All right. My Water Damage Denver friends, we are going to yap at you for about 10 minutes and three seconds on what we’ve got going on over here at your water damage. Denver restoration repair, company of choice. You are a water damage experts, your fire damage experts, your mold mitigation specialists. There’s really not a lot that we can’t do but uh, we would take up that entire 10 minute and 32nd spot by going through every type of service we offer. But what we want to focus on today is the small jobs, the little quick ones that sometimes left unintended too. Kind of brushed off maybe kind of sort of DIY and that little water damage. Denver issue that that you had that you really didn’t think that was that big of a deal. Maybe set a little desk fan blown on the toilet overflow or something for for a day or two where it might be pretty dry to the touch.

Why that can be a bit of a Pandora’s box that will be opened at some point in the future. And a perfect example of how to be proactive and keep damage, water damage Denver to a minimum, how to keep costs to a minimum, how to keep edix to a minimum is illustrated by a very, very sweet gal that reached out to us yesterday. She had had a toilet overflow and um, had a sewer company come out and snake the line and you know, kind of break up and figure out what the issue was. So it was pretty confident that there was just a bit of a blockage from some tree roots and things like that. So excellent, excellent decision on her part to notice the water damage Denver in the first place to realize that that water damage Denver was legitimate and it was something that it needed that needed to be attended to.

Taking that great first step, having a company like, you know, a, a plumber or a, uh, you know, company that specializes in clearing out pipes and things like that. Uh, getting a professional to come out, locate the problem, eliminate the problem, and then reach out to a water damage. Denver company like us, which they did and have us come out and assess the situation. So what I just described to you is exactly what they did and exactly what we did was respond in a very prompt manner. Um, not that we were, um, really able to get into the work right then, but we just happened to be in fairly close proximity to that home. So we wanted to get over ASAP to just let them know if it’s something that we felt needed to be handled absolutely. 100% immediately. And perhaps in that if it was that to maybe get ahold of a different company or if it was something that, you know, perhaps we could get to afternoon, which were pleasantly surprised to find out that it was, that, you know, either one of those options, we always say, you know, getting after it sooner is better.

Water Damage Denver | Keeping Drama To A Minimum

But with her particular situation, not to go into all the details, but it was very confined. Um, it, the, the type of flooring that the gal had in her, her bathroom where it did happen was not anything that would be problematic for a number of reasons. Um, she wanted to dispose of it anyway. She said she wanted to put a new, uh, flooring covering down anyway. And then the other side of the wall that a little bit of a, this leak happened to get into was a part of an unfinished basement where the laundry room was kinda set up, washer, dryer, slop seeing things like that. So water damage, Denver for her was minimal, but it was still something for sure that after we took a quick look would require, you know, somebody that knew what they were doing and bless her heart, she was, um, you know, she’s just not, there’s no way she would be capable of doing any of the things labor wise.

The toilet would need to be pulled. Um, you know, this carpet that was in there was very, very old. I blew down carpet. Um, the rubber coping going around, acting as like a trim. Um, it was kind of, it had been compromised from this leak. There was a little bit of urine according to her in the bowl when it overflowed. So that by definition should be accounted for. Um, if there’s any sort of refuse in the bowl when it overflows, that is something that you have to consider as well. Not just normal water damage. Denver, it ups the ante a little bit. We want everybody to be safe and healthy, uh, both for us as we clean it up and then obviously for them. So walk them through kind of the reader’s digest version of what would need to be done and gave the option of either passing it along to another company that might be able to get to them super duper quick or allowing us the opportunity to get back over there as our scheduled or more towards the afternoon.

So it worked out very, very well, uh, wrapped up a few other obligations throughout the day and were able to get back over to attend to their water damage Denver issue. Uh, so that just a couple hours getting everything removed, demoed, uh, remediated, sanitize and uh, we’re able to set a couple of pieces of equipment that will get hurt, a little bathroom completely dry, won’t have any issues, we won’t have any concerns moving forward and relatively inexpensive, actually very, very inexpensive, um, costs, you know, compared to what could have been suggested maybe by another little bit more aggressive company or by again, just kind of ignoring the water damage Denver issue thinking no, we will just do our best to kind of soak this stuff up with towels. Um, put a little fan on it, you know, hope that everything’s okay. So perfect illustration of how to deal with just what is a, you know, understandably and objectively a small water damage Denver issue, but a water damaged Denver issue.

Nonetheless, something that would definitely get into the category to a classification as far as the type of water damage, Denver job that, that it was just from the matter that overflowed from the toilet bowl. So perfect. Beuford illustration of how to handle that, how to be proactive, how to get proper professionals out. Get the problem taken care of, get everything cleaned up, dried out super duper quick and within a couple of days she will be able to have another professional come in to get her new bathroom floors set, get her toilet back in there and have everything fully functional in a very short amount of time. That is our tidbit for today. Even on the smallest Water Damage Denver jobs don’t ignore them. Don’t think that they’re no big deal. They need to be dealt with in a timely manner and take this gal’s as an example, phenomenal proactive homeowner.

If you have something bigger, small that you need help with, please feel free to reach out to Bigfoot foot restoration and repair. We would love the opportunity to be your water damage. Denver company of choice seven two zero five seven five foot is how you get ahold of us. I’m going to give you an extra one minute and six seconds to do what you want to cut this one short and hope that we will see a soon if you have a water damage. Denver issue. Thank you so much for your time, attention and support. We will talk to you soon.