All right. Water damage Denver friends. How you doing? Good. Sounds like you’re having a fun weekend. Hope are hope you’re safe. Hope you’re dry. Okay. This time of year, at least for us in Denver, Colorado, we definitely have a good influx of water damage, Denver jobs. But uh, we should note that quite honestly this time of year we do a lot of fire damage, Denver jobs, a lot of jobs that the collateral damage can be smoke damage, odor, a soot, that sort of thing. And I think maybe several podcasts to go, we talked about how Christmas and kind of those, um, holidays right around Christmas, new year’s, uh, we actually, or the industry in general sees,

I’m kind of a uptick in, in fire loss and smoke loss because people maybe get a little tipsy. Maybe they just kind of get forgetful. They have other things that are distracting them or they’re getting preoccupied and they leave food on


on the stove cooking and it cooks dry or they light a fire and forget or they knock a candle over or whatever. Um, it does happen this time of year and right around that two, three week time of festivities and all that, we can definitely, uh, get a few more phone calls than normal when it comes to fire loss or smoke damage, a job that, um, we may be helping out with. Um, comes to us a ride along those fire damage, smoke damage. So it odor along all those lines from a totally different, um, I guess mode. And to be quite honest, one that I haven’t, Oh Lisa, I could remember one that I can’t, uh, say that we’ve ever dealt with before. And so the, the issue was not, again, not water damage Denver, it was um, actually a moving and storage facility that reached out to us here in the last couple of days that, um, you know, does mass transit brings, uh, stuff, you know, takes it all over the country for different people, for businesses, whatever. So it could be just a regular family moving. It could be businesses relocating. Yeah, maybe locally, but definitely they are kind of just like a go wherever, do whatever type of moving and storage company. Well, not exactly sure what happened, but one of their 50 foot trailers caught on fire in route, um, to their Denver facility. So I guess with pure like space, I would say if this thing was 50 feet long, it’s probably about

Oh 10 to 12 feet wide and then probably about 12 feet tall, something like that. So

big, big trailer with lots of content and obviously those guys are pros at fitting stuff in. So they’re going to be able to cram a ton of furniture and in different things in there to maximize efficiency, which is awesome until the trailer catches on fire. Then you’re talking about all of that, all of that property for somebody else

being subjected to some pretty nasty stuff. So as you may imagine, um, the, the content, and I can’t honestly remember, I know the guy told me, you know, the fire started at either the front or the back of the trailer. So there’s definitely one side that was way more effective than the other side Water Damage Denver. But what happens, and it can depend on the type of fire, like you know, what sorts of materials are burning, but different materials give off, you know, different kinds of smoke, different odors, different cert, um, within a fire,

you know, things can, can vary greatly. So it’s not always the exact same thing and certainly wasn’t with this. So some of the content that was towards, you know, more where the origination of the fire was, it were pretty beat up.

Water Damage Denver | Is Your Trailer On Fire?

definitely a few items that were non salvageable, but everything else, um, you know, really was protected. These, these storage companies, they go, they go to great links to rap, you know, everything and good, nice, high quality moving blankets, wrapped them in, you know, shrink wrap plastic and then maybe more blankets, more plastic. So they’re pretty, pretty well protected and they want to make sure that in transit, you know, whether they’re, you know, kind of outside, inside with stuff on top of them or stuff [inaudible] on side of him, nothing’s going to, you know, make anything dirty or damage anything. So they really do a great job protecting these things. So, uh, is it [inaudible] interesting even with this, you know, mass protection, you know, as these, as these people started on package to see what the damage was there. You know, on some pieces there was some pretty legitimate SUT and um, you know, just kind of stuff that had filtered in, found its way through the blankets and the plastic to get on the upholstered pieces or the framing or whatever, whatever the piece was. Others, some of the blankets were burned and, but they had protected the furniture and so the actual furniture wasn’t burned, but just the burning from the blankets had done some exponential damage to the piece. Um, because you know, the material that burned was right next to it. So definitely lot of smoke, lot of odor, lot of [inaudible]. And we estimated that there were probably about a hundred pieces total that needed to be processed from this laws. So who knows what, you know, this commercial entity had as far as insurance is concerned. They were pretty out of it. They didn’t

really feel like they wanted to file a claim. Um, so perhaps, you know, deductibles are so high that there’d be no point, um, maybe it’s just a nightmare. Like it is most times trying to file an insurance claim and watch, you know, rates go up or potential of having a policy canceled. It makes no sense that, that, that’s why we had insurance. But insurance companies can definitely do that. So who knows what they specifically had going on, but they were pretty adamant they wanted to pay out of pocket. So it was interesting. They got, you know, multiple bids. They definitely got other bids besides just ours. And, um, you know, prices were anywhere from kind of 50 to a hundred dollars a piece just to make it a simple kind of estimate. Um, you know, cause there were things that were larger, smaller in between, whatever.

So from what I understood, the bid was, uh, for all the companies with somewhere between 150 to a hundred dollars a piece and then some companies tacked on environmental fees or logistical fees or different things that, um, you know, were just standard with their Water Damage Denver company. So, um, kind of interesting. Definitely a little bit outside of the box. When you think of a typical fire damage loss. [inaudible] not, I’m not your typical house fire where you’ve got just something that randomly sparks for some reason or a candle gets knocked over. Something happens with, you know, discarded logs from a, from an evening fire or something like that. There must have been something, you know, maybe maybe the brakes caught on fire and decided to ignite the, uh, the cargo box back behind the big rig. Um, but again, um, very, very active. Interesting. The odor, um, both prompt probably from the brakes or whatever, you know, is the induction of the fire to the actual variety of materials that burned.

And there were several. And so, um, that’s why I say it’s not always just standard right across the board. Okay. We have fire damage, we have smoke damage. Here’s, here’s how we deal. Same thing that we’ve talked about, you know, quite along the way with respect to water damage Denver, um, you know, in general water losses are similar, but there’s always intricacies and there’s always different the things that we have to make sure that we attend to and consider when it comes to that specific job. So fingers crossed hoping that this company gives us a call and says that they would like us to help out with the project and if so we’ll get right on it and we will try to get it back to them in a super timely manner. They were hoping for about two weeks, which would definitely take a lot of resources and um, just kind of focusing on that, that specific loss.

But I think it’s doable and we’re confident that we can help out and that they’ll be thrilled if they decide to go with us. So if, uh, if you, if you, God forbid, have a smoke or fire lost Denver, we will, um, be happy to come out and take a look at your home and property for you. If you have some sort of kind of, um, different type of loss like this where things, you know, experienced that sort of smoke damage or fire damage, um, in a much more nontraditional setting, we would happy be happy to, uh, take a look and see how we can help out with that as well. So our number is 70 zero five, seven five three six, six, eight. There are many other ways to get ahold of us. As a matter of fact, the lady reached out on Facebook messenger today, so lots of different ways to get ahold of us morning, noon, and night. We always want to be a great resource to help the Denver Metro community. So water damage Denver fire damage, Denver, smoke damage, Denver mold loss. Denver, we’re here for you until next time you stay safe.