Hi, this is Mark with big foot restoration repair. We’ll go over a few of the water losses or fire jobs or any work we’ve done in the previous weeks and kind of discuss our mitigation process with that and uh, see what we could do for you if you ever need anything in the future. So one a recent job we had done was a, uh, unfortunately individuals went out of town. Um, they had a house up in the mountains. They went to spend a weekend up there and in their basement they have a, just a, a bathroom basement and they, the line going to the faucet broke and it sprayed, you know, the water is under pressure there. So this particular water damage Denver job had it running for approximately 18 hours before they had somebody come in and check that. So, um, the under pressure water for 18 hours can do quite a bit of damage.

And the, it actually, uh, did quite a bit of damage on this job, on this, uh, water damage Denver job. So we, uh, got a call that, uh, some of these basement was flooded, so we came out and it had roughly about eight inches of water. Um, fortunately they had an area that kind of sunk in and they had a pool table and stuff like that. So on this water dam, it’s Denver job that, um, really saved them quite a bit from it being even more severe or more damage on this water damaged Denver job.

So we get there eight inches of water, um, down in this sunken area, about 300 square feet of area. Now it did affect the hallway, but the water, like I said, flowed down these couple steps and into this sunken, uh, kind of a little rec room. So very fortunate that that happened like that. But we had a, so what we did was set up some pumps just uh, to pump this out. Generally we’re able to use our, our truck mounted unit to extract the water. Um, but anytime it’s, um, like this, the, where it’s standing water, we generally will go with pumps. And so that’s what we did here, set up two pumps. Um, actually ran these pumps, um, for about three hours before it got to a level where we could actually connect our truck Mount and in use that. So, uh, we guesstimated around 600 gallons of water was, was in this area here.

So Mmm. Pumped out the water. Eventually got to where we could use our truck mounted unit. Um, went ahead and did some more extraction, uh, until we, uh, got it to where it’s somewhat dry. We knew that the pad all had to be removed, carpet had to be removed. Um, it did wick up the drywall quite a bit more than generally dry wall, especially with this fresh water, um, is able to be saved. But this, um, whipped up enough, a foot and a half to, and uh, so we knew we had to remove some drywall as well. So, um, we went ahead and, and, uh, the first night, so we got the call pretty late. So we just did what we could at that, at that night there. And we worked until the late evening and knew we had to turn around and come right back. So we left, uh, left it on this, uh, particular water job, set up some drying equipment, uh, just dehumidifiers to kind of keep any, uh, humidity down to a respectable level.

And we knew we had to come back the next day and, uh, uh, do a lot more work. So we moved the pad on the following day on this water damage number job. We removed the pad, we uh, then remove the carpet. It was the laminated in areas, so we knew we had to pull the, uh, the carpet on this so it was damaged as well. And then we did a flood cuts, two foot flood cuts, um, all around these areas from the hallways to, um, that sunk in rec room. So on this water damage Denver job, it, um, it’s, uh, needed, uh, flood cuts as well. So we went ahead and did that installation that was between the walls, uh, was really wet. So we were glad we did that as well. Remove that insulation, um, removed all of the, uh, you know, he unfortunately had floating furniture in there and, and sofas and stuff like that. So we had to had to take those out, um, remove those, those would be damaged. Um, and so we kind of move some furniture around, did that, um, as well as a

Water Damage Denver | Is Your Basement Flooded?

set up some equipment. So this particular one, even though you’re removing all the carpet and the pad and drywall, the framing is still wet. The floor is still wet. Um, some of the, there was tile there as well, even though I believe the tile wasn’t gonna make it either. It was on concrete floor. So, uh, we tried to do it, but I could see that a couple of the were already popping. So that’s not a good sign there. And so we, uh, um, set up drying equipment. We actually had, um, set up two dehumidifiers and then we set up, um, 12 air movers to, to dry out the framing and the floor. And, um, some of the other areas, uh, there was a storage room that was affected even though that was just concrete. We had to set up some equipment in that area as well.

So on this particular water damage Denver job, it, it ended up having a two dehumidifiers and, uh, 11 air movers. Um, and then we left that there. Uh, we’d go back each day and we checked, um, did our monitor during reading. Uh, we had to get it down to a level that we were comfortable with and that we, uh, knew what it should be. And so this, uh, this one took, uh, actually about three and a half days. Um, it was just kind of an odd time from when we first said equipment to picking it up. So, but it did take a three and a half days of drying to get everything totally dry out. I’m very happy with that. It basements sometimes can take a little bit longer, but we, uh, we were able to get a dry and a respectable amount of time.

So this water damage Denver job took a just two dehumidifiers and 11 air movers to get everything situated and then dry it out. Um, what we always tell our clients when they do go out of town is to shut off their main water. Uh, you just don’t think about it often. Um, we’re in the industry, so we see, see this kind of a tragedy and water line that breaks like that very often. So, but most people just don’t think about it. Hey, I’m going to be gone for four days or five days and, and everything is good. So you just don’t think about shutting your water off. You don’t really feel that an inside faucet would break like that or the line. But it happens more often than, than most people think. So we went ahead and always tell our clients to do that. Unfortunately we tell them after the fact.

So they, um, they realize that at that point and think, man, I wish I would’ve known that before and they just didn’t do it. So it’s just something we’ve learned over over the years. So anytime we come in contact with somebody and they, they, you know, they find, ask us what we do for a living, we go ahead and let them know that Hey, it’s a good idea to always shut your water and, and here’s some things that we, you know, they always ask us some stories and stuff like that, what we ran into. And so we go ahead and, uh, just always remind them, Hey, just shut off your water. You know, it’s something you don’t think about. But we always, uh, not that we don’t want the work, but we’d rather, uh, try and prevent people from, from something like this happening. It’s always worse when you’re at a town. Um, and something like that. Like this particular job that ran for 18 hours, it, uh, had a quite a bit, like we said, roughly five, 600 gallons of water that had the run there. Um, it had to be removed. So quite a bit. We, uh,

try that out for him. We, he had a particular contractor. Generally we could work with somebody as well if they wanted to get some rebuilding, painting, stuff like that. We work with quite a few people that could help them out. And so he actually had the basement refinished and was just going to go ahead and go back with the company that, that did that for him. So he felt comfortable with them. And that’s totally fine as well. So it, uh, either way, it doesn’t make a big difference to us. We just want to make sure we get them back to their pre-loss condition. And on this particular water damage Denver job, uh, we felt that we, uh, we serve just him in a, you know, rapid manner, uh, got out there. You know, it’s not always fun. It happened on Friday night. So, uh, what isn’t always fun to go out at eight o’clock on a Friday night, but it’s kind of the, the business we’re in and we understand that. And so if you ever need a late, a late call or anything or late emergency and you need help, we’d be more than happy to come out and take care of you. So any other future water damage, Denver issues. Just remember big foot restoration and repair and we’d be glad to take care of ya. Thank you.