What’s up, water damage Denver friends, it is dark outside, but it is going to be a beautiful day here in Denver, Colorado. Hope that this finds you doing well and happy and dry and not on fire. So as a part of our company’s routine and especially as relatively speaking a newer company, it is our goal and mission to network, prospect, aunt


navigate through relationships with

all the different types of companies and individuals that we know inevitably will need our water damage Denver services. And it’s probably something that would never stop. To be quite honest. Even as a seasoned tenured company in any industry, one of the, one of the goals should be to continually network, to continually, um, reach out to the types of places that you would not only benefit from, but also they can benefit from your services. I don’t think that endeavor should really ever stop no matter what. So just so happens to be a morning that I go and meet with about 30 other industry professionals, not in the water damage Denver industry, but other folks, anywhere from the trades, painter, roofers, people that go and provide services either both residentially and commercially, but also, um, professional services, financial services. And uh, it’s, it’s something that’s been a positive thing for our water damage, Denver company, big foot restoration, but also for some of the other companies that I own. And um, you know, a lot of people say, well, um, you know, networking brings your best and most profitable customers that, uh, that could be true. I think that what brings

your best and most profitable customers in general is just continuing, continually making an effort to get your name out into the marketplace, but also to stay top of mind. So however that’s accomplished for you in your industry, with your company,

economically speaking, you know, whatever you can do based on your marketing budget, I think is what a

one of the main focuses of each company should be. So for Bigfoot restoration, for water damage, Denver needs, it’s good to expose this company weekend and week out to people, to individuals that I know can both profit from our surface, maybe not profit, but B be of benefit to them. Should they ever need a water damage Denver services or have another loss. But certainly any of their connections may need water damage, Denver service at some point in time. And we have, uh, been the beneficiaries multiple times of, of that exact sort of case where, you know, and it kinda has to be the right place at the right time type thing. I don’t know of a lot of individuals that have a flood in their basement, have come home and have a water damage Denver situation and immediately call all of their closest friends to let them know what’s going on in their home.

But, um, it’s not all that uncommon, you know, for someone to reach out to another tradesman and this has happened specifically, say, Hey, we just got home, we’ve got water damage number in our basement. I don’t know who to call before I go flipping through Google or the, you know, quote unquote phone book. Do you, do you know of anyone? I think most people, if they really don’t have a connection to a water damage, Denver company would much prefer to get a personal referral from someone they know and trust. Um, then even going with, you know, the most highly touted, the most highly reviewed company that they can find on the internet. Maybe, maybe not. But I think that’s um, the way that my family operates more often than not. You know, if we, if we have a need really for anything, the most recent thing I can think of is looking for a piano and vocal coach for our daughter.

Water Damage Denver | Making Your Network Your Networth

And what re really were hoping to find is somebody that could come to our home, not opposed to going to a facility or somebody else’s home, but just within the context of our schedule and what we have going on, it would be a absolute dream to have somebody that would be willing and able to come over and do our, do the lesson at our home. On our piano and my wife can continue to work while this is going on. We don’t have to travel anywhere. You know, if it’s a half an hour lesson. I know with my son’s guitar when she takes him over there, you know, it might be a half an hour lesson, but it’s pretty much an hour and a half round trip between traveled the last son and then getting home and it’s not that far away from us. So, um, we were just really hoping that we could find, find something that would fit that scope and she, she Googled, um, that sort of thing. She reached out on social media forums to ask for other people in the areas their recommendations and we got some good ones and we actually had met a gal kind of randomly that did this as well. So it took all of that into consideration. But then, um, you know, she just really still wasn’t ready to make a move. So, um,

she didn’t sign my daughter up for that. Even with those places that sounded like they would be decent. She didn’t, she didn’t go with any of those. And then just recently we had a family friend that somehow they got into the conversation of piano teacher, vocal coach, whatever. And

a good family friend recommended the person that they use that does this exact thing for their child. And after that conversation, my wife made one quick phone call to that place to talk about scheduling and that is the choice that she made for who to go with for piano and vocal lessons. It’s kind of interesting. Um, you know, I think there’s kind of that sense with any service or any, any sort of, um, offering like that, especially when you’re going to have people in your home. Um, you can go again on all sorts of websites, Google wherever you want and look at reviews and look at other people’s experiences. And those are all valuable. And I think it, it definitely is something that people keep in, keep in mind as they consider who they’re going to go with. But you get that family friend or family member or somebody that you just really know on a, you know, more in depth, personal level.

I needed their experience and you get their feedback from individuals that they’ve personally had in their home. It’s almost a slam dunk that you just feel that much more comfortable having that person out and hopefully receiving the same experience. So with the water damage Denver industry, that is something that I, I think would follow suit. And so to circle back around, um, you know, the way we network, the way we try to get to know people and other businesses and other companies that does get to that personal level. We might not be close family friends with all of these folks, but the relationship is, is good enough. It’s personal enough. You know, we do spend a fair amount of fair enough amount of time together to um, to kind of have, have that same

sort of ability to be referred if and when others need water damage Denver services. And again, that’s something that we won’t really ever discount. We won’t ever quit. Um, as a matter of fact, it’s, it’s something that we always want to continue to ramp up the efforts and what we are continually looking to do is find, you know, the best and most efficient opportunities to do that. You could go to networking groups and leads groups and chamber meetings and all sorts of different things, um, all day, every day. And it’s just a matter of, you know, what sorts of opportunities, what sorts of time is being spent that’s going to bring the greatest potential benefit to the type of service that you offer. So, um, you know, it just makes sense in general for us to be meeting with people like property managers, real estate agents, construction companies, general contractors, plumbers, if I didn’t say that already.


The types of people that the public would naturally reach out to if they have a water damage number situation. Now we do not, um, doesn’t mean we exclude networking with really any other type of individual. Again, you just never know. They might need our service. They may have a family member that has the unfortunate

experience of having a water loss fire loss. Uh, you know, maybe some smoke damage, odor in their house for maybe, maybe some mold and may not have anywhere to turn. And that might be a potential, um, connection there. But really when we’re thinking about volume and, um, the most likely chance though, that list of folks that I just mentioned are probably the most likely to be able to recommend water damage, Denver service and more specifically hopefully big foot restoration. So our marketing efforts along those lines will, will never, um, go away. We always want to meet the best and the brightest because we benefit from their services as well and we’re happy to refer them to our friends and family or other B2B types if the need arises. So definitely is a given a take type thing. And you know, a lot of cases, the more you give to somebody else, the more likely they will be to remember your name or your business when it comes time for them to refer you. So, uh, that is just a microcosm of our networking efforts. Again, if you or someone, you know,


Needs the number, the website, the email for water damage Denver services, please make sure you have big foot restoration, locked and loaded. And uh, it’s just something, again, that you hope never happens, but if you have that number plugged into your phone, something that’s saved so that you can reach out in a split second. If you ever have the unfortunate, you know, experience of coming home to a water damage timber situation and get a hold of us ASAP, hope they, hopefully that’s never the case. But if it is, please reach out and until then you stay safe.