Yo yo yo water damage Denver friends. Hope you are well hope you are happy. Hope you are not on fire. Hope you are on fire. Metaphorically speaking. Perhaps you are just rocking it at whatever you’re doing. And if you are on fire doing that, that’s a good thing. Proceed. If you are physically on fire, please call the fire department. Please call nine one one and then please call big foot restoration repair to take care of all of the smoke and fire damage as a result of your fire. Um, interesting what I saw over the weekend. I saw the latest attempt at a league trying to basically mimic the NFL. So the XFL started this weekend. They had four or five, six games, something like that. And they ha they broadcast everything on network TV. It looked like a real football game. It sounded like a real football game. They had

actually some pretty legitimate broadcasters do. The games that I saw, at least the analysis was good. It was professional and yeah, it seemed like everything really was pretty organized. I didn’t catch, I believe the other supplementary league was called the AFL. Uh, last year and that league, if you remember, made it I think a little past halfway of their season and literally went under and it sounds like there were a lot of reasons for that. Perhaps the guy that, that was the brainchild that kind of started the whole thing that put the largest investment down was really only in it for a gambling app that he would receive the rights to the prepper prob prietary rights to buy. I’m investing in this league and I think he got, sounds like he got what he wanted and then after that, uh, just kind of shut her down in that poor league fizzled out pretty quick. This, uh,

this league however seems to have a little bit different of approach. There’s pretty major TV network deal that uh, will come with a fair amount of money. So that’s a pretty large source source of cash. Looks like there is a realistic attempt to put a product on the field that attempts to replicate the, the product that we see, you know, in the NFL league. And so it will be very interesting to see how this thing progresses. The NFL definitely needs some sort of a developmental system. There’s a lot of great football players out there that probably won’t get a shot to be on a 53 man roster just for sheer numbers. But if they had an opportunity to, to practice, to play in real live game situations, to run same plays, same offenses, same language when it comes to schemes. Um, it could be a really, really positive thing.

And this is, you know, maybe for players, for coaches as well, people that need to lead people that, um, want to hone their craft with play calling with scheming, with game planning, all of that. Even a management, there’s a lot that goes into organizing a team. All of the logistics of every single game and the management and the organization, the travel that comes along with uh, a team craziness. Lots of people behind the scenes moving and shaking, trying to make sure that works. The production of games, radio, TV, internet, all of the different ways that, you know, the action in a sports game is community communicated to the outside public. Even at the venue, the PA system, the end game entertainment, these are jobs for a lot of different people and allow a lot of different people to have experience in a profession. And it’s not just, you know, 50 to 60 guys on a team.

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It is something that creates opportunity for a lot of people and that’s always a good thing. Job creation is a great thing and the way things are going with entertainment these days in general, I mean it’s just something that’s ever evolving and um, something that um, you know, if again, kind of, and where I’m getting at, what I’m getting at here is practice and the ability to get better continually is always a wonderful thing, both for the individual that’s doing it but also for the clientele that they’re trying to reach. And so let’s go ahead and relate this to our water damage Denver efforts where we are continually trying to practice and put the best possible product out there for our clientele. Now we would believe very, very strongly that we are more of the NFL type product. That we are an established company that is, um, not just, you know, trying to make it but you know, has proven ourselves to be a very valuable water damage Denver resource for our community. But we understand that at one point we were newer, we were not as experienced, we were not as polished on a day to day basis, but we were given opportunities, we were mentored, we had

the ability to be in real life situations

and uh, be able to get better continually at what we do. So there’s a lot of value in those water damage Denver opportunities as well, where, you know, if you have somebody that is skilled and is a great resource and you’re doing a job with them, they’ll, they’ll, they’ll be watching, they’ll, they’ll be making sure that as you go through the protocol for whatever type of loss you’re working on, that a, you might not do it perfect the first time, but they will be there to coach, to mentor, to manage, to supervise and show you, okay, that wasn’t exactly the way we do things here. Here’s what I need you to do next time. Or, here’s what I’m going to show you right now, how exactly we tackle this water damage Denver job or this part of the job. It’s just like in your, any other sort of profession where perhaps a wide receiver runs a route and perhaps they don’t run it as well as they could. So they get over on the sideline and the coach will be sure to them, here’s the route you ran, here’s the route you were supposed to run, here’s what I need you to do. And maybe the player says, well, I was trying to run that route but I saw this, this was the challenge. Whatever. Okay, well here’s how you overcome that challenge. Here’s what you do to defend against that defense, so to speak. So it’s a good teaching opportunity. It’s a good, um, good way to have dialogue and,

and make sure that everything is attended to, that everything is reviewed and if there’s any improvements that can be made, there’s only sometimes one way to do that. And that’s to kind of fail or mess up a little bit so that there’s that teachable moment.


if you are a water damage Denver technician that’s maybe seen a little bit, had a little bit of experience but would like to get back in the game and be given an opportunity to be under the supervision of water damage Denver individuals that have been in the industry for a long time that have seen a lot of different things and would be happy to help mentor you and guide you through water damage, inverse situations and bring you up to speed on how things are going these days, how big foot restoration operates. We would be happy to talk to you. Sometimes it’s a great fit, sometimes it isn’t, but we would love to talk to anybody with water damage Denver experience that also is going to prove to be a valuable representative for the company. We don’t just want any warm body, we don’t just hire any, any individual that’s had water damage Denver experience. There has to be that personality, that responsibility, that professionalism, that will prove to be beneficial to the company and help us grow as well. So please reach out to us if you have any sorts of questions or think you may be a viable candidate. We would love to speak to you. (720) 575-3668 is how you get ahold of us and until then you stay safe.