Water damage Denver people. What are you doing? You good hope you’re good. Hope you’re feeling well. Hey, got a bit of a chat that I want to have with you today and it’s a bit therapeutic for myself as it’s something that we, we deal with just about 52 weeks a year and it has to do with the overall project of starting with someone that experiences a water damage Denver situation has to react, has to make some initial decisions

it has to reach out to a water damage Dnever dimmer company of choice. Whether they have somebody in mind, whether they have a trust contractor in that area, whether they need to call friends or family for a referral, whether they just hop onto a search engine queue and start typing in whatever keywords they think are most applicable. And by the way, that is why you hear the phrase water damage Denver so much. And it might sound a little funny, it might sound a little, you know, out of the ordinary. But that is how people most often search when they have a flood in their home is water damage. Denver, they’re keying on the location. They are expressing their situation and why it’s not Denver water damage. I don’t know why it’s not a water restoration near me. I’m not really sure. And all of those, all of those phrases are used. It’s just the water damage. Denver is used the most or one of the very most. So anyway, notes sounds a little funny sometimes, but that’s why, that’s why we identify that phrase as much as we do. It’s because that’s what people search for. We want people to find the best restoration company in town. So we want them to easily come and contact contact with us when they search water damage Denver.

Um, so anyway, uh, back to that script here. Um, yeah, so people have the experience, the unfortunate experience. They reach out contact, you know, maybe the first company they call isn’t immediately available so they call company two and maybe they want, you know, get a super great vibe from that company. So they call water damage Denver company three. Those people seem nice, they’re available, they’re willing to come out. And so that’s the company you go with. They obviously have to come out, assess the situation and then they’re going to have protocol for their company. They’re probably going to need a work authorization form signed. They’re going to need to have assurance that you have the proper coverage and that they know who is assuming liability for this and who they can get in touch with. They’re going to probably need a policy number or maybe even a claim number and then they’re going to have to do some work. Um,

the amount of work is completely subjective to the type of damage that the individual has. So it could be something that they’re done with literally within a couple hours, everything’s cleaned out, they’ve got their drying equipment in place. And I would say shorter term jobs or maybe where the drying equipment is in place for about 48 hours, so two days, which is crazy fast. And then there’s a good chance that the mitigation work may be done and you’re good to go to get stuff rebuilt. Let me back up just a little bit. Ever since we moved into the home we’re in now, there has been road construction literally on all of the major highways going each way away from the little community that we live in. And it has literally been going on since we moved into our house almost three years ago. I believe it was supposed to be completed about a year and a half ago.

And then they rephrased something and had to change like the overall work scope and so they added on some time, but it was supposed to be, I believe completed at the latest, like last. Thanks giving. It’s now February of the following year and they aren’t done. You can tell they’re getting close in some spots, but it’s not like they’re going to be done next week or the week after that. Um, I would say if they can get everything done by the end of the summer, I think every, at this point everybody would take it. But can you imagine something that as a proposal that you were given, saying this is going to take a year and then it ends up taking four years. There’s just no way that somebody, maybe multiple, somebody would have gotten fired. It may be lawsuits, maybe lawsuits, and there probably have been some, Oh my gosh, sorry. But unacceptable, right? I mean there’s just no way of thinking that that would be okay. So that’s why when we go into a job and are dealing with a family or an individual after they’ve had a water damage Denver experience,

we want to give them a pretty accurate timeline of how long things are going to take. We can’t predict the future. It’s always hard to know with some of the factors in there. Again, you can’t go through every single different scenario that could happen and be a waste of time. Don’t want to go into it with that kind of mindset anyway. So we try to give a good accurate assessment of how long we think the project should take. And all we can do really is tell them how long we think we will be there. Since as of right now, really all we do is the demo and mitigation part for rebuild. We don’t have any control over that. We can hook people up with the proper contractors and sometimes we do facilitate the actual rebuild. So in that case, we would have very direct lines of communication with any of the contractors that come in, whether it’s, you know, anything from a handyman to drywall, texture, paint, trim work, finish work, whatever.

Water Damage Denver | Making Sure Everyone Has The Knowledge

You know, and that in that point we could tell you, yeah, we think it will be about three weeks or whatever, but there’s also a very real possibility that, you know, we just hand you off to the contractor of your choice to go ahead and, you know, take care of that with you. Um, so there’s no middleman. There’s not, you know, us trying to go back and forth between you and somebody else. It’s,


It’s just a little easier to communicate that way. And if we don’t really have any part in it, then it’s not our business. We don’t, you know, we don’t need to be kept in the loop. Um, but we definitely have heard, not necessarily from the people that we work with or recommend, but we definitely have heard from individuals that have a water damage Denver loss that, you know, somehow some way we hear back from them and say, you know, it took six months for everything to get buttoned up. And that is definitely disappointing. We never want anybody to live in a state of disrepair or you know, just kind of a hassle for six months

unless there’s a really good reason for it. Which that would rarely be the case. But just kind of brought that to my, as I was driving through this construction zone and looking at this project that was supposed to be done a long time ago, still going on. And you know what, once it’s all done, it’s probably going to be pretty cool. There’s probably going to be a much easier drive to work or just to wherever highways will be wider on Rams will be no better designed. It’ll be wonderful. But it’s not like, you know, at this point we really give anybody the benefit of the doubt because it’s not done. It might look cool, it might look like it might come together at some point, but in the meantime it’s a huge pain. It’s a huge inconvenience, huge challenge. And we’re the ones that get to deal with it and suffer to a certain degree every single day.

So we take that to heart when it comes to water damage, water damage, Denver projects, certainly anything that we get involved in, we always want to give you a good realistic timeline and then do our best to either meet or beat that timeline so that you’re not left irritated. Wondering why, you know, you were told things would be done by this day and you know, a week after that things still aren’t looking like they’re coming together. So that’s our approach. Hope you appreciate that. If you do, or if you know anybody who has had a water loss or is looking for somebody to have on their speed dial, should they ever have a water damage Denver situation, we would be thrilled to have that introduction and be able to answer questions before somebody even has the unfortunate situation. Seven two zero five seven five foot is how you get in touch with us. Please feel free to do so. If you have anything that we can help out with and tell them you stay safe.