Hey, Hey, Hey water damage denver, Iranians, what’s going on? How are you? Hope you didn’t. Wow. I’m a little stuffy. So a pardon, the deep, deep baritone tones that I bring you to today. But, uh, just wanted to chat with you about the education that goes in to our industry. I think that, um, that quite often the, uh, the industry is a little bit muddied by the fact that you can get, um, in relatively quickly. And I suppose from an employer standpoint, you can, uh, you that, you know, you’re desired to move up as quickly as possible for, for their benefit. You know, obviously there’ll be a trickle down effect for the employee, but, um, today happens to be the day that the, um, there’s a lot of college football playoffs going on and uh, you know, you’ve got the bowl game system, so, uh, the regular season’s over and you’ve got a tons and tons of bowls that college teams playing. Of course you’ve got the college football playoff and I love it. Um, I’ve got another episode coming up here shortly on, on how the playoff system works and how that might be really related to the water damage Denver industry.

Just thinking about these kids were, I was just kind of listening to her radio program. Um, you know what they were talking about. You know, are these kids really

having to email their teachers saying, Hey, have, you know, I’ve got a bowl game tomorrow that’ll be playing it. I’m not gonna make it to class. And took me back to, I’m not gonna date myself in the moment, but, um, me took me back to my college days where I played soccer and I did have to communicate with my professors, make sure I had the assignments, knew what they expected and what they wanted. And if I was going to be missing a class for a game or something like that, it was my responsibility to get all my stuff, let them know I wouldn’t be there and I would be considered a country can, um, an okayed absence. But these big time, college football players, are they even going to class? What do they have to do? Well,


as an athlete, especially as one that has any sorts of designs on playing professionally, I can totally understand how, you know, they might be pretty preoccupied with, uh, you know, being in the weight room a bunch, you know, doing it, they can practicing, um, honing their skills to set themselves up to potentially play professional sports. I would do that if I had the opportunity and um, you know, if I was certain that I was going to be in the mix to be drafted or to


I have an opportunity to play any in any way. That’s probably where my mind would be. But what about the kids that probably don’t have a shot? And I guess you can play, you know, pretty high level college sports, whether it’s football or any other sport and you might be pretty good or you know, just to be on a team is phenomenal. But, uh, you know, I don’t know what the percentages are, but they’re very, very slim that you’re actually going to be a professional athlete. So I’m sure it’s tough for these kids to, you know, want to be an amazing collegiate athlete, but also get to class, get the education, put in the study time to set themselves up to be proficient at their career.


well with the water damage Denver industry

Water Damage Denver | Keeping Priorities Straight!

I think it’s a phenomenal option for people, whether they’re college educated or not. Uh, you need to be a smart cookie, especially if you want to be, um, obviously compensated to the, to the utmost. Um, would help to have, you know, some education, some higher education in, you know, certain

with certain science classes, things like that. But I’m not absolutely necessary. But what, uh, the reality of the industry is, is if you really, really wanted to, and you know, jobs were available, you could hop on with the company literally having no experience and that’s okay. We do the same thing. But, um, you know, if that company so chose, they could send you to a class immediately right off the bat, they could send you to a, um, I believe it’s called a water, uh, w R T class, water restoration technician class. And those are typically four day long classes, um, every day about eight hours. I think it’s, uh, I dunno, the standards have a number of hours that you have to be present for your education credits. And then of course you test out at the end and if you score a 75 or above, I think it is, you are now a certified water restoration technician.

And that’s a great thing and I highly respect the, uh, industry standards that, that are put in place. But legitimately you could cram, you could get into a class having no experience at all, cram, um, memorize, uh, you know, kind of the key words and phrases and definitions and things like that. And you could find yourself being a certified a water race, water restoration technician in less than a business week. So with that properly, then, um, equip you to go out and perform water damage Denver jobs. I’d like to see that be an interesting, uh, case study to put individuals through that class and then immediately send them out and just, uh, see to what point they would be able to execute on. Um, category one losses, category two, category three,

all the different classifications. Um, know what materials to pull, you know, and so I guess it’s kind of a rhetorical question. The answer would be no, they would not succeed. They may kind of have a generic sense of what to do, but I think it’s fair to say that they would be stress now not doing the job that needs to be done. Probably overlooking a lot of things for getting a lot of things and it would just be a disaster both for them and obviously for the customer. So what they need also is street smarts. They need the time and the ability to go out with a senior technician that’s been doing the job, understands the ins and outs of the profession, understands the intricacies of each environment that water loss is happening and uh, be able to watch and help with that sort of thing long before they go out and actually professionally perform a job. It’s not for years, like a lot of college degrees. It’s not two years, like associate degrees. And even then, I don’t know about you, but, uh, as a business marketing and management major, even after I went all of all through that, um, that schooling


well, no, that, you know, I was ready to go out interview, be hired for a job and the next day perform all of my tasks at 100% competence, confidence, efficiency. No, you, you need to learn the job. You need to learn. You need to learn the real, real life skills when you’re in the trenches, not when you’re in the classroom. Um, playing life, playing job. It’s a different ball game. So thankfully, I guess there’s goods and bads. You for this profession, you don’t, you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and, um, four years of your life, two years of your life for an associate’s degree, six to 10 years of your life for a master’s or even a doctorate. No, you can literally be on your way in days. However, to set yourself up both for short and longterm success, you need to not only acquire your water damaged Denver certifications, and there are many, there are many others than just the w R T but you not only need that, but you need experience. You need technical skills that you learned in the field that hopefully you learn from another individual that knows what they’re doing is good at what they’re doing, that sort of thing. So get your water damage Denver skills from us, we’d love to have you if you’re looking for a career, but, uh, it is something that for your sanity, for your

longterm success, you need to have both the education and the practical hands on skills. Big foot restoration is here when you need us for water damage Denver smoke and fire mold, they happy to help out. Please think of us if you or anyone you know has those sorts of situations, but until then, you stay safe.