What’s up, water damage Denver friends. Hope you are safe, secure and happy today. What a surreal time we live in. Mr Koby Bryant has gone way too soon. One of the best to ever do it on the basketball court.


unquestionably. And from all accounts, somebody that was becoming just as influential off the court in his post MBA career as he was on it and his sweet daughter and seven other people, it sounds like lose their lives in a and R what sounds like a weather-related helicopter accident. And it just kind of puts in perspective yet again, the sanctity of life, the briefness of life and the reality of what we are all doing and the services that we are doing our best to offer every day. For us. We want to offer the best water damage Denver service we can. We want to be empathetic to people that have experienced a situation in their home and they need our help and they need empathy and they need someone to lean on and someone to trust in and some great technical work to be done. So for us it’s that continual drive to offer superior water damage. Denver services, the professional athlete, and since I’m not one, I guess I can’t speak firsthand, but there’s got to be this crazy internal drive and almost a battle within your mind every day to beat the competition. We have competition in the water damage Denver industry,

but it’s not like if we win, they lose or vice versa. It’s simply that we offer the same offering to the Denver Metro area. I don’t know how many water, dim water damage Denver companies there are, but there’s a lot, but it’s not like the NBA or any other professional sports league where we’re pitted against another company, another water damage, Denver company on a Tuesday night at seven o’clock and at the end of the evening there’s one winner and one loser of the game. We all can win if we provide the customer with exceptional customer service and do a great job. It’s as simple as that. Well when it comes to professional athletics, you just, the reality is you, there’s a winner and there’s a loser and there has to be some sort of motivation from within that tells you as an athlete, I’m not going to allow this other team

to prevail against us. They’re not going to be better than us tonight. My son always asked me, he’s a big hockey fan and he’ll look at a game and he’ll see a score from a team that maybe isn’t so great and maybe has a lousy record and on a given night they’ll beat a team that is accepted as a, and one of the better teams in the league. The way better record, and it’s funny to me, he’s just so literal. He’ll always say, I just don’t understand how this team could have beat that team. How in the world could that happen?

And I say, buddy, any team can win on any given night. These are all professional athletes. They all get paid a lot of money. They’re all working on their game every single day. They are all are trying to get better every day. And just because when one team has an amazing record, doesn’t mean that team with the lower records should just give up, wave the white flag, say, Oh there they have a better record and us, they’re better. They’re going to win. So why even play the game? It doesn’t work like that. Teams go from bad to good teams go from good to great in the course of a season or in the course of a couple of seasons, young teams get experience, they go through things, they mature, they get better, and some teams, sometimes you’ll have that Cinderella team that comes out of nowhere and just shocks people and all that stuff is super cool and that’s why I love sports so much is there’s so many dynamics there and so many lessons to be learned. But again, going back to the fact that there does have to be a winner and a loser in competitive sports, maybe not at the rec center when your kids are five or six, maybe they don’t even keep score. But obviously that’s not a thing in professional sports and that’s why people become fans or get super hyped up about a certain team or a player. It’s because they dominate and they want to be associated with winners. They want to be associated with teams that dominate and do well and are exciting and entertaining.

And that was probably not personified any more by anyone else than Coby. I grew up more in the Jordan generation. He was the man, he was amazing and it was a different time. Social media didn’t exist. A lot of players, personal lives weren’t all over and easily access like they are today. Um, and I’m not going to get into the greatest of all time thing at all, but for this generation, I would imagine that my Jordan was there. Coby and even players that you know are still a little bit younger. They saw him, he only tired retired a couple of years ago and he was pretty much amazing until he retired. It’s not like he faded away like some do and the last few years of their career are just absolute. No, just a shell of themselves type thing. Now he was his last game, he scored like 60 some points or something like that and that dude was as competitive and maybe from what I know, even more competitive than any individual in any sport ever.

I really think that, not saying that I was a huge fan, but I respect and even more after I’m learning of some of the things that he did and some of just kind of a little bit more about him. My respect level has gone up immensely for the guy and maybe even more so because I really didn’t care for him as a player. I thought he was always trying to be Jordan. I thought he had a complex with, with literally trying to be Michael Jordan and I don’t know if you did or didn’t, but that’s a pretty good person to, you know, want to be exactly like I suppose it just, to me it just seemed a little rehearsed. I don’t know. Anyway, but it doesn’t, none of that matters and none of that’s a big deal. And I, I’m just being honest about what my, for her, him were at the time of when he was playing.

