Friends, family, esteemed guests, good to be with you today. Big Foot restoration repair coming at you live from Denver, Colorado. And it’s always good to have a not so serious chat on these little podcasts of gold that we like to do often as often as we can. So much of the time what we deal with is pretty serious, pretty emotional and um, you know, it’s life changing. It really is. It’s something that, um, you know, oftentimes kind of scars people. Um, it, it messes with their livelihood, their vitality, and, um, just the way they operate on a day to day basis in one, once a family or an individual has gone through water damage Denver or a fire, you know, some sort of major fire that’s may be destroyed, their home, a lot of their possessions. Life just sometimes isn’t the same. And it’s not that people can’t rebound and recover and move on, but there’s always just that little little pocket of your mind that, uh, you know, kind of reflects back to, to going through that and hopefully, you know, not losing anything but stuff.

That’s always the main key. So, um, we have a great time of year coming up. Tons of sports going on right now. We’ve got the NBA playoffs, the Nhl playoffs, got baseball in full swing. We also have the NFL draft coming up and uh, it’s crazy how, you know, really football games go from about September to January. Then you got, you know, I guess now they’ve stretched the playoffs so far into the year that they technically play, um, the Superbowl in February. But really, you know, those, there’s only, I guess technically 18 weeks, 16 games, real games. And that is it. The rest of the year is all about what just happened in the football season or what’s going to happen the next football season. In this time of the year. It’s all about who is going to get drafted, what’s the positioning going to be like, what teams need to improve upon from a position standpoint for depth.

Um, it’s interesting. And what a, what an industry. It’s become that, um, you know, seasoned that’s so kind of relatively short, can literally be a year round thing. Uh, just watched the, uh, I don’t even know what the name of the, the League was, but some semi, well, I guess they call it a professional league, but compared to NFL standards, Semipro league tried to go and literally I’ll ask it about four or five games and they had to declare bankruptcy. So NFL is king. That product, that brand is unlike any other. And A, we’ve got a whole bunch of lives of young men that are about to change as they get drafted in the NFL. So for those that we’re blessed with, you know, the genetic lottery of being able to have size and just be able to pack muscle onto their, their bodies and have it hold up, uh, the speed, the agility, the skill, the knowledge, um, the ability to, um, think quickly to retain knowledge, to study, hard to implement that and execute on, on Game Day.

It’s insane. And, you know, quite frankly, it’s something that I wished that, Water Damage Denver , perhaps I would have ever had the experience to, to understand how that worked. I always wanted to play football. And I was a little kid and literally told, uh, I think I was in sixth grade, I think we went to visit the University of Colorado at Boulder. And, um, the tour, the tour gal was taken us around a bunch of 12 year olds around to the different, um, centers where they studied science and maybe their history centers or whatever. And, uh, you know, she started asking the kids what they wanted to do, what they’re interested in, and then she introduced this, um, thought of majoring and minoring and a, so I’m listening to all the kids go around and tell her, tell her what they wanted to do, what they might want to major in, minor in.

And it came to me and I said, um, yeah, I will, um, I’ll be majoring in football and I’ll be minoring in basketball. And she just rolled her eyes at me and thought I was completely out of my mind. I thought it was a real thing. I thought, why not? That’s what I’m passionate about. That’s what I want to do. Uh, so yeah, just sign me up for, uh, majoring in football. Well that did not, um, quite materialize and I came to find out you can’t do that. And as a five, 10, um, young white man that kind of has the same body type as well just about it seems like the majority of people out there, there’s nothing special about what I would be able to bring to the table. And a, I did fine in high school sports and even played some college athletics, but I’m certainly have never been, um, just the super fast kid or you know, just somebody that can out a outperform anybody on a given field, so to speak.

So anyway, I found myself into the cleaning and restoration industry and it, it, uh, it served me well. I’m, I’m very happy and pleased that this is, um, the direction that um, my life went. And there’s a lot of opportunity out there. And as a growing company, big foot always offers the potential opportunity for quality individuals. And, um, you know, thinking about the draft and how, how the, the courses of many of these young men’s lives are going to change here shortly. They probably have known for awhile that there they were going to be professional football players or at least have the opportunity. So it probably didn’t, isn’t coming to any big surprise to them, but in effect they’re, they’re going to be drafted and they will have to interview for a job and they’ll have to perform and they’ll have to continue to perform and they’ll have to show up to work on time and they’ll have to deal with their superiors, ask them to and so on and so forth. Just like pretty much the rest of us do every single day. Or um, you know, kind of how, how, um, yeah, same sort of experience when we go to look for a job or certainly try to look for a promotion or something like that. So we

have a, a real high standard that we set at big foot Water Damage Denver restoration. You know, it’s an industry that we feel needs to be taken very seriously. That people that, uh, would be working alongside us as partners would need to really understand that this isn’t just, um, a place that we think is, um,

oh, a place where you can just come in, bunch of client time clock, put in your eight hours, punch out and re, you know, rest and repeat the next day. We believed greatly in a work life balance and we want people to enjoy their families, enjoy their hobbies and enjoy their free time. But we also want folks that are completely invested into our vision, into what we do, into what bigfoot is, what it can be, what it will be. And uh, you know, that certain individual’s role and, um, in that process, and it is not anything that we, we would ever want, you know, somebody to think this is just a one sided thing. Um, man, we love to, uh, you know, provide what we think is a great opportunity for potential employee and everybody’s different. So, um, job requirements, job stature, everything that goes along with, um, the responsibilities and daily duties, you know, may change from individual to individual.

