What’s going on water damaged, Denver friends. Good to have you roll in with us for yet another absolutely mind-boggling episode of the bigfoot restoration water damage, Denver podcast of gold. Today, I’m going to dive into some of the limitations that we have as a company, and we always want to be as transparent as possible and never, ever, ever promise something that we can’t deliver on for setting expectations, to a level that we ultimately

Are uncertain that we can achieve. And so, relatively speaking, we’re a smaller company in the Denver Metro area. We, uh, are not a franchise. We are not affiliated with any other Water Damage Denver companies. However, we do have a great working relationship with other water damaged Denver companies. So there is an option to network and team up with some of those other companies. If the project deems it necessary if it works if it’s a good fit for them if it’s a good fit for us. But strictly from a, from a, from the standpoint of availability of what our limitations are, you know, we have a finite number of employees and crews, and we always, our goal is to always answer every phone call, to always be able to respond to every water damaged Denver job, to every smoke and fire call that comes into every mold job that comes in. But we also understand that timeliness and immediacy is an absolutely huge part of our industry. And if we are maxed out or if we are understaffed that day, for whatever reason, all sorts of things can happen and do, then we feel like it’s our obligation to make sure that customers are taken care of.

Even if it means that it’s not us taking care of them. And that’s a tough pill to swallow. As I said, it, uh, it’s our goal to be able to help out anyone and everyone that, that inquires, uh, to us to, to come and help them out. But that’s just the reality of, of the way things are and probably forever company. If they’re being honest with, you would say that you know, if there’s a certain amount of volume in a day, they’re going to reach capacity at some point. And from there on out, they’re just not going to be able to help, um, in a really immediate way. Like most of the time, people need now with some old jobs, maybe not quite as necessary with some, you know, fire and smoke jobs, maybe not quite as necessary. A lot of times those categories that the damage has been done. And really it’s, it’s not something where the response, the response needs to be so immediate.

Um, it’s that, you know, they’ve got a project that the damage has happened and there’s no cleanup and there’s the protocol that needs to happen. And probably they want you to come out first and kind of gauge the totality of the project, the price, and, you know, develop a scope to be able to say yes or no, as opposed to water damage Denver jobs, where they need you out there like can split and they need you to stop the water from doing more damage. They need you to find the source of the problem. They need you to get things dry it out ASAP. Well, one such event happened yesterday, um, where we kind of reached capacity and

We still received a phone call yesterday afternoon with the client. And honestly, a client that we’ve worked with quite a bit, a client that refers us a lot of jobs. They are a general contractor and many, many times there are parts of projects that they need us to come in and help out on. So we have a very long-standing and very good relationship with this particular customer. And so it was especially difficult to field their phone call, um, knowing that we literally had no ability to, to get to them immediately, like we would want to, and like they would need us to, but it also wouldn’t have been fair to the customers that we were currently serving and the way that we had, um, scheduled to either put them off or to rush through what they needed to be done, um, to get to, you know, this very valued client. And so we, we, we wanted to get an idea of what their situation was. And in fact, it was a, not only a water damage Denver job, but it was a category three water-damaged Denver job. And that would, That would mean sewage. That would mean black water. And that would mean

Highly unsanitary. So any water’s bad when you’re talking about a flood, Some water’s worse than others, especially if that water is grossly contaminated, which anything sewage-related is definitely that. So it was, it was a tough one to say, look, you know, we, we would love to help. We just can’t, um, based on your description of the loss and the extent of it, um, it would be unfair for us to tell you, yeah, we can get to you in a timely manner and, and then not be able to follow through on that with your Water Damage Denver today. So let’s try to set you up with a company that can, and we gave them a list of other water damaged Denver companies that we felt would, Would be ones that would treat them well, that would hopefully respond quickly and be fair and ultimately do a really good job for him. Um, last night, late last night, we got another call from the same client saying, uh, we’ve had no luck with any of those companies and anyone else that we’ve reached out to either, uh, we literally are Baton zero here. No, and I don’t know if they were leaving messages and not getting returned,

Or if those other companies were maxed out as well. But I guess it doesn’t really matter. The fact was that they still hadn’t found anyone to help them out with their water damage number, job. So guess what we did, first thing this morning, I’m starting at about six 30. We, we managed to kind of squeeze them into the rest of our day’s work and to get, um, get a lot of headway on getting them cleaned up, um, getting some sanitizing applications put down and moving a ton of content furniture around to kind of prep for the job ahead. So definitely not ideal, you know, we always want response to be immediate, but especially when there’s anything that could kind of up the ante with, with respect to just bacterial things and, you know, just the term grossly contaminated would, would, um, I think be pretty descriptive with your Water Damage Denver today, at least descriptive enough to have most people understand that this is something that needs to be taken care of super-duper quick, not nonchalantly, but I guess when your options are not exactly what you would hope for, um, you know, you either have the option to go ahead and try to do things yourself as a homeowner, at least to some extent, which we do not really recommend, especially in category three situations, there’s just too much that could go wrong.

There are too many health concerns. Um, equip, you know, proper protective equipment, personal protective equipment needs to be used. Another number of things need to be considered to properly approach those jobs. But we understand if you need to do what you need to do. Um, you know, it just depends on the situation in the case of these folks, however, um, you know, they, they just needed us as soon as possible and we got to them as soon as possible. And ultimately I’m sure everything will be fine. It looks like, um, there’s no major issues or concerns. Um, they just had to deal with something overnight that they would have rather not had to, which we are in that same boat with them. And, um, unfortunately even trying to do everything we can to hook them up with anyone that would have availability that just, just didn’t come together yesterday.

So our first available is super early this morning. We got them in, we got them taken care of, and, um, there will be more work to do, but, um, that’s just an example of how things can max out sometimes and the way we deal with customers, when we aren’t able to execute on what we would normally like to do, we always appreciate you reaching out to us. If you have any sort of water damage Denver situation, we will do our absolute best to get out to you in 90 minutes or less. And if we can’t, we will be very straightforward about that. And we will offer you options as far as what you may want to consider, but we’d love to be your water damage, Denver company of choice. So please reach out to us if you have any issues and until then you stay safe.