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And certainly he dominated, uh, the league and, you know, put the dagger into the heart of, of the nuggets, the Denver nuggets a number of times over his career. But he wanted the ball. He wanted to take the last shot. He wanted the responsibility on his shoulders to go out and win the game. And sometimes people saw that as selfish, arrogant, um, snotty, whatever. And maybe there was some of that, but the dude practiced what he preached. He literally an a gal, a journalist put it, um, just spectacularly eloquently today. And I won’t, I can’t do the exact quote, but she said something like, Kobe sacrificed his family, his friends, and then she had a list of two or three more things to dominate it, the game of basketball. And you did hear about, you know, issues with his family, his parents. And I don’t know what that was all about. Sounded like they were a little, little squirrely or something. Um, but he didn’t have the entourage. He didn’t have, um, the gang of people around and not the game, but the just big group around him like LeBron does, like so many stars do that. It’s just like this contingent everywhere they go. Coby didn’t do that. He was kind of a loner. He was kind of kind of that black Swan type character. I mean he called himself the black Mamba. Just ruthless. Just was going to not

Luiz would not allow that to happen. And obviously in a team sport you can’t always dictate everything. But I think for a number of years for that franchise, he, he carried the load and other people contributed, but he was far and away the, the man, he had some pretty big challenges. He definitely made some mistakes and there again, I don’t know the ins and the outs of some of the problems he found himself in. But again, from a super outsider perspective, it looked like to me that those negative events in his life made him a better person. We all screw up. We all have points in our life that we’d look back and say what? I do that differently again today. If I had the chance, I would in some things are way more serious than others, but the indiscretions that he had, they were severe and he could have dealt with them one way, at least in the public public public view. He addressed them head on, didn’t really shut her away from things and dealt with it head on.


he has a wife, he has a beautiful family. One of his sweet daughters was taken with him. I think there’s three or four others and again, you know, having the time and the, the ability to spend with his family since he retired. And just the stories again and the examples and the little interviews that I’ve heard since yesterday when this happened. I mean he was a dad, he was a husband and that’s what he loved and that’s what he was amazing at basketball. He did some incredible things. Incredible is the third highest score in NBA history. That’s a lot of points


but he started to mentor other players. You started to reach out to kids. He developed an Academy to advance basketball skills, but also social skills and confidence building. And just his, what he called Mamba mentality. And I have no idea what that is, but if it’s anything like him, it’s don’t take no for an answer. Do not accept defeat, push through, be strong, be resilient,

be confident. Those are amazing qualities to teach young kids. And I’m not gonna suggest that I’ve kept up with his post playing career, but yeah, looks like he has been nothing but an amazing, amazing person for the last several years. And sometimes it does take that for us to get kind of out of our shell of what our identity is, whether it’s at a, as a water damage Denver professional, an NBA player, an accountant, a mailman, a astronaut, whatever. And realize that there’s more to life than that. We can be amazing in our industry. We can be the cream of the crop when it comes to what we do. And maybe that means certain things, you know, certainly with him it meant he was a world renowned superstar. Tons of money, tons of fame, uh, but crazy in the spotlight, you know, probably felt like he didn’t have a ton of privacy.

But after you retire and you have that time and you still are such a young man, I mean his whole life was ahead of him and he was making just in that few years, I mean he won, won an Emmy for a basketball series that he did and obviously an immensely talented person beyond just the game of basketball breaks my heart that he’s gone. Even though I am not a Lakers fan. Never looked at him as one of my favorite players necessarily, even though I, there was no doubting his God-given skill and ability and certainly his work ethic and the uh, what he demanded of himself made him into that elite company of basketball players. But um, it’s just incredible to think of somebody that did so much but continue to do so much in a completely different arena. Helping, giving back, loving on his babies, hopefully being a great husband, friend, mentor,


he might be remembered more for those things. Then the insane skills and abilities he had on the court. Super bummed out that he’s gone. I pray for his family, his friends, and um,

I think I will take away a good chunk of respect and lessons learned from the demands he put on himself and the drive that he had to be the best at whatever he did, not just on the court, not just putting the hoop, you know, the ball in the bucket, not just dominating people defensively, being a lockdown defender, being a just an assassin on the scoring end. A really the total package, phenomenal basketball player, but an icon as a human being as well. Certainly his daughter and the other people that experienced that same fate, just as important, just as worthy of love and remembrance and all of that just don’t know him. But to the people that they were around, friends, family, I’m sure those places are just as special for those folks as well. Definitely do not want to diminish that. So anyway, if you are ever in need of a company that offers water damage Denver services that strives every day to be the best to be determined, to fight through challenges and offer everything we can from both the technical side to the, um, the psychological side that is necessary when losses occur. Please think of big foot. We would love to be your water damage Denver provider of choice

and having the opportunity to do business with you should you ever experience a loss. But until then you stay safe.