Water damage Denver friends. What is going on? Hope you are doing well. Hope you are dry. Hope you are happy. Got a little office time today. So I want to, I want to reflect on kind of some of some of the things that people are experiencing. You know, just as typical everyday ordinary people. That’s a song I think. Um, but uh, people face water damage, Denver nightmares every day and um, like we’ve talked about a bunch, a bunch of bunch. When it happens to you, it feels like you are, you’re on an Island by yourself. Um, you know, you’re, you’re just, uh, you’re isolated. It’s rough. It’s, it can feel helpless sometimes. So we’re going to take some time to just make sure we understand and remind ourselves that these are things that happen. Whether or not you protect yourself against it or not. Um, systems fail, pipes break, sewers back up. It happens and it’s more of a reactionary thing. Are you prepared to react? Are you, do you have numbers in place, professionals in place to come out and spring to action? Is your insurance proper? Are you properly covered? Do you have a good relationship with your broker? Can you call them for questions? All these different things. But let’s just take a minute and let’s start with

businesses. We talk a lot about residential, um, losses coming home from the weekend, finding a ton of water damage. Denver in the basement from a broken pipe and over flowing toilet, something like that. But here is, and this is off the internet, so this is not my,


My own re, um, these aren’t my own stories, but, uh, wanted to just share a little bit of this with you. So this says three water damage nightmares businesses can face. So it says, as a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your indoor environment clean and secure. When your building’s interior is well maintained, your employees will work comfortably and your clients will feel relaxed when navigating your establishment. Nevertheless, you can still encounter several emergencies that will put your business on halt. That paragraph is perfection. As business owners, we all try to do everything we can to make sure we’re offering a healthy indoor environment both for our employees and for people that come in and um, visit us in our places of business. From time to time. You want it to be a place that is calm, you want it to smell good, you want it to be a place that people just want to hang out and aren’t stressed out for one reason or another. So the guy continues, it says a large problem that you might come across is commercial water damage Denver. It can be caused by a variety of issues and these could result in anything from a leaking pipe to an overflowing toilet to whatever. But handling any kind of water related problem is a pain. But when you know, the category of the type of water damage that you are experiencing recovering from the aftermath will be easier, easier.

So this is interesting. This is someone saying no, the different kind of water damage that can occur. I like it. It’s good to, you know, even for somebody that literally could care less about the water damage Denver industry, it’s good to know the types of things that you could run into and how to respond accordingly. So this person continues, they say category one is what they call clean water and they call this the least hazardous of the three types of water damage. Yup, that is true. So they say this is because the cat one water is clean at the source. Typical plumbing issues that can cause this sort of thing would include sink overflows and burst water lines. Cat one brings the least amount of property damage and is easiest to remedy. Is that true? We’ll talk about that in just a second. But it says, however, if you’re unable to deal with the water damage within 24 hours, it can escalate to category two.

That is the sentence that I wanted to happen. Maybe not exactly in those terms. There is no saying that you know a certain amount of time passes or doesn’t pass for it to potentially turn a category two there can be other factors. Some people wanted to put a definitive timeline on it. Obviously these people have, um, but I, it’s not a hard 24 hours automatically. Category one to category two could happen sooner, could not take quite as long, could take longer. They continue, they call category two gray water. So let’s see what they mean by that. Category two water damage may contain pathogens and microbes that are dangerous to your health. It’s your best choice to not consume it. Yeah, true. The most common sources of this type of water loss include dishwashers that malfunction, aquariums that leak or overflow, uh, some pumps that fail or backup, um, overflows that come from toilets with no solid waste.

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So there again, I, I always think it’s interesting as know you get information from different resources, um, how people characterize different categories. And in general, I would say that I agree with, um, with most of what, um, is described here as a category two loss. Um, could give more information, could be a little bit more specific, but I understand they’re probably wanting to keep it simple. And so I don’t have a real problem with what was talked about for category two. So let’s move on to category three, which they term black water. Interesting. Let’s see what they say. So they say that cat three is the worst type of water damage. So it requires immediate attention. Well that’s true, but all really do require immediate attention. Uh, so not, not sure that I would make that, um, that I would choose that sentence. But anyways, it says the water in this category is heavily contaminated and contains pathogens that can cause severe illness or even caused death.

