Hello, welcome to big foot restoration repair where we’ll cover some water damage. Denver jobs that we’ve done recently. Today’s a job I’ll, I’ll go over. Um, was a water loss that we had done. Mmm. This water damage Denver job had, um,

an individual who hits a fairly new house that took a shower and just notice there was some water on the other side of the bathroom on the floor and she thought that was odd. And unfortunately she didn’t. Some people just clean it up and keep going and the next day it happens or may happen or may not. But she was a smart enough to, when she saw this, um, water damage Denver


issue that she went ahead and called the builder and, and had somebody come out and take a look. So the plumber came out, uh, cut a hole behind that wall where the moisture was and found a, uh, an elbow that, uh, for whatever reason, when you turned on the water, even though it was pressurized, it leaked just when you turned on the shower. So, um, this had gone on, uh, for a little while. You could just kind of see the history of it, just based on the water marks and stuff like that. Um, so this water damage, Denver job leaked quite a bit. There. Went to the, underneath that master bedroom, this was on the third floor, was the kitchen. And then next to that, next to the kitchen was the garage. So the water damage, Denver problem came from, uh, the master, but then affected two other rooms, the kitchen area as well as the, the garage area.

So the plumber cut an access hole in the garage as well. Um, and was able to see the issue on that, that part of it as well. So, um, he left it there and then that’s when we came in, we got the call, um, to see what we needed to do and to dry things out so they can, he fixed the problem, but then we’d still have wet structure, um, wet, dry wall. And so that’s up to us to figure out, uh, what equipment and what needs to get done to ensure that we drive this water damage Denver job out completely.

So when we showed up there, we used our FLIR, which is infrared camera. You could clearly see in the kitchen, it had a about seven areas that were wet. So water can do some funny things and always goes to least resistance and and may run along some framing and dropdown and stuff like that come through. This one had it was dripping through there. Um, they had recess lighting and the water was dripping through that. So that’s very common as well. So we removed the lights, um, let that dry it out there. These, they had some casings in this water damage Denver job that the light went back into. It’s an led light. So, um, before you used to remove a light and kinda had it exposed, um, some area that was exposed up into the, um, the drywall up in the ceiling. But this, uh, particular water damage, Denver job didn’t have that.

Water Damage Denver | Is The Shower Leaking Again?

They had a casing. So it was um, something that I didn’t want to cut a hole right away, um, into the ceiling. Wanted to see. Um, there was already two access holes cut. So we are going to deduct some exhaust air from the dehumidifiers into these access holes, um, warm up that area, that whole cavity there and hope that that along with the, uh, dehumidifiers would give us an opportunity of drying that kitchen ceiling out. Um, there was no structural damage. It wasn’t any, uh, holes or the paint was bubbling or anything like that. So this water damage, Denver job, I don’t know, it’s pretty straight forward if we can get, uh, that ceiling dried. So we went ahead and set three D dehumidifiers in each of the areas that were affected, ducting two of those. Um, and then we did also put two air movers into this water damage Denver job, um, to get some air flowing as well.

So, um, they did have, behind the master bathroom was another bathroom that, um, they had tile that was affected. So we did set an air mover in there believing that uh, this airflow as well as the warm ducting air would help dry that tile out. So there was no need to probably break that up. But, uh, on each of our water damage Denver jobs, we will come back every day, do readings, adjust equipment, add equipment, take equipment away, whatever’s needed. Um, so that’s why we check it every day. Things change. Um, you don’t want to set and say, well, I’ll be back in three days. I’m sure it’ll dry fine. Um, things happen. You gotta adjust and, and it’s not always fun to show up every day. This one was quite awhile from our, our shop about 40 minute drive. So this water damage, Denver job, um, it was kind of a hassle to get to, but that’s part of the business.

So they all can’t be right next door to your shop or anything like that. So we, uh, we understand that and we’re certainly willing to drive everywhere or anywhere and, and check on these jobs every day. So coming back a day two, I made some progress in the areas that had the ducted air put in the kitchen. However, still had five areas that it did be crease in size, but they still were there. Um, we figured we’d give it one more day. If progress was made, you would then have to cut on this water. Deveridge Denver job cut access holes so we could get some ducted air inside there and dry this out. Uh, we always shoot for three to five days. Generally we want to be less. This one wasn’t that wet, so we want to try and shoot for that three day period. So after day one, after the first 24 hours, progress was made in several areas, but still, uh, the kitchen really needed to make a great progress the next 24 hours. So we, uh, looked at the equipment, did some readings, did our relative humidity readings. We did, uh,

tested the temperature, kind of see where we were at. And the reason we do come back every day, they have a daughter that shut off the bathroom fan and forgot to turn it back on. So I asked them, is there a reason that fan was off? And he said she was going in the bathroom. It was just noisy and blowing, so she shut it off but failed to turn it back on. So that’s why we check things on all of our water damage, Denver jobs. We come out and we check them every day because things like this happen when you get an end user or a client that, uh, shuts things off or moves things or you know, thinking it’s still gonna be just fine, but they, they need to be strategically placed and we do that. But, uh, just like this, a homeowner can shut it off

now turn it back on. So if we can catch that every day and kind of make him a pointed that like letting them know these things need to run, um, yeah, they can be noisy and maybe a pain to sleep generally give them an option of turning things off at night if it just can’t sleep. Um, that’s rare occasion. But most of our water damage Denver jobs, they leave them running 24 hours straight. So we turned it back on, made some, uh, some adjustments to that air mover kept everything as is. We felt confident that it was positioned right and everything was drying well. The kitchen though, like I said, had to make drastic in decrease in these watermarks that we are seeing. So we let them know we would give it one more one more day, but if it didn’t change drastically, we were going to have to cut the access holes into it.

Um, you know, everybody wants it dry, but a, they don’t want the mess and the holes and stuff like that. So, um, we were hoping that things would dry very well the next 24 hours. So coming back, uh, the next 24 hours, it did make that big change that we were hoping for. So there was one area still wet, roughly the size of a baseball and just one area. So it went from six or seven large areas down to this one area. Um, the rest of the areas were drying well, I know worked in unison having the warm ducted air into the cavity of the walls. Certainly that warm air helps the other, um, the kitchen above the kitchen, dry that out. So I let him know one more day of the D D he was in the fans and I’m fairly confident that everything could be removed after the third day. Um, there are certainly excited to hear that they were tired of the noise.

Um, and

we could at least pull equipment and then set up a contractor who we’re working with to come back and, and uh, put in new drywall and paint and texture. So our company wasn’t going to do that on this particular job. So this water damage, Denver job came back day three, everything was completely dry. Uh, we were very happy with that. Um, no additional holes needed to be cut. Everything was, uh, extracted, um, or dry it out. Not necessarily extracted, but just try it out. Um, having those warm ducted air into the cavity on this water damage Devore job made all the difference. Um, rather than just setting a dehumidifier outside of the hole, we want to use the [inaudible] exhaustive these dehumidifiers in duct that air. And so that’s what we did.

So this one wrapped up, day three, pulled all the equipment, three dehumidifiers, two air movers, everything, bone dry, everything, uh, relative humidity, way, way down. The tile was totally dry as well. That dropped from a 70% to a 46 to a 13. So it’s a within normal limits of drying for tile or what tile registers that. So this water damage, Denver job finished in three days there. And so we were a very happy clients. Happy, uh, they’re scheduled for Monday or, you know, within three days after we pulled things to have the drywall repaired and they should be totally done. So if you ever have any additional, uh, water damage issues, remember big foot restoration repair, and be glad to take care of you.