What’s up, Water Damage Denver friends, big foot restoration and repair, the podcast of the gold episode in the hundreds. I don’t even know where we’re at at this point, but we’re just going to keep hitting you with info that hopefully sheds a little light onto the Water Damage Denver industry that hopefully further explains what we do here at Bigfoot restoration and repair. And maybe we dropped in a little bit of current event, uh, kinda current happenings type thing to correlate things. And that is what I have for you today. Tonight actually. So we’re about, Hmm, maybe not quite 24 hours from the little Thursday night NFL debacle that, um, that went down between the Steelers and the Browns last night. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about or if you’re hiding under a rock or hate sports or don’t listen to any sort of media whatsoever, um, you may not know what happened, but, um, let me, let me give you the inside scoop.

A Water Damage Denver situation did not break out during the football game. There was no sort of loss. There was no fire, there was no smoke, there was no mold, there was no water damage, but there was probably brain damage. There was wallet damage, there was reputation and perception damage and the NFL and those two teams, specifically the Brown, specifically one individual needs major restorative work after some pretty crazy decisions were made on the football field last night. So a quick recap of what happened is that, and I didn’t watch really hardly any of the game, but man, did I hear and see it all day today. Anyway, Steelers had a bad game. Browns showed up, I guess. Okay, but literally seconds left in the game. Steelers have the ball, they’re down 14 points, 21 seven they’re like on their 20 or 25 this is all just a formality. They’re not going to win the game. They have no shot. This is just garbage time and it’s literally seconds before the game ends.

Pittsburgh quarterback drops back to pass defensive end miles. Garrett closes in on him. Apparently the quarterback, I mean Mason Rudolph, I, I guess he just got, he was getting torn up all night, tons of quarterback hits, tons of pressure, multiple, multiple sacks and this was going to be another one. Myles Garrett adamant his grasp was sacking him, was going to bring him down. At this point, there’s literally like five seconds left, but as he’s pulling him down, he gets a hold of his face mask and just starts yanking on his helmet, just ripping him back and forth like a little ragdoll finally gets the helmet to come off his head. His head stayed attached to his body, which I thought was quite interesting because it wouldn’t have surprised me if the thing would have popped off right with his helmet, but yanks his helmet off his head. And then, of course, there are a couple of Steelers offensive linemen that are kind of up in his business giving him, you know, shoves and getting them, trying to get them off their QB. So QB stands up, you know, basically kind of like confront him behind his players and the dude legitimately takes a swing at him with his own helmet, smacks him in the head and all sorts of craziness and SUSE,

it literally looked like a street fight or something straight out of anchorman where dudes are bringing Tridents and swords and all sorts of weaponry to, to a fight. Um, it just happened to be on a football field. I got a guy to admit it was, it was like a car, like just a car wreck. Like you have to watch it and you have to slow down and you know, really kind of take it in. And not that you’re entertained by any means, but it’s, it’s just crazy to see the carnage and to see, see these guys lose their minds and literally trying to cause bodily injury to one another. And I play sports. I love sports. I’m a competitive dude and I definitely have gotten in my fair share of little tussles in everything from rec league as an adult to collegiately to playing in high school.

I was not a Saint when it came to my sportsmanship really to any level. Um, and you just not like you’re going out trying, looking to be a bad guy or, or be a dirty player at all. You just don’t put up with people’s stuff, you know, whether they’re talking trash or, or giving ya shoves or trying to get in your head by roughing you up a little bit, at some point you have enough and uh, you stand up for yourself, you stand up for your teammates and who knows what went on during, you know, the other three, basically almost four quarters of the game before this happened. Perhaps Pittsburgh was running their mouth and getting in a few cheap shots and this guy finally had enough to where he said he thought he was going to take matters into his own hands, which I guess the concept of that isn’t entirely um, implausible, but to do what he did and go to the lengths that he did is just craziness. And it, it just made me think for a split second and not that sports is real life. Certainly the money isn’t, and just the lifestyle and all the things, it’s, it’s just totally different from what most people experience on a day to day and their employment and so on and so forth. But can you imagine if that sort of thing went on in any other job site, workplace?

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I, I mean, it just makes you giggle because you just, I mean the cops would be called people, it’d be arrested, people would be in jail, there’d be mass mass problems. Um, you know, and I guess just with us with what we do every day for, you know, helping out with the Water Damage Denver job and we’re going along doing our thing, doing what we get paid to do and another Water Damage Denver company shows up and they’re in the same house that we are doing the same thing and their lawyers would be weird. Um, I don’t even know how that would work, but they’re extracting water and setting and drying equipment and so are we, and we’re trying to do better than they are and they’re trying to do better than us and we’re both competing to get the place, dry it out as fast as possible and they say something to us that isn’t nice and we take exception to that. So we say something back and then they get puffy chested and then we do too. And I mean you’re probably rolling your eyes right now if you’re listening to, I mean, it’s hard for me to take myself seriously while I’m, while I’m saying these things. Um, you just can’t imagine happening. And, and then to the point where, you know, we would actually like go at it and start beating each other over the heads with like extraction wands or with pieces of equipment.

We would all be spending the night in jail and probably be prosecuted to some extent. And it would be life-altering for us, our families, the businesses, the client, whatever. But these guys go nutso and try to literally, I mean, you swing a 12-pound helmet at somebody’s head. I don’t think that’s craziness to say that’s attempted murder. Like if he would’ve connected with his head, like just swinging it as hard as he did, it could kill a guy. You know, it maybe wouldn’t have, but coulda.

So anyway, but you know, they’ll get fines, they all get suspensions, but those teams will continue to play. The coaches will continue to coach and probably all these players will play again at some point there’ll be a little bit lighter in the wallet and they’ll have to do a little damage control as far as trying to repair their reputation. And you’re showing pre-written, public apologies that are completely insincere, but just aim to try to, you know, get back in the good graces of whoever they feel like they need to. Um, but there again, it’s, it’s totally insulated from any sort of real life situation that any of the rest of us would ever encounter. So that’s all just a little current event type of tie into the way the rest of us deal with this, uh, deal day to day with our jobs with water. We’re doing Water Damage Denver service with giving restorative type services to people. We, we would love to help restore the crazy damage that these, uh, hotheads have decided to do, but that might even be too tall of a task for Bigfoot. So anyway, stay cool. Be a nice person. Don’t fly off the hinge like miles Garrett and all these other clowns that absolutely embarrassed themselves last night. And in the meantime, till we talk again, you stay safe.