But, um, if somebody comes to us and they just have the, the desire to learn to have a good attitude, they could very well being incredibly successful in this industry. Uh, they don’t need to come for, from, uh, some heavy duty dose of uh, water damage Denver smoke, fire restoration background don’t need to have, you know, six certifications when it comes to mold and microbial re remediation. As a matter of fact, sometimes when people have experience in a certain area have done it a certain way at a given company, um, there’s a lot of about bad habits that can be learned and so we’re not opposed to one or the other. Sometimes experience as great. A lot of times we can kind of get, get down the trail so to speak with somebody that does understand what we’re talking about. And um, you know, doesn’t need a lot of the early technical training that another person might have or might need.

But I’m by no means is water damage Denver, um, a requirement, a roter Water Damage Denver restoration or a experience in the restoration or mitigation field, a, a requirement for you to work at bigfoot what we want. And we do have it listed on our website, but we want people that are demanding on themselves. Um, and you know, not in a crazy super, um, you know, hyper micromanagement type way. But, um, we just appreciate folks that hold themselves to a standard and a won’t allow them selves to, um, to go below that bar that they set from the selves. Because once you set the bar for yourself, others are going to see that it’s going to be a natural trait of leadership. And it’s typically something that people gravitate towards and that they really, um, they really get behind. So that’s something that we appreciate and it gets pretty simple.

You know, we just need people that can say, I’m sorry, that can say please, that can say thank you. You know, basically that can be congenial, that can act like a normal, um, human being that can be conversational and, um, you know, empathetic. Obviously in the type of work we do, you can imagine, um, the types of major water damage Denver situations that people come crossed, um, late at night, coming back from a vacation, whatever. And, uh, not only do we need to respond in a prompt manner, but we also need to be able to be a shoulder to lean, lean on and be, um, you know, perhaps the calm to the storm. So empathy goes a long way. And if that’s a natural, you know, ability or personality trait that you have there, again, just a huge, huge plus, um, beyond the technical work that we do and the certifications that, you know, we feel like every company needs to have.

But certainly the Water Damage Denver ones that we have and, you know, just the street smarts that go along with, uh, with the day to day, um, scenarios that we come across. We, um, we want people that know how to work hard and play hard as well. So, uh, we do a lot of team building stuff outside of the workplace. We’d love to get together and get to know each other on a personal basis. Um, learn, uh, learn about people’s families, about, you know, their interests, their hobbies, their passions, and, you know, sometimes just during the typical work day, there’s not a ton of time to do that stuff. So we love, love, love getting out and about and doing things that, um, you know, just kind of build teamwork and build, um, build community, build friendship, build a partnership, you know, between each other but also in the company as well.

So it’s true, you know, when, when, when a, when somebody off the clock, we don’t want them to be thinking necessarily about water damaged and bear. We don’t want them to be thinking about, um, we don’t want their mind to be consumed necessarily with, you know, a loss that we’ve been working on for a few days now and what’s going, going on tomorrow. We, we believe that, you know, for, we’re doing our job right throughout the day, we’re going to be unwinding at the end of the day. We’re, we’ll be setting things up to be ready to roll the next morning and then there’ll, there’ll be that time, you know, the following morning to go ahead and I’m just double check and make sure that everything has been accounted for and we’re ready to have a successful day. So kind of a kind of a tough one to get too specific on in just a short podcast, but um, perhaps we’ll do another one again in the future that there may be, you know, a little bit more of the technical or some of the positions that uh, we are constantly looking to fill.

But until we do that in general, if you are someone or if you know someone that is interested in the workplace, that’s respectful, that’s respectable, that has a great reputation, that believes in that work life balance and is very, very demanding on ourselves and each other and not again in a bad way, not in some super, you can never achieve, you know, the standard type thing. But, um, if you know somebody that is just very self aware and understands, um, who they are and what they can bring to the table, people that have great attitudes and, um, are, are able to just kind of roll with the punches because certainly that is a product of our reality on a day to day basis. Please, uh, please get us in touch. We, we have our, our phone number seven two zero five, seven five foot and foot is three, six, six eight on the touchstone.

Uh, we have email If you want to find out more about how we operate Water Damage Denver, the way we work, we’d, uh, we’d appreciate that opportunity. In general, we conduct interviews once a week. We start those interviews at seven 30 in the morning. If that’s too early for you, if that just doesn’t work, it’s okay. We understand there might be a better opportunity somewhere else, but we, uh, we have commitments that we need to get to and we need to get to them promptly in the morning. So we start our meetings at seven 30, uh, for our interviews, and we promptly wrap them up at eight 15. And we do that once a week. So it’s every week. It’s, um, something that we’re always on the continual hunt for positive, motivated people. And, uh, I feel like we will always continue that. We’ll always have opportunities for good, solid people that share the big foot vision. So we’ll get a little more specific down the road. But for today, if you’re interested in becoming bigfoot, please get in touch and tell, then you take care.