Children, individuals, children and individuals with weak immune systems should stay away from any sort of structure that is damaged by category three loss. These sorts of causes can include sewage, um, toilet overflows that happen to have, um, some floaties or solid waste inside of them. Uh, certain types of floods, other sorts of losses, uh, natural disasters, things like that. And that those are all true as well. Um, category three, the whole point. Um, the underlying issue with category three is that as what is considered grossly contaminated. So category three can be a fresh water leak that goes into a basement where the carpet and pad is heavily saturated in urine. Maybe the people don’t care, they let their dogs go down there and there’s maybe just all sorts of urine in the carpet and the pad. Perhaps there’s even, um, fi fi fecal matter, you know, down in the carpet as well. Well, when you introduce a ton of water into that atmosphere that is going to make that fresh water leak instantly, grossly contaminated. There’s no way that you want to deal with that in any other way than a professional manner. You need a water damage Denver company to come out immediately and start to mitigate that issue. Not something that you want to try to deal with from a homeowner perspective. Um,

so the, these people are suggesting that, um, when you know the type of water damage that you’re up against, you can really assess the situation real quickly and decide what the best approach is to handle the cleanup. And they’re saying, get your business back on track. So it’s, it’s fairly, um, you know, very, fairly similar

synonymous to what happens with the residents. Same thing with business. You have to act quick and you may even think of it as even a more timely matter because it may put your business down. Now a lot of people can function or maybe have another place to stay when a water damage Denver situation occurs inside their home. However, when it happens in your place of business, that may mean some very, very serious things. Do you have to shut things down? Do you have to, um, can you operate from a different location? Um, is it going to be in lost income? It could be a rough one. So

you have to decide very quickly what you’re going to do. Now when you do decide how to handle the cleanup, um, there’s, there’s a bunch of things to consider with that as well. So, um, you know, as you know, uh, in addition to water damage, Denver services, we all also AF offer restoration from smoke and fire losses as well. And you know, when these sorts of things happen, the primary goal is just to say stay safe. It should be, um, you know, really belongings and in different sorts of things though it should be kind of secondary though shouldn’t really matter. It is super important that everybody is out of there and is safe first. But once kind of things have happened and it’s a reality of, you know, the damage that’s been done and everyone knows the extent of the damage. Um, you know, there’s a lot of decisions to be made as far as how that is going to be cleaned up. If things are restorable. Um, you know, what kind of insurance you have, coverage, deductible, all those things. So, um,

you know, D depending on what your answers are to those questions, um, you know, there’s a lot of different things that need to be looked at and you know, the, this is something that a good water damage Denver fire damage Denver company can help with. But, um, you know, just a few things would be stuff, you know, content that can be salvaged. If there’s any electrical or plumbing repairs that need to be made. Um, is there any reconstruction that’s gonna need to be got done? Smoking cert removal. Is there any, anything debris wise, um, structurally that needs to be repaired or demo to be completely rebuilt? Is there any sort of structural drying or anything, um, that needs to be done to get the property dry? Are there, do you need board up service? Do you need, um, you know, things to be, uh, really kind of set up for some major work to be done?

Do you need, um, things fenced off? Is there a liability on the property that you need? Totally kind of quarantine so that some major things can be done and you don’t have to worry about the public coming in and potentially injuring themselves and maybe putting another lawsuit on your hands. So, um, you know, we want people to have peace of mind. We want them to be able to, um, leave some of the heavy lifting and decision making to the water damage. Denver company of choice. Hopefully that’s big foot restoration for you. Obviously our main goal is to communicate with the homeowner to, you know, include them on anything that they need to be a part of. Um, you know, obviously we’re not going to keep, keep them out of the loop if there’s something that they need to know about and need to make a decision about. So anyway, just a quick little blurb about a bunch of things to consider with any, you know, water damage, Denver situation that you might have. We never want you to have to deal with this, but you know, God forbid you have a flood or something of that type. We want you to feel comfortable with having big foot restoration as your go to contractor. So, uh, we will be back with you soon with some more tips and tricks, but until then, you stay safe.