So I bought a Water Damage Denver number of friends up your gun while we are in the midst of a spring blizzard and as per usual yesterday I was running around in a tee shirt about this time and today it is mittens and beanie and puffy coat weather. So just another illustration of why we have to be vigilant and make sure that we don’t get too too geared up on those warm temperatures that spring days will bring with the potential for cold freezing temperatures the next and all of the water damaged number that that could incur today though we want to spend just a couple minutes talking with you about, um, the difference I suppose you would say between big foot restoration and repair and other companies. And it’s not all other companies because there’s definitely some great water damage number companies. Uh, we network with a lot of them and we have a ton of respect for a lot of them. But I would say that there is a good, healthy percentage of companies out there or individuals out there that promote their water damage Denver services, their fire smoke or mediation services, their mold removal services, and they want to be obviously the choice for

anyone and everyone that experiences that type of a loss.

Well, let me give ya a brief example of why it’s difficult. Um, uh, for folks that then place their trust in them to feel confident about a job or really anyone else in the restaurant, in the restoration industry moving forward when they are unresponsive, when they have supposedly formed a relationship with an individual or with a property, if it’s commercial or even a referral source. So say a plumbing company or a property management company or whomever where, um, things might go good the first time they might go, okay, the second, second, and third time. But before long, the communication down the responsiveness goes down and it leaves these people to wonder if the job’s being done correctly, if the jobs even being done at all. And so this was the case of, you know, a property management company that we’ve recently been in touch with.

Um, worked hard to establish ourselves as a reliable water damage Denver company that they can, you know, definitely give us a holler if they have any needs with any of their properties. And so yesterday morning they did, in fact, they had two properties that were um, that needed work orders related to mold and one that had a category three water damage, uh, laws. And so lots of work to be done, three separate work orders, each significant each, you know, moderately affected, maybe even more than that. But the reason that they called us, and this is a, this is actually a property management company. I should also say that is not necessarily in our typical work area. They’re about an hour, 15 to an hour and a half North of us, but certainly for three, three jobs like they were talking about, we’re happy to make the trip up there to help out.

And so they had reached out to their quote unquote mold guy last Friday to ask for his assistance on these jobs that their tenants were living in the homes and they had these situations going on, not a good thing. And so they reached out to him Friday, no response Saturday, no response. And then I guess they just kind of held their breath and thought, well he’ll probably get to it Monday or Tuesday. And as of Monday and Tuesday he had not responded, nor had he done any work at either of those two houses. So on Wednesday I think that their thought was, well we have a pretty good sample size here. He’s not communicating with us, he’s not doing the work. So we’re going to win. We’re going to go ahead and call Bigfoot restoration to handle the Water Damage Denver, the mold loss, so on and so forth. And so they did. Yeah. And so we had an extensive conversation yesterday morning. I pulled different people from different jobs to make sure that we could, you know, take care of what we had down here, but also get up there as soon as possible. And help them out.

Water Damage Denver | Is Your Vendor Being Lazy?

Well, we got our ducks in row and started heading North and we then get a call mid trip saying, uh, sorry, cancel, cancel those work orders. Uh, we, we’re not sure what’s going on. And so they had canceled the work orders on this guy’s ticket and he called the office immediately and said, Oh, no, no, why are you doing this? I’m here at one property. I’ve already been to the other one and I’ve, I’ve gotten into, I’ve gotten things kind of started at both. So not only had he not responded for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, five days, he then just picked an arbitrary morning to go ahead and do the work without communicating with them at all. So pretty crazy. I do not understand how that sort of thing can happen in this day and age, how people would treat their customers like that. How they would take, uh, you know, proper communication for granted and just literally pick a day, five days out for something that should be handled, um, with a much larger sense of urgency. That is something that I can say would never happen with big foot restoration. You have a water damage Denver project. We will

be on it as soon as we can and we will be realistic with the priority type of priority and timeliness that it needs for that specific situation. If you have a mold job, we will get eyes on it immediately and we will again take the proper precautions and advise professionally on what needs to be done and what, you know, the timeliness dynamic is. Um, so that decisions can be made either, you know, quickly or maybe there’s a little bit of time to try to figure things out either way.

So we will continue to reach out to property company, property management companies, plumbers, real estate agents, people that we know are getting these sorts of requests from others. And perhaps they already have a relationship with a water damage Denver company or a mold remediation company. But maybe this person’s just getting a little too and taking that relationship for granted. Maybe they’re not really treating these jobs with a sense of urgency that they should. Maybe they are just, uh, you know, not very motivated in general. So, um, we would like to be on the list of people to call if that sort of thing occurs. And if it does, um, we’ll be happy to step up and make sure that like said, things are taken care of properly and that there’s never, ever, ever any issues like that with us. So hopefully you never have a water damage Denver situation, smoke or fire loss, mold loss. But if you do, please reach out at seven two zero five, seven five three six, six, eight, and we will get on the ball and help you out. But until then you stay safe.