on ruse through gutters, through downspouts. Now it’d be the perfect time, kind of mid winter to get your, your stuff in place and get those little nifty um, bits of technology installed on your home or property to not have to worry about it for the rest of the winter.

And you know, I should probably take my home own advice, but uh, one, you know, one of those things, those, those heat trace deals that you can run, um, kind of along the roof line just right, the roof line kind of by your gutters, through your gutters, down your downspouts. It’s just the tiniest bit of heat, but it keeps stuff from freezing and backing up and ice damming and if you have a frozen downspout, um, you know, things can get rough real quick. If you’ve got a downspout that’s not draining correctly, you can have water damage, Denver big time and uh, something that’s totally avoidable and so it’s a perfect time of year, especially with this weather that we’re having to just not necessarily write it off as something that, Oh, I didn’t get around to it in the fall when I should have. Um, bummer.

I’ll get to it next year. Nope, you’ve still got some time. You don’t, you don’t want to roll the dice when it comes to, um, whether or not you’re going to have an, a, a water damage Denver experience this year. You trust me, it, it would be well worth the little investment in the little time spent to take a peak around your property, both inside and outside and make sure that you are protecting yourself through the rest of the winter. Um, you know, when it comes down to it and you, you’re faced with having to file a claim, have contractors come in, have water damage, Denver company come in and tear your home apart to get stuff dried out and to get things fixed and back to normal. Um, you’ll look back and say, Oh, you know, that one Saturday or one Sunday and that couple hundred bucks of heat, trace and insulation, shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Water Damage Denver | Mid Winters Can Be Tough

And again, I need to go ahead and get my in gear Garren and do that myself cause um, yep. It, uh, it would be super worth my time and effort too. So, um, anyway, kind of old information, new perspective just with the time of year. You know, we talked about it a lot in the fall in, in the context of preparing for the winter. But just to reminder now that we are in the dead of winter, that it really isn’t too late. Uh, we’ve got a nice string of weather here that we can, uh, get out and do some things in the yard. Maybe we still have some yard cleanup for leaves and different things that we didn’t get quite get taken care of in the fall. Perfect time. Now those leaves are crunchy and probably are not, not, maybe not quite as crunchy. Maybe they’re kind of saturated and just kind of easier to rake up and bag up than they were maybe in the fall.

So lots of cool little fun. I know everybody loves yard work and loves, uh, spending their weekends or downtime doing that sort of thing. So if you have yet to do that, please consider at least taking a walk around the perimeter of your home, taking a look at all of your different systems. Also take a look inside your home again. Um, if you got an unfinished basement, go around. Um, make sure that you know, you don’t see any drips, you don’t see anything that could be suspected for, um, potential water damage Denver, disastrous for you. Um, and again, as far as walking around the outside of your house, take a peek at your gutters, your downspouts, if you have not, definitely get those water spickets insulated. There’s a, there’s these tiny little things that slip right over your water spigots. They cost like $3 from the hardware store.

Definitely. I mean, there is nobody that should have their hose hooked up this time here. That’s just silly. You can still use your, uh, your water hose. Just don’t leave it connected after you’re done. That is a recipe for disaster and definitely a invitation for a water damage Denver company to come out and have to, um, help you deal with frozen pipes and frozen spickets at some point during the winter. So hoses should be off. Spicket should be insulated. Um, what other things, uh, you know, negative drainage at this point you’re probably not going to be doing a lot of landscaping to remediate negative drainage. So we’ll save that one til til spring. Um, but, uh, yeah, that, that’s kind of the generic list. That’s kind of the, the super list. Obviously if you have any sort of copper piping inside that runs along next area wall that’s maybe not heated the best or kind of goes along an area that gets a little colder, uh, pay attention to that.

See what precautions you might want to put in place to make sure that that pipe doesn’t freeze, can cause hoses, are hoses. Um, pipes can freeze inside of a, uh, a heated house. It’s not just houses that, uh, for whatever reason their heat is off. It just needs that one little spot in, in, um, you know, a wall cavity that is just kind of right at an exterior wall that can freeze as well. So just take us specific look around at your property to make sure nothing’s being overlooked and put yourself in a place to succeed, not to have any water damage, Denver issues and the arrest of the winter, whether it’s, who knows when the Groundhog guy’s going to come out. But, uh, regardless, you know, we can have freezes on into April and even may, we’ve had stuff go on, so still got a bit of time left to prepare for, to protect ourselves forward and we want to be able to provide you with some information to do that. Obviously, if you do have a water damage Denver situation, please feel free to reach out and you know how to get ahold of us on that front. Many different ways, email, website, text, call, smoke signals, braille, anything and everything you can think of, we’ll be there for you. But until then you stay safe.