What’s water damaged Denver friends. So super pleased to be with you to offer yet another Scrumptious edition of the bigfoot restoration water damage, Denver podcast of gold. I met with an insurance agent today, and this is an individual that I’ve known for a while and have a great relationship with, but had an opportunity to sit down with him for about an hour and a half to really find out or learn more about what, what really matters to him in his day in day out with the top Water Damage Denver around.

And of course, uh, you know, he had a lot of, a lot of different points to make and had a lot of really interesting stories and not sure that I envy him at all. Certainly, there are amazing things about the insurance industry and there are some not so amazing things. Quite honestly, when I was younger, much younger, um, maybe even going through college, I can’t remember exactly when it was, but my dad really encouraged me to look at insurance as a career and what he said, his son, people will always need insurance. It’s the law. You have to be insured. And now that doesn’t mean that people are properly insured. It might not mean that they have the correct types of insurance, but that is up to the broker to really qualify their needs, find out exactly what they have going on, what sort of coverages they need, what sort of deductibles they want, um, any intricacies of their home or auto or specialty things.

If they need an umbrella policy, it’s their job to really dig in and get as specific as possible so that they can tailor, make a policy for that individual and have it exactly what they need. You do not want to be underinsured. If anything happens that there would be, um, a claim against you being negligent as a dry yeah. As a driver or a homeowner or whatever you do not want to be underinsured. It sounds kind of nice when they’re putting the policy together, you can save money, but again, you have to be honest with yourself and your risk level and potential, uh, for, I guess, claims. And if you were to have a claim, what would that look like? You don’t want to be underinsured. You don’t want to take those relatively minor savings on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis. However, you pay it and have a nightmare on your hands. If you’re underinsured and then you, you know, open yourself up to other lawsuits or other assets being, being in question, you also don’t want to be over-insured. You don’t want to pay a premium and, And not ever have kind of a scenario where you would need that with your Water Damage Denver services.

I doubt most people are over-insured. Um, but I’m sure some really want to play it safe and they’ve got reasons in mind, but you just want it exactly. Right. And I know it can be a bit of a difficult thing to be an insurance agent. I don’t think anybody, anybody loves writing that check. Uh, but it’s, It’s an absolute necessity. So anyway, um, great talk really got a lot of insight into the kind of what he goes through on a day to day basis and ultimately, you know, what, what we’re always concerned about and what we always want to know with insurance agents is how can we ease some of your pain? What is it that would really help out if we were able to do what and just let them talk and let them share with us their pain points and, you know, see if there’s anything that we can do to possibly make their job easier.

So in a very reader’s digest version, um, this particular agent said, you know, I just kind of like to be informed on, I like to be kept up to date on what’s going on. I want the, I want the insured, I want our client to call the office. I want them to let us know if they have something that they’re considering making a claim on. Um, you know, and so they, they’re, they’re, they’re under the umbrella of a large agency and their clients very well could call the one 800 number, call the hotline and go that route. But then, you know, it’s, it’s something where, you know, the actual agency that, that writes their insurance policy, They don’t find out about that until, you know, maybe a little bit down the road. And what he was saying is I’d like to know about it as soon as possible.

And one reason it made total sense to me. He said, you know, um, just a few weeks ago we had a customer who had water damage Denver in their basement, and they got on the phone right away and called three or four restoration companies. They waited, they left messages. They did not get returned phone calls the next day he called the same thing. Wasn’t able to get ahold of anyone. And I think it was either the second or the third day, he got ahold of one company. And they said that they would, um, be able to get out to him like two or three days later. So at that point, we’re talking about, you know, five, maybe six days between the initial incident, the initial water damaged in Burr. And when someone was going to come out and take a look at it for the first time, there is a lot that can happen in six days, a time when moisture is present.

And those aren’t good things, those are bad things. All of those things are bad that can happen in six days. That’s why we always say, we need to get on these things immediately. They need to be dealt with in a very timely manner. Last week, I did a podcast on the job that we literally, there was no way we could get to until the next morning that happened in the afternoon. We couldn’t get to it that afternoon or night. We were just maxed out. We were beyond capacity. And our only opportunity was the next morning.

And we very, very, um, you know, painstakingly told the customer, you know, you should really reach out to other companies and see who can get there quicker, because we knew that they needed to be handled in a very timely manner. They did reach out and they were not able to get ahold of anyone either, either. So we ended up doing it the next morning, but literally a half-day later, you know, not even a 24 hours let alone six days, like, like this would happen. So what, what ended up transpiring is this guy went through two or three days of this nonsense. And he finally called, um, you know, the office that wrote his policy when it comes to the best Water Damage Denver around. And he said, Hey, guys, just want to let you know, I have got water damaged Denver in my basement with the top Water Damage Denver company. And I have tried to get some companies out there. I can’t get anybody to either answer the phone or call me back or, you know, get out here, you know, kind of soon. And he said, well,

Okay. And he gave our name and number for this guy to call. And we were out there within a couple of hours to take care of it for him. And so I think that this, this agent’s point was that if they will just call me, I can put them in touch with you. I know you’re going to answer the phone. I know you’re going to return a message. I know you’re going to get out there quickly. And it makes me look good on the alternative. If they call the one 800 number and they, um, you know, don’t get any luck with, you know, the company is, I don’t know, or they just start calling random water, damaged timber companies and don’t get any response it’s like, that can make us look bad. If people that are on, you know, our potential vendor list on the one 800 number or, or whatever that it’s not responded to quickly with your Water Damage Denver options.

But if they call me, I can put them directly in touch with bigfoot restoration. And I know that they will be handled very, very promptly and professionally, and that makes him look good. It makes him, uh, look very, very, um, involved, and interested in each one of his clients. And it just gives him one more opportunity to shine. And the name of the game with insurance agents is retaining business. So, you know, those policies come up for renewal every year and you know, those guys want to do anything and everything to make sure that you don’t feel the need to shop your policy somewhere else. So every opportunity that they have to, you know, step up to the plate and be a part of the process when it comes to a claim and makes sure everything gets handled properly, the better for them. Um, And that’s exactly the way it’s gone with that referral that he sent over to us. We got out there very quickly. We got everything dried out from his water damage, Denver project very efficiently. And we are in the real rebuild phase now, and it’s coming together quite nicely with your Water Damage Denver services.

So what kind of an answer that I wasn’t expecting, but again, um, that is why we want to know from each customer, each referral source, each insurance agent, what is it that really makes a world of difference to you? What can we do to just make, you know, the process go smoother? And in his case, he just said, just keep me in the loop. Give me an idea of what you guys think you’re going to do, which what needs to be done, keep me informed along the way. Um, you know, give me any updates you think I might need to know about and give me the opportunity to be kind of a part of the process so that my customer knows that I care and that I’m doing everything I can to get them back to normal. And, um, you know, but the water damage, Denver job in the rearview mirror. So if you are an insurance agent or you just appreciate, um, the type of approach from water damaged Denver company, that would do everything it could to customize the experience for you, then please consider bigfoot restoration repair. We would love to be your water damage, Denver contractor of choice. You can find us in many different ways. And until then, when you do have a question or a problem are we the hope you stay safe.