[inaudible] what is a water damage? Denver buddies, hope everybody had an amazing July 4th yesterday. It was a good one for us and we did minimal work. So I’m glad nobody had crazy, crazy water damage. Denver issues yesterday. Um, did check up on a couple of jobs and that is the subject of today’s big foot podcast of gold. So we like to focus on the positive and after a 4th of July, it’s always nice to see your employees and all of your clients with all of their fingers, with both of their eyeballs with a relatively unscathed facial area.


because adults with explosives and I suppose children, but probably more, more, more so adults with explosives maybe after a cocktail or two can end in, in bat or maybe not so good ways. So everybody that I saw today, everybody that I met with, all of the, all of the crew that came in, they all survived yesterday. Now next year it kind of, I, I’m already preparing myself mentally because the 4th of July will fall on a Friday. And I don’t know, I just, um, I’m predicting that I will need to give lecture upon lecture about why when holidays fall on a Friday that you should not go extra super-duper crazy. And when the 4th of July falls on a Friday, I just want people to limit the amount of explosions and alcoholic beverages that they consume at the same time. In any case, that’s a year from now and we are in the middle of a sudden torrential downpour.

So I apologize maybe for the background noise on the window panes, but what are you going to do? Uh, maybe I’ll be getting a water damage Denver call during this podcast and we’ll have to do some amazing multitasking. That would be something I’ve never done before. Actually actually respond and execute a water damage Denver job as I’m recording a podcast. I will do that intentionally very soon. That would be fun. Maybe do a live a live podcast. So not that all of these aren’t live. I mean, they’re all kind of are, but doubtful that anybody’s listening to this as I record enough of the house keeping notes. Let’s talk about a job that we started two days ago. Of course on the afternoon of July 3rd right before a holiday. Never seems to fail that right before there’s a weekend or something potentially planned that people need our help and we’ve put those people’s needs as a priority and get their issues taken care of.

So rewind to Wednesday, mid day a call came in a referral from a wonderful human being here in town that is a pretty much a head Honcho at American family insurance. Big shout out to Taylor began who decided to trust big foot restoration with one of his insured and their issue, which happened to be a water damage Denver loss in their basement. And so we responded as we do as quickly as humanly possible and found that these two amazing people in Lakewood, Colorado certainly did have a water damage. Denver situation help ever. They didn’t know exactly why they had that there. Water damage, Denver situation, that is pretty much step one when responding to a water damage Denver call, we want to find and eliminate the source if at all possible. And so if you’re talking about a broken pipe, we want to shut potter down.

If you’re talking about a perhaps a failing downspout, we want to find that and basically recreate so we know exactly where this source of moisture is coming from. Whale, we couldn’t do that. We tried, we tried really, really hard. We have instruments that help us make very, very sound and educated determinations as to where the water is coming from. If we can’t see it visually, nothing was presenting a clear and cut answer, which can be very frustrating not only to us but to the homeowner. You know, oftentimes they are looking for us to provide lots and lots of answers and certainly be kind of a a shoulder to lean on and you know, kind of a therapeutic resource also. And when you can’t give them the answer as to where this is coming from and what we’re going to do to eliminate it, it, it’s a little frustrating.

And they were and we were and we all wanted to hug, but we didn’t because we keep it professional and we just kept an arms length distance away and encourage them verbally. But what we did do is extract all of the water, all of the water damage, Denver people, we got it all out. All I would say about 70 to 80 gallons extracted of legit water, just straight up sucking water right out of the carpet. Lots of water, 70 80 gallons. So think about dumping a gallon of milk out 80 times. That’s a lot. Plus we hauled about, I would say seven to 800 pounds of wet pad up from the basement. So I don’t know how many, you know, I should know my conversions, but I am space. I’m forgetting what, how many pounds are in a gallon of liquid. So add that in there. And then of course there’s going to be a little bit of moisture content still in the carpet and in the drywall. Uh, so significant. But we got it knocked out. We got, we got it done, we got it done efficiently. Once they told us to roll, we rolled and it was a, a big deal. We were out of there by six o’clock but equipment set up, drawing equipment, dehumidifiers, everything set in place out of there so that, you know, hopefully they could enjoy their holiday.

That was the goal. But guess what, I got a phone call at about 10 o’clock on fourth July saying, hey buddy, we have more water in the bedroom. And I said, why? And they said, we don’t know. And I said, well, is a lot. And they said Kinda. And so I said, shoot, I’ll come over and look. And so I did. And yeah, there was a little more water damage, didn’t bur but not too bad. They actually did what they could and they got out their little shot back and tried to extract what they could, which um, that was helpful. And certainly when I got there, there wasn’t enough to extract physically with the truck. So it was just, it was minimal and it was just in the bedroom. And I’m not going to try to explain how the bedroom sets in relation to the rest of the basement, but it was weird because they hadn’t really done anything out of the ordinary and trust me on would have been Wednesday afternoon.

We went through every possible scenario and like I said, when we’re trying to take care of our first, uh, piece of business and find an eliminate the source. We tried that probably for about an hour and a half. We went through, they had turned the water off. We turn the water back on, we ran all of the appliances, we ran all of the faucets. We ran the shower where you ran. We flush toilets, we turn on the sprinklers. We, what else did we do? Ran The garden hose, walked the perimeter, looked at under their hot tub deck. Seriously, there was nothing. It was like the water damage. Denver Devil came in and peed in their basement or something. I don’t know. Well, which they didn’t, he didn’t pee because tell it was fresh water unless the water damage. Denver Devil Peas, fresh freshwater, which I don’t think he would it, it was crazy.

There was nothing that made it a whole lot of sense. Nothing to explain it. And so again, frustration. Um, but how do we explain? Then they got a little more water just in the bedroom and they even said it was probably between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM they had gone down to check on things and the morning kind of early and it was all good. And then a couple of hours later they went down and it was not all good. However, it wasn’t crazy craziness. Like the day before it was relatively minimal. The only thing that they kind of thought of was they had run their sprinklers in that zone, which again was kind of close but not really to that bedroom. So I’m going to tease a little here and say I will be back with part two of this story because there’s a little bit more to it and I do not want number one to bore you to death. But one of the, one of my, actually my favorite pastor ever called him, my grandpa growing up, he always said, don’t make them happy when you’re done, and so hopefully you’re not happy that I’m done. Hopefully you’re thinking in your mind, please continue. I want to know more about this water damage Denver project, but I will say,


listen to the next one and I will give you, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story talk to you. Then.