Water damage Denver number, friends, hope you’re doing well. I won’t take a few minutes to reflect on a potential customer situation and uh, just share, share a couple thoughts on kind of what this individual did, what they, what their thought process was and uh, we can just kind of pow about what we might do or what the, um, the most appropriate course of action might be if any of what one of us experienced these sorts of situations. So had a customer reach out last week, not to our water damage Denver division, which has big foot restoration but to one over the other carpet cleaning companies that we operate.


their question had to do with some potential mold mold issues.


you know, it when we get the initial water damage number call sometimes and people are trying to explain what, um, what they think they’re dealing with and what their proposed course of action is. Um, you know, more often than not it’s something that, you know, we really need to see and everybody does their best to kind of communicate what they think is going on. But I guess it’s kind of like taking your car into a mechanic and trying to describe the noise that the car is making and the issues that you think it has, that it’s probably your best gas. But to a mechanic that’s sitting there listening to you, recreate the noises and try to hypothesize what you think your vehicle is doing might be just even a little bit entertaining to them. What they need to do is get under the hood, maybe plug in some of their diagnostic tools and take a look for themselves and try to form a professional opinion and idea of what’s going on. And that’s kind of the way it is with us. So as opposed to trying to give him some sort of answer to his water damage, Denver situation over the phone snuck over and took a look and yes, in fact he’s got actually what appears to be a few separate past cases of water damage. Denver issues. They’re newer to the house. I’d say I’m probably have owned it for about three to four years

and everything, water damage Denver related is in the basement. But, uh, there’s visual evidence of some pretty interesting damage on the drywall, some in the ceiling, some along baseboards, some on the flooring. And again, just from looking through and talking with the homeowner and discussing a few different preliminary things, I would guess that they’ve had probably three to four separate and kind of isolated water damage, Denver incidents since the time that they moved in. And it’s kind of the typical case of the homeowner doing the best they can to figure out the situation and do what they could and then, you know, maybe call in a plumber or um, you know, whomever to to give, you know, their 2 cents and maybe do a quick repair or two


and like probably more situations than not, there is a little bit left to be desired or to be done with which with each of those efforts.


so again, from the visual evidence of what well, it was on the surface, you know, with each of these,

there definite aesthetic damage and again, it’s somebody’s basement, so it’s not maybe the biggest priority in the world for them to have everything looking tip top. But when you have swollen, cracked and kind of separated baseboards as a result of water damage Denver issue, typically that means there was a fair amount of moisture that was involved in that particular incident. Now do we try to scare people and kind of make them think that they could have massive air quality problems or growth problems? We don’t, but we also have to give them, you know, our professional opinion while we’re there. And so in three out of the F, uh, maybe two out of the four, three out of the four perceived instances, things are probably okay. At least, you know, 50% chance or better that they’re okay from a, from a health perspective I guess. But in one or two of those areas, there’s definitely some work to be done. And there is visual mold on some of the drywall, baseboard and carpet

Water Damage Denver | Looking Back In Hindsight

kind of what ups the issue there is that at some point, you know, the guy decided to just set up his own fan on those areas in an attempt to bring the moisture level down. And that’s the last thing you really want to do when there’s any sort of microbial growth growth is put heavy air pressure on it to essentially make that airborne and spread those spores


the home basically. But you know more immediately that basement area.

So like most situations, this guy has options. I mean we can get as detailed and bring in, you know, an indoor environmental control person to do some testing. It’s really up to him at this point. But definitely there are kind of some baseline, okay, you should really at least do this type thing or not you do this, but you should have at least us do this or have a qualified water damage Denver company, perform this professional service and attention to it. And you know, really the options, you know, go as low as 600 bucks and could go up, you know, much higher than that. Just depending on what he wants to do, the tests he wants to to have done and then the potential protocol that would come along with that. So those are his options. But again it is duty to give him the best advice that we can give him, the most realistic idea of what happened and you know, kind of the, the best guests we would have as a result of kind of how he handled things and kind of move forward at his


Our desire wa would have been that he would have gotten in contact with us a long time ago and at least given us an opportunity to take a look and give him some options before


kinda tried some of these things. But you know, the past is the past and this point now we just need to make a good solid plan moving forward. And that’s the way it is with a lot of jobs that we encounter like this. We’re not going to publicly humiliate anyone that’s maybe made a not so great decision or two with respect to their water damage Denver issue where issues, but what can we do now to move forward and kind of pick up the pieces as best we can. So if you’ve had a situation like that or you know somebody who has, please reach out to us, let us know how we can be of help, what questions we can answer, what resources we can provide. We don’t want these water damage, Denver situations to go untreated, better late than never on all of these things. So reach out and we’ll be happy to provide our systems, but until then, you stay safe.