What’s going on. Water damage Denver people, I hope you’re doing well. It is a beautifully crispy Wednesday morning here in the Metro area


we have a little situation going on in our sports world here. And I love sports because it’s a reflection of real life. There’s tons and tons and tons of lessons to be learned and athletics and competition. And it really does rollover into everyday life and teaches us the goods and bads about people, our character, our resiliency, our ability to perform under pressure, our passion, our heartache. And I could probably just say words for the next 10 minutes, but I’ll stop there. So we’ll just, uh, throw a little preface in here by saying big foot restoration is committed


the best water damage Denver company that we can possibly be that started well before the company was created. Continue strong today. It’ll only get more. So as time goes on and there’s something to commitment, there’s something to resiliency, there’s something to the ability to focus and continue on with a project that you’ve put in place with the vision that you had


with the resolve to continue going. Look something no matter what’s going on around you, good or bad. And we woke up to news this morning that our head football coach at the university of Colorado is leaving to go to Michigan state. I guess I will say that I don’t know all of the details, which I doubt. I don’t really want to know all the details. I don’t care about all the details. And it’s not because I don’t want to give this guy any benefit of the doubt because I’m sure he has solid personal reasons for himself. From what I understand, Michigan state is closer to where he grew up. Perhaps he wants to be closer to home.

I would imagine that they threw a whole lot more cash at him than the university of Colorado. I doubt he was making minimum wage up there. He’d probably making in the millions. But now I would imagine with the money that’s in, in uh, the big 10 that he’ll be making a lot more money. So I guess there, there’s, there’s a probably a pretty valid reason. I don’t know what you make millions of dollars exactly. I mean, money is money. So if you’re making 2 million and now you’re making three and a half, that’s a lot of money, but I think you can probably squeeze by on either salary. Anyway, all those things aside, all those things that I may or may not know or assume about what the perceived benefits of the head coaching job at Michigan state are over the university of Colorado. Let’s get into some of the facts

and this has very little to do with water damage Denver discussion. I understand that, but I’m going to tie this all in and I just need you to be a little therapeutic for me this morning and listen to the correlation that I believe exists to some degree. Understand college football, we do water damage, Denver restoration and mitigation. However, like I said before, sports mimic everyday life. So this story started being floated out there probably late last week, maybe like six days ago and went into the weekend and there was a handful of reports on the different people that Michigan state was zeroing in on after their head coach abruptly resigned. Another interesting move and we won’t go into that right now, but a gentleman that’s embroiled in controversy right now probably sees some problems coming down the pike and decided to jump ship before he was affected by any of that pretty standup gut. So as a result, Michigan state needs a new head coach and uh, understandably they go looking for people that are doing a great job at their current program or having some success exhibit the type of character and leadership that, uh, they think they would like to have at their university.

Water Damage Denver | Keeping Our Promises Here

so our coach’s name gets floated out there, it goes into the weekend, there’s some reporting, and apparently there’s a job offer made sometime over the later part of the weekend, early this week that’s turned down. So at that point, if that’s true, the decision’s been made and that’s good. Everybody’s happy and there’s a seeming bit of stress relief, whatever, uh, still questions, why did you even consider it? Why wouldn’t you make a statement earlier? So on and so forth. But I’m sure at that point pretty much all could have been forgiven just with the simple, um, you know, no thanks, but no thanks type thing.


but here’s where the problem lies in my opinion is then all day yesterday, guess who’s on radio stations? All sorts of different media outlets, social media platforms stating their unquestioned dedication to the university of Colorado, stating how there’s unfinished business that, how there are truly national championship aspirations and whatever else, which totally, totally, totally popped the needle the opposite way. Talk about effectiveness. Uh, you know, this guy went from being, you know, not maybe quite a scumbag, but like, Hey man, you got some splaining to do to Oh, almost, we should’ve never questioned him in the first place. Why? Why did we even think that he would consider it? Why, you know, he can listen to the offer. Why not pick up the phone and listen and have a discussion, but you know, Boulder, what would you rather live? Boulder or East Lansing, Oh, it’s so beautiful here. Oh, you can recruit better here. Oh, much higher quality of life. On and on and on. It was a literally apologetics to her for ever questioning this guy’s motivation or where his heart was.


the fact was that again, he made very, very defining statements about his future here. His vision here, his commitment to the players, the coaching staff, the institution, the fans continue to lead this group of men last night, he accepted the job.

I don’t,

I don’t get how you could live with yourself. Like what, why would you, if you had just this slide as question of what you wanted to do, of what you were going to consider, why I get people all riled up. Why go on a tour of a PR stunt to talk about yourself, how committed you are, talk about all these things. And then literally hours later,

prove that you,

Oh, or a liar or

quick to [inaudible]

say one thing and then do another or not a man of your word are okay with asking others to make a commitment to you,


their best and their everything. And then turning around and saying, all right, see you later. You’re on your own. Crazy, crazy, crazy disappointed in this guy. And the reason that I bring this to the table on the water damage Denver of gold podcast is that I can’t imagine that ever a part of the way we operate. I know things happen in life. I know that we never know the true story. We never know the whole story,


I don’t know that I could wrap my mind around the ability of a person to say one thing and then immediately do another again. If you’re conflicted, if you’re not sure, if you’re questioning something, keep your mouth shut. Lay low, don’t accept invitations to talk about yourself, your program, your commitment, your character. If you’re just not quite sure, it’s okay. You don’t have to promise anybody anything but don’t promise everybody everything. And then skip town. I can’t imagine our water damage Denver company ever doing anything like that. In any case, whether it was to a client, a crew member, a networking partner, a vendor, just can’t imagine it doesn’t resonate with me. So we will continue to operate our water damage Denver company in the most ethical way. We know how it doesn’t mean we’re perfect. Doesn’t mean we won’t ever make a mistake, but our commitment is to do the things we say we’ll do follow through on the things that we’ve suggested

that we can be counted on for them.

So anyway, that’s all for today. I’m sorry a, I went on a bit of a rant there, but this water damage Denver company is very important to me and the,

the ethics in general of business and Justin person to person relationships is also very important to me. So take it very seriously. And when something like this happens, I guess it just reminds me that you can never know that you can fully take people at their word. It really shouldn’t surprise us when these things happen. Super unfortunate. Super disappointing. But we have to have a backup plan. We have to have scenarios ready to deal with things that aren’t, aren’t so awesome. This is not so awesome. I hope that the university rebounds and finds a great head coach that can commit to them for the timeline that he says you will. Well, that’s all for this water damage Denver podcast. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you, you don’t have a flood in your basement. Go down and check. If you do give us a call, we’ll be ready to help. Until then you stay safe.