What’s going on, my water damage Denver friends, we’re going to jump into a cute little seasonal topic on this big foot restoration podcast of gold. And I’m going to relate, um, a couple of thoughts concerning potential water damage Denver that you can avoid by, I’m pitting you a picture of what I’m doing right now as I’m trying to get into work. It’s Monday morning, beautiful Monday morning, Chris. I love this time of year [inaudible] and uh, you know, I’d say just about every Monday morning is very, very similar and really probably agree if you commute into work, kind of have a gauge of how each day of the week goes as far as days that might be a little bit more

heavy on the road as you’re trying to get toward perhaps certain routes are better, certain days of the week, of course, Friday for whatever reason, especially on holiday weekends and things like that, you really know that um, you know, people are gonna try to be, get out, getting out of town. So highways going out of town, up to the mountains are going to be pretty heavy. You might want to take side roads those days. But typically for me, every Monday mornings the same, I kind of know what to expect as far as how long it’s gonna take, maybe, which, uh, which routes to take and I can usually plan on leaving at a certain time and having plenty of time to spare to get into work and prepare for meetings or whatever’s going on. So I feel like I know what’s coming down this many, many times and I’m going to take a proper precautions to put myself in a place to be where I need to be on time to succeed, essentially to be in a place, a good place. But um, you know, despite all of those efforts, precautions, forecasting, thoughtfulness, whatever, sometimes still things just don’t go the way that you would expect and you need to modify.

That’s what I’m doing this morning. I just slipped at my map a little bit ago and it’s telling me to go away that I’ve never literally, I don’t think I’ve ever gone

to work ever.

Kind of weird. And I know these maps are, can be kind of funky sometimes. So sometimes I’d go back, kind of punch back in my destination, make sure it’s telling me what I feel. It’s meaning is it tell me. But sure enough in this case, every single time I’ve punched this in, continues to say

to go this route that I’ve never taken before.

It’s fine. Um, little weird, little uncomfortable, but, um, I guess I just have to trust that whoever is putting this map together and creating the software knows what they’re doing and wouldn’t lead me in the wrong direction. And then I’ll get where I want to be, what I want to be there. Do you see where I’m going? I think a lot of times as property owners, people have a pretty good idea of how to protect their property, approach their property, uh, be proactive, stay on top of things. But it’s, uh, it’s imperative [inaudible] for folks to be open minded and to realize that they may need to deviate from time to time. They may need someone else on the outside to come along and say, Hey, this is what you should do. I know you’ve been doing it this way for years,


save yourself some hassle. Get where you want to be, have your property exactly where you want it to be by doing this either instead of what you’ve done in the past or in addition to, and of course this can relate heavily to water damage, Denver issues by protecting yourself, having a lot of water damage Denver company like that, the restoration come in either for a problem that you have currently, hopefully small and get it taken care of.

Water Damage Denver | Keeping You Up To Date?

prepare and avoid things altogether. We are in the first half of November here and we’ve got forecast for snow this week, which I guess isn’t all that uncommon touch early, uh, but not incredibly surprising.

But if, um, if you’re a person that says, well, I went arise my sprinklers every October 30th or after October 15th every year or blah, blah, blah, or I do this ride, do that. I go around and disconnect all my hoses from the spigots. I do these things at this certain time of year and that’s just the way I do it. That’s my internal clock. That’s the way it’s always [inaudible] we’re done. Say that’s wonderful. Good for you way to have a plan. But do you really want to risk a huge water damage Denver situation by having your pipes freeze if in fact we do have a freeze this week? I would say probably not. And in addition to protecting pipes and looking at irrigation and all these different things, there’s a bunch of other stuff to consider that we’ve talked about multiple times on our water damage Denver podcast here. Um, gutters, downspouts, negative drainage, so on and so forth. All the different things that we find consistently lead to people’s water damage, Denver unfortunate circumstances.


in yet another attempt to protect all of our friends and family, our community from potentially having a water damage, Denver nightmare.


take a look at your roadmap. Think about the things you’ve always done, what you’re used to doing, what’s always just kind of been your approach to your property. If you’re not proactive, if you don’t have a schedule, it’s good to put one in place. You can teach old dogs new tricks, you can develop a spreadsheet or something. It’s always good to have systems in place, no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s work related, personal family, because we, we get so busy these things, um, life is not slowing down. It’s not getting

more simple.

It’s getting more complicated, there’s more to learn, more to try to retain. And we have incredible resources that help us document these things that help us keep track of things, whether it’s on your computer, your phone, whatever your system is. But just good, simple reminders for what to do when to do it. And then also the, um, the understanding that it’s okay to modify, add, subtract over time


as you learn as you go on, as you have other people offer their perspective and their professional advice on how you can help yourself and avoid, in this case, water damage, Denver nightmares or other potential problems.

So allow Bigfoot to be that map. Do what you do, do what’s made you be put in a place to success over the years, but also understand that there are professionals out there that would love to first of all, help you avoid any potential pitfalls. But also if you do happen to have a water damage Denver situation, large or small, to get that fixed, to get it mitigated and make a new game plan, make a new map that might be a little bit different than what you’ve done in the past, but we’ll help you prepare to be put on the right track and get where you want to be when you want to be there. This route today is a little freaky to me. I know what I’m, I know there’s some schools along the way. I don’t like going through school zones. There’s slow, but again, according to my map, it says go this way. It should know what traffic is going on, on my normal route, even on my secondary and third routes. Apparently that’s just not an option this morning. So it’s all good. I’ll follow the map. Looks like I’ll be where I want to be when I want to be there, and that’s all that really matters, I guess. Right.

So I’m gonna let you have a beautiful Monday. I’m going to pray that you have a beautiful week until we talk next time. Say safe.