Good morning water damage Denver friends, good to be with you for a short and sweet big foot podcast of go. Ooh. Yeah. So I’m glad you’re here with me. We here at our humble water damage Denver company. We take motivation from a number of different places. We’ve talked about beating, being internally motivated, looking at ourselves as our true competition, deciding each and every day if we truly want to execute on being the best water damaged Denver company that we can be. And we take that sort of thing very seriously as you probably have gathered,


probably, um, have a hard time staying real, real serious and real mature a lot of time. I don’t know if any of you have that issue, that problem, uh, essentially being a 12 year old trapped in a 40 year old body. But uh, I’ll be the first in that line to admit that. Uh, yeah, that’s me. I wish I was 12 again, kind of not completely, but what I do want to do for you today is just give you a nice little compact list and kinda kinda go a little off the cuff in the musical realm.

Let’s just talk about the types of songs that can be incredibly motivating for a water damage Denver company. Try to put a fairly accurate timestamp on, on these for you. I don’t know that I, my memory, my memory is definitely not that of a 12 year olds. I’m not sure if a 12 year old’s memory is good or not, but uh, sometimes I think I have a memory like crazy that I can remember stuff. My wife certainly teases me about putting, uh, anniversary dates on things that, you know, probably aren’t that I can tell you that one year ago today we were probably in, uh, British Columbia, Vancouver, and I don’t know, I just remember times of the year dates, things like that that may or may not hold any relevance. I do my best to remember those dates that in something, birthdays, anniversaries, so on, but TLCs waterfall, Oh yeah. Don’t go chasing them. They lead to a no, no, no. Please keep to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.

You know, when I picture what TLC truly meant in that song, uh, undoubtedly they meant that, um, you shouldn’t flood your basement. Uh, I don’t know exactly how they came up with the metaphor of waterfalls, rivers and lakes as it relates to water damage, Denver issues. But they did. There’s no doubt. Um, I wish Lisa left. I Lopez was here to, uh, expand on, on the genius of those lyrics. But, um, yeah, we appreciate years later their salute to the water damage Denver industry by, by making a song. Actually, it was a really popular song. Um, you know about not, you know, forgetting to turn off the faucet, uh, overflowing your bath tub, having a waterfall in your home. Let’s see what else. I was thinking about these earlier and now, now it seems like they’re flooding. Um, um, you know, I, I don’t know the artist saying this, but you know, I, I appreciate ’em. I appreciate the sentiment. The gentleman that has the chorus like a bridge over troubled water.

Again, clearly it, it, it may not come across like this too to some, but I think to most people, the underlying message there is to, you know, build your house above water. Don’t, um, don’t allow, don’t build your house right in the middle of a river. Uh, especially troubled rivers, um, rivers that aren’t so troubled. Um Hmm. Think about it. But troubled waters, troubled rivers, don’t build your house and then turn around and say, Oh, river runs through my house. As you can see, there are other, not only musical but cinematic, uh, artistic efforts that have been made to address the water damage. Denver a concern.

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What else do we have? Let’s see. Water, um, Waterworld here’s, there’s another cinematic, uh, experience. Not sure that it was a great one, but, um, you know, I don’t know if anybody’s, but he caught the prequel to Waterworld, but that act, the whole, that whole problem started from,

from a toilet overflow on the third story of a condominium. You may or may not have gathered that they, um, you know, kind of went off in another direction for the, for the majority of that film, but it’s true. And why they were dressing up in those kind of more primal, uh, outfits and acted like they were kind of old, