Good evening water damage Denver friends, good to spend another 600 to 720 seconds with you on this latest edition of the big foot restoration, water damage. Denver podcast of gold. So we’ve talked a couple of times about the very real necessity for contractors to have reputable water damage. Denver company on speed dial, not because they anticipate anything happening or won any sort of loss to happen. The fact of the matter is when you’re at a job of any kind, whether it’s residential or commercial accidents happen

and you could be faced with the very real decision of how to mitigate a water damage Denver job, there’s nothing like the helpless feeling of having a toilet overflow, having a sink malfunction, having a water spicket burst on the inside of the home. Any number of things where there’s either a fresh water pipe that fails or a drain that fails could be from a construction job where some finish work accidentally, uh, puts a screw into a drain pipe. Many number of things can happen. There’s just an endless amount of possibilities. But one thing is for sure that you do not want to experience water damage, Denver accident situation, random act and not have a reputable company on speed, speed dial to take care of the situation. We’ve talked a little bit up about in the last couple of days an example of this exact thing happening with a flooring company that does great work. We’ve had a relationship with them for probably three decades now. Very simple accident, large, large project for this flooring company, several day project. We’re talking about workers being there from morning to afternoon, so they’re spending essentially their entire Workday at what happens to be in an unoccupied residence.

They’re eating lunch there, they’re taking breaks there and guess they’re using the restroom there. In the case of this flooring company, one of the workers went downstairs to use the restroom, suggested that they did so and didn’t understand there to be any problems. In fact, went back down into the basement later that day and in fact the next day, and there were no issues. Two days after the basement restroom was used in the afternoon, another worker from the company went down and the toilet overflowed and there was a sizeable water damage Denver situation on their hands. You can imagine the worker panicking, you can imagine the call to the supervisor owner that was offsite explaining the situation and you can explain, you can imagine the phone call from the wa the flooring company to us.


Pretty, pretty freaked out, pretty nervous, pretty anxious.


Wanting to make this go away as soon as possible. So at that point they have an interesting situation on their hands. They’ve got a high profile job and just put it in a context, probably a job on the main floor with uh, some wood, restaurant, wood, a wood flooring, sanding, refinishing, staining. I don’t know the exact scope of the job, but I do know that the job came in at about $25,000. So good chunk of change that these individuals were spending on this company service. The homeowners haven’t even moved in yet. They’re literally getting ready to move into a new home and they get a call from the flooring contractor saying we have this problem in the basement of your home. So at that point, understandably they have an upset customer, maybe not downright fuming mad, but certainly a situation that they didn’t want to have to deal with

at that point.

The situation can go maybe in one, two or three ways and essentially the race relationship can immediately go South. It can get nasty things, can get pretty sour real quick or get Mike kind of be moderate, moderately a problem, which is understandable. Or the contractor can spring to action and bring in a reputable water damage timber company to pick up the pieces, communicate with the customer, advocate on behalf of the foreign company and literally make a cheerleader how of the customer for the flooring company. And that’s exactly what we did. Now this accident, this mistake by this worker is going to be a costly one. It’s going to necessitate unfortunately complete removal and installation of new carpet throughout the basement and that’s super unfortunate. But just because of the type of carpet, the pattern of the carpet, the fact that it was a water loss, it was a water damage dimmer situation that was classified as at least moderately, moderately affected with contamination, hard to make a definitive call because we weren’t there right off the bat, but at least to category two if not a category three which is classified as grossly contaminated, not case, anything that the water touches has to be removed.

So it’s unfortunate. It’s a bummer for this flooring contractor because they will probably not make a whole lot of money on this particular job. They will probably take a good chunk of their profit and put it right back in to the mitigation and the rebuild. They may file an insurance claim, so perhaps they’re just out a portion of the cost that’s up to them.

Water Damage Denver | Making Sure, Just In Case

here’s perhaps the most, the more important thing. They decided to have Bigfoot restoration, repair, pickup and spring to action and take care of the water damage. Denver loss. We were provided with the number, the contact information for the homeowner who was out of state. And we immediately called them and introduced ourselves, let them know who we are, if they had any concerns, if they had any questions, and assured them that we would communicate with them throughout the entirety of the project, which isn’t going to be long, but that if they had any questions or concerns that they could call us immediately at our, you know, give them our cell phone numbers,

but also that w we would communicate with them throughout the job, give them an update, um, not inundate them with information or overwhelm them, but just let them know if there was any noteworthy, um, issues as transpire as we did our job. But certainly keep them abreast of the entire situation as we moved forward. So the latest conversation that we had with the individual was this afternoon. And to be quite honest, it’s very interesting when a customer goes through an experience like this and is thanking us profusely for helping out with the project. Now they could and understandably so be very upset and include us in, in their anger and their dissatisfaction with the whole situation. And we would not take offense to that, but all we can do is do exactly what needs to be done and communicate and reassure them that everything is being taken care of properly. And that’s what we did. And in the case of this customer, they are beyond happy. They are beyond thankful and they are according to them looking forward to meeting us when they come out to Denver. Looking forward to chatting us, chatting with us about the other services that we offer, which are many and looking forward to being a client of ours for years to come.

Super cool. I want to say super unique but definitely something that is a welcomed conversation if it’s available to us. We’re not looking for any sort of fuse of praise. We don’t need


You know, any sort of accolades or anything like that. But it is very much appreciated when people are grateful, when they are thankful, when they realize that um, we go above and beyond to technically execute with high standards but also pay attention to the interpersonal piece of the job which is treating people like our friends and family, respecting them, respecting their property and communicating with them as we would like to be communicated with if we had a water damage Denver situation and um, you know, really weren’t expecting it so to speak. So if you can envision that sort of thing happening to you or happening to a loved one and you believe big foot restoration would be your water damage, Denver company of choice, please reach out. Please have our name and our number and our contact information on file, on hand, on speed dial just in case you just never know. But when it does happen, you need a company that’s reputable with this professional that will execute in a timely fashion and we hope that water damage Denver company of choice is Bigfoot restoration. Please give us a call at (720) 575-3668. If you do have a need now or in the future, but until then you stay safe.