What’s going on, water damage Denver people near and far. I want to welcome you all to the latest edition of the big foot restoration, water damage Denver podcast of gold, and I’ve got some questions for you today. Got some questions for myself, so let’s work together to figure this out. Help me out here. Water damage, Denver friends, what is the best vehicle for our company? What would you say? Maybe you need a little bit? No, a little bit more about what we do, how we operate, what we carry before you make a snap decision. First of all, we need vehicles that are able to carry a fair amount of weight. Although we do water damage Denver jobs


we need a ton of other equipment and stuff that stays on truck no matter what. Now we switched things out depending on the type of loss we’re going to, but in general, we need something that can handle a pretty good size amount of weight, so it’s got to have good suspension. Gotta have good engine power. Gotta be able to, I say withstand carrying at least a couple thousand pounds. It’s kind of the smallest vehicle that we ever get is like a half ton cargo van. So for years and years we’ve used, uh, like if it’s a GMC or a Chevy cargo van, like Sahara or whatever, um, we’ll get a 2,500. If it’s Ford, we’ll do an two 50 or we’ve had a couple of [inaudible] which are great. We actually had a 3,500 Chevy, so again, just a little bit beefier of suspension, but recently some of these newer vehicles that are coming out are pretty sweet and I would love your perspective on what you think would be the coolest water damage Denver rig out there. So we’ve looked at these Nissan vans called MPVs I believe is what they’re called. And it’s kind of a fun, it reminds me of an old school milk truck for some reason. I’m not sure why. Um, they kind of have a funny nose to them, but they look pretty cool, a little different, a little bit higher of a roof, which that’s kind of where I’m going next is uh, like the Mercedes sprinter, Dodge sprinter or the Dodge pro master. We have a sprinter and we love that.

They’re pretty big though. Um, I mean this thing has no six and a half foot tall ceilings, something like that. It’s a pretty tall. Um, and I think, yeah, I think they make them in different kind of Heights, but it works exceptional for water damage Denver jobs. Um, we can, we have in our current sprinter, we have our water extraction machine, so it’s carpet cleaning unit, but we use it for extraction, for sucking water out of, you know, flooded basements, things like that. Um, we can put however many dehumidifiers we want in there. We can put tons and tons of air movers AFDs which air filtration devices. Then we have custom shelving that we had fabricated for that vehicle, which we have all sorts of power tools and trash bags and personal protective equipment, lights, um, tools to do any sort of demolition scrapers, shovels, uh, brooms, dust pans, everything that you could think of we have on that vehicle.

And it is awesome. But it is a, like I said, it’s a large, large vehicle. However, those turbo diesel’s that they put in the sprinters are super gas efficient and I dunno, I like ours a lot. So we wouldn’t be opposed to getting another one of those. But I would like to know from you if you have had any sort of a perspective with respect to the Dodge pro master cause that just kind of seems like the perfect mix of everything, um, that you could want. So they do make them with a little bit taller roofs, maybe not the full one where you can stand all the way up in but at least a little more room so they’re not quite as big as a sprinter or a box truck, but they’re definitely much more roomy than the typical cargo van

Water Damage Denver | Making A New One Cool Too?

probably probably about the same length but just more cubic inches of room to, you know, put equipment in, stack a bunch of fans up, um, load a bunch of more dehumidifiers in. And a few days ago I found what I thought was the perfect pro master for us would have been the perfect new water damage Denver vehicle for us. A great price, not beat up, but man, the guy sold the thing out from underneath me. So it’s one of those things when you’re dealing with kind of private party sales, you just never know if somebody’s gonna do something weird to you. And sure enough he did. So today we found a very, very good deal on a 2013 Ford [inaudible]. So we’re going to go ahead and snag that vehicle for one of our water damage Denver rigs and it will be just fine. It is a very, very clean vehicle, newer white, like we need not beat up.

It’s been taken robot, great care of good suspension and uh, that’ll be great for us. But like I said, that’s just kind of the prototypical vehicle that we’ve always, always used is those kind of half ton cargo truck, cargo vans and um, it’s been good, but there’s just some, some newer cool stuff out there. So I thought, why not go to some of the smartest people I know, the people that listen to the big foot restoration, water damage, Denver podcast of gold and see if anybody has some advice of a certain type of vehicle to consider or to absolutely run from. I know that some vehicles, some manufacturers, some years of certain vehicles have just incredibly horrible reputations for whatever reason. And some people just know that info and they’ll, you know, I’ve heard before when we were looking for our family for certain vehicles and liked, say like a Jeep Wrangler, we’d hear from a friend, you know, Hey get a, you know, 2014 to 2016 but absolutely do not get the 2008 or the 2011 cause they were known for these problems.

And I always find that stuff incredibly interesting that even the same manufacturer and the same line of vehicle, um, you know, as either a real, uh, has either a real good reputation or maybe just like the one in the world. So any ideas for our next water damage Denver vehicle? Give us your thoughts. Let us know what you think, um, would be a good, good, reliable vehicle for us, but we want it to be something that looks good and presents well and you know, it’s functional for sure. We need that probably more than anything to, um, accommodate what we need to do with it and the space we need. But we definitely want it to look cool. We want to be able to wrap it with graphics and, um, you know, be able to advertise our great company and service as we roll down the road to our most current water damaged and for job.

So if you have any thoughts for us or any sort of recommendations, we should be open to hearing any and all before we go buying a bunch of more vehicles. Sure. Appreciate your help in that way. And in every other way, the support, the confidence that watered, uh, that big foot restoration is your water damage Denver company of choice. And so we do not take that lightly and we always want to have the best, um, of everything for our customers. So we hope you never have to use us, but if you do, we hope you see a cool vehicle rolling down the road to take care of you in a timely fashion. But until that happens, you stay safe.