Hello, welcome. A big foot restoration repair where we cover going to talk about some water damage Denver jobs that we’ve done recently. Um, previously we’ve done a part a few water losses. Um, everyone is always different. Um, this particular water damage, never job, I’ll go over today. Um, was one that, uh, was in a master bathroom. Um, the homeowner noticed there was the, in their kitchen underneath the master bathroom had water marks and it actually started dripping water through the drywall so they knew something was going on there. Um, so we got the call came in, used our infrared camera on this. Um, take a look at the severity of the damage. Um, just from the positioning and everything. We knew we had to do something with the master bathroom shower there. It was directly underneath that. So sometimes there’s a pan can fail that they, uh, they build this as all new construction house, but somebody had just, um, lived in this, uh, water damage Denver job for only a couple months.

Um, so sometimes the pan can fail. That’s been, uh, an issue with this particular builder as well as sometimes the drain itself, um, an elbow or something like that could be leaking. So we figured it was one of these two things, but we knew we had to then cut a pretty good size hole in the master. I mean in the, uh, the, the kitchen area there to, to expose everything. Um, so on this water damage ever job, that’s what we did. We cut probably a five by five area in the kitchen. Um, fortunately there was no installation on this and we could directly see the drainage, um, from the shower and kind of what was going on there. Nothing though was a really obvious, I mean we knew there was watermarks right above it on the framing, everything like that. Um, we just didn’t know is it the drain or was it something else?

So, and that, when that happens, we then we’ll just do some testing. So we may, uh, run water, we may pour water down the drain, something like that. So, um, on this particular one we thought that it’s just turn on the shower, see if we see anything and how long it takes, stuff like that. So on this water damage Denver job with that. So we did, we turned on the shower, um, instantly the drain had a, um, a cracked pipe that we just couldn’t see. It was on the inside of that and the water just started pouring out right away. So sometimes the plumbing company can install these, maybe a hairline crack that over time gets worse. And that’s what we suspect it happened here. So unfortunately we knew right away this is what the problem was. Um, so it was a crack pipe in that the downfall is, um, they had little bit of bumps in the pan, um, which was odd.

It wasn’t coming through, but they were like five, six bumps on the shower floor. So, uh, the homeowner acids being that we had it open and we could see from underneath what we thought it was. So, um, sometimes when these plumbing companies use these, uh, the plumbing lines, they will use brackets to hold them. So this individual, um, on these brackets had screwed up and they use longer screws in what was necessary. So these were puncturing the pan itself, not necessarily going through it went on this water damage Debra job. We clearly saw that the five and we knew right away what, what was causing this pan to have just a little bit about a puncture or a push up, almost like a bubble in the plastic of the pan. I’m sticking through the floor. So they just thought maybe that was how it was designed.

But once we saw that these brackets were being screwed in underneath there, you had to screw them in somewhere or they just use too long of screws in order to do this. So they went ahead and screwed all the way through the sub floor into the shower pan itself. So on this water damage Denver job, the only way to fix that then was to remove the shower pan and put a new one in these eventually. Um, just over time we’d probably break down this shower pan, um, for a new house. It’s certainly not fair to the new homeowner to, to not say anything or to say, Oh, I don’t know what it is. So we’re an honest company. Big foot restoration, certainly, um, gets paid by the company that called us, but we want to work on behalf of the homeowners. Well, and point out what happened, what needs to get done and what we can do to rectify this.

So, um, brought this up to the contractor of this is what happened. Um, ultimately it falls back on the plumbing company. Um, and it’s a, it’s a costly error, but it’s something that, uh, has to be fixed to be fair to the purchaser of the home. And, uh, so what we had to do though, was to break out in order to get to shower pan, it was a head tile going around it. So in this water damage, never job, we had to break up about three feet of tile or three tile squares. These were one foot by one foot. So we had to break that all up in order to unscrew the pan itself. They have, uh, edges that, uh, with holes that they screw into the sub floor. Are they framing and stuff like that. So these mostly were screwed into the framing. So in order to gain access to that, we had to break up these tiles.

Water Damage Denver | If The Leak Is Coming From Up Top?

So that’s what we did. Broke it all around, had to remove the shower door, a glass shower door. So this water damage Denver job, um, what first started out as just a, a leak in the ceiling turned into quite a project for us. Um, cutting that a hole in the ceiling and then, uh, ripping up that shower pan and removing all of the shower walls is, I mean the shower glass door and then, uh, it had a shower seat in there as well. That had to be, um, not the framing of the seat, but all of the tile on this particular water damage Denver job had to be removed as well. So it put them out of commission on using that shower even though that the fix from underneath would have been pretty easy and quick. And then they could have started using it. It was these five little indentations that were coming up that caused a big root of an issue on this water damage deputy job.

So once we did that, we set up a containment around, um, the framing was still pretty wet, uh, from where this water came down. So even though the drywall was removed, the framing was still wet. So we went ahead and set up a containment and then put our dehumidifier inside that containment. Uh, this would, uh, anytime you use any equipment, it creates quite a bit of energy and heat and so when you can contain it and isolates this heat to the effected areas. So that’s what we did there. We anticipated two to three days with the dehumidifier, but we would check every day. Um, we could get our moisture reader right on the framing itself using a ladder to get up in there. And we were able to at least see our progress from day the first 24, first 48 hours and stuff like that. So shower pans out, everything out, tile cleaned up, simply was a whole now to the, uh, did the drain plumbing, which will get replaced the next day.


And so it was a simply just drying out that framing. They could, uh,

go ahead and replace that. They’re going to have to then replace these brackets. All right. Hold up the plumbing lines as well. So put in new screws and everything like that. So, um, plumbing company had a little bit of work to do to, to rectify that. So it came back day two, uh, made some huge progress on that. Um, went from 100% or 99% wet down to 40 within a day. So our goal is get it down into the 20s there with framing. So everything has moisture. And with this water damage Denver job, uh, the framing had some moisture in it as well, but more severe than, um, what we could. So even 40, um, seems pretty low. It needed to get down about another half of that. So we went ahead and left everything as is a, the plumbing company to hold off one more day. We felt confident that that next day, that full 48 hours, everything would be dry. It’s just slows things down when you have somebody working in there and even though you have


A zipper too, as a doorway that they could gain access to. Um, usually they leave him open and stuff like that and we lose all of our, our energy or heat that we’ve created in there. So they said they would wait one more day for us or two if need be, and then we would call them and let them know it’s good to, to go in there and fix everything. I’m coming back on this water damage Denver job day, two day, three of 48 hours of our drying equipment. Everything was dry and was in within our normal limits there. Uh, we felt real happy with everything. Uh, very happy with how things dried out

very, uh, rapidly there and, and everything we left to containment up because we know the drywallers are gonna do some sanding and texturing and all that and it’s going to make a mess. So I want to leave that up, contain everything to the, that small area that’s going to be repaired rather than kind of this dust scattering throughout the house. So, um, that was it for us on this particular water damage. Denver job, uh, two days, one day of demolition, two days of a dehumidifier, containment wall put up and everything was dry within 48 hours. So if you have any other issues, if you see leaking in the ceiling of your house, anything like dad gives a call, we can usually troubleshoot it pretty rapidly and get things dried out in a timely fashion. So just remember, big foot restoration repair.