Good morning water damage Denver friends. It’s another out absolutely unparalleled edition of the Bigfoot restoration and repair podcast of gold. We are your water damage Denver company for all things related to water loss, fire loss, smoke and mold. And this morning we’re going to have a quick little fireside chat about, um, the type of resource that we can be for heating and air companies. We, we partner with, you know, a number of different types of trades and provide service and a resource and just kind of a, a backup for, for each respective respect to type of trade.

But, um, it’s interesting how we, um, seem to get calls and referrals from heating and air companies pretty consistently. So what does that mean to you if you are a heating and air company? What does it mean to you if you aren’t necessarily a heating and air company? Try to delineate that between those in our few minutes together here. But overall, the type of service that we intend to provide in any case is just, um, just kind of a second set of eyes to, uh, give our professional perspective on what may or may not have happened in when a water damage Denver case is suspected. Again, we don’t have, uh, just all sorts of time on our hands to be running around, you know, hoping to find water damage, Denver jobs. Um, and we, you know, we don’t have necessarily ample time to go just check on every single tiny little drip, um, that we can talk through someone over the phone if, if, if they’re truly, I’m not incredibly concerned about it. We really want to focus on things that truly need remediation, need to be attended to for the health and safety of the people that occupy the building. But we are more than happy to run out. And if, um, you know, if there’s anything suspected from, uh, a faulty or potentially failing device appliance, you know, anything inside the home or business place, we’ll always go out and be happy to bring our diagnostic tools and give all the interested, kind of a professional assessment of

whether or not we think they have a water damaged emperor issue or not. So, um, with respect to heating and air companies, uh, I’m going to, I’m thinking of one in particular, but, um, I would say we get probably anywhere from one to three calls or emails a week saying, Hey, Bigfoot, uh, can you please go out and check at this property? Um, here’s what happened. And they give us a really nice concise, uh,

description of what the issue appears to be and all sorts of other ancillary information. So super helpful, helps us have the information for the customer so they can contact them and set something up to accommodate their schedule, to take a look. So, you know, obviously there’s all sizes of heating and air companies, but the ones that may be are just a touch larger are the ones that typically, um, you know, have a little bit more of a need for us. The owner operators, the, you know, one, two, maybe three truck type operations. I would imagine that most of the time, if there is some sort of, uh, an issue where something was installed correctly or maybe not incorrectly, but there’s something, something failing or something that just wasn’t completely buttoned up, um, the owner, the, you know, the head head guy or gal in that company is going to want to go out themselves, take a look and kind of, um, get after it however they see fit.

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So, um, being an owner operator of several small companies, typically that’s where I’m at is if something is in question for, you know, for a job that one of my technicians has done, I will go out or I’ll have my general manager go out and, um, kind of look at things, assess the problem, maybe even take care of it ourselves or put the ball in motion. Uh, to get things done, but with larger companies and as things grow and, and you have all sorts of business going on within what you’re doing is your profession. Um, sometimes if there’s an issue, you would rather you, you want to know, you know, you just don’t want to hire people to go out and on a wild goose chase, but you’re the highest and best use of your time is to attend to the things that you do professionally on a daily basis and let the professionals from other trades go out and do their thing and basically your time is worth the money of, of hiring that out.

So that’s the case with this particular company. Um, like said once they received the complaint, potential water damage Denver job, um, they’ll gather all the necessary information and they’ll pass it along to us. So a typical snapshot of what may happen in this sort of thing is okay. Um, the email may read, Hey, Bigfoot, um, looks like we had, you know, some sort of a, a failure and align. We have, um, an AC coil running through, um, an attic space and there appears to be a fitting that has been malfunctioning and we’ve got a water dripping through the hallway. There’s bubble drywall there, there appears to be damaged to the trim, um, on this particular wall that the water’s making its way down. Can you take care of the situation? And really that’s, that’s where it starts and ends. They’re not telling us what to do necessarily.

They’re just giving us the context of what the customer’s reporting and they’re saying, please take care of the issue. So, um, it then is kind of on our plate to get in contact with the customer. Um, not necessarily get a ton of information. We’ve already got the information that we need, but we just need to set a time to go out and physically look and diagnose what, what sort of situation we have on our hands. So, um, in the case of something like that, we’ll go out, we’ll have our diagnostic tools and we’ll be ready to do something at that point. This isn’t just a meet and greet, typically. Not always, but typically it’s not a meet and greet, Hey, just want to take a look at this. We’ll develop a plan of action and come back some other time. You know, these typically are pretty small.

It’s not like an entire house is flooded. It’s not like we’ve got children’s swimming through the basement and floodwater it’s not that sort of water damage Denver situation. So what it is is what dry wall, uh, maybe what some white carpet and pad, maybe some buckling trim, something like that. But typically something we’ll, we’ll want to go ahead and maybe pull back the carpet, cut out the effected pad, get a, get a fan on it. Maybe some treatment depending on, you know, if this has been a few days or whatever. Uh, potentially doing a little flood cut on some drywall. Just depends on the situation, depends on the access for drying, depends on the damage to the drywall. Um, but typically these are fairly short trips and, um, the process is put in motion, you know, obviously communicating the scope of work with, with the home or property owner, which reminds me of one caveat, dealt with the customer of, of this heating and air conditioning companies fairly recently where, uh, everything that I’ve described so far pretty much happened exactly. And it was clear that,

you know, a little bit of work needed to be done, but it needed to be done immediately. Like said was there needed to actually cut some drywall, get it exposed, get the stuff dried out because it had been a few weeks and we don’t want, we don’t want heightened levels of moisture in drywall in the structure of a home, uh, any longer than we have to. So once we were called out and made aware of this, it was time to get, get some action going because in our, in our opinion, this wa, you know, water damage, Denver’s situation could very well turn into the potential for growth and mold. So not good. Ready to go, let’s get it, let’s do it. Well, this homeowner just happened to have their property on the market. So they’ve got showings consistently. They are not even living there. Um, I dunno.

So threw a wrench in this, the, uh, the process, they didn’t want the home disturb. They didn’t want pieces of drying equipment there. They didn’t want, you know, action. Obviously they didn’t want the drywall cut out when anybody’s seeing the hole. And I’m not really sure if it was so much, um, the fact that there would be, you know, holding their drywall is they just didn’t want people freaking out about, Oh my gosh, what, what’s this, what’s all this equipment? Is there a potential for a problem here? So they were worried that it would affect their ability to sell the home. Kind of understandable. But, um, definitely tied our hands as far as what we could do. So it was a bit of a process and it, you know, it certainly wasn’t ideal for us, but the homeowners, the decision maker, you can’t start cutting on something unless they give you the, the ability to do so.

So we are somewhat restricted by the property owner and their purposes. But ultimately, I think with this one, we were able to get, get it figured out with the heating and air company and with the homeowner, everything should be okay. But there again, you just don’t want moisture for weeks and weeks and weeks even if it is and convenient to get going on it. It’s not worth the risk. But in general, um, you know, we’ll go out, we’ll diagnose the problem with good things in place. And then again, for this particular heating and air company, we’ll go ahead and facilitate, um, work with, you know, the list of handyman that we do business with. We’ll get those folks in there to do the rebuild the drywall, patch taping, texture repair, paint, that sort of thing, trim whatever to get them, um, you know, the homeowner back, back to hole and then just kinda wrap it up in one nice bill for the heating and air company.

And sometimes these things can get a touch expensive, you know, especially, um, what happened, other traits come in to, do you know, the rebuild work? Um, we don’t, you know, we don’t tell them what to charge their fair and they, they charge what they need to charge, but we have no control over that. So it is what it is. And obviously, um, you know, again, the way this heating and air company looks at it is they just need it off their desk. They, they don’t want to deal with it. They want the job done right so that the property owners will not be upset with them. Hopefully they’ll use them again. That sort of thing. And obviously, and heating and air a residual client is huge. Um, the sorts of service and replacement costs in that industry are at the point where yeah, you make a mistake every once in a while you pay for it, you move on and you want those people service down the road.

So we are that resource for heating and air companies, little jobs, big jobs. We do all of the water damage Denver jobs, we’d be happy to do yours. God forbid you have a water damage. Denver loss, a fire smoke or mold loss, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to take a look and happy to help if something does need done. Again, for your water damage, Denver team, Bigfoot restoration is the people that you want to be aligned with. Sure. Appreciate the consideration. We’re here when you need us till next time you stay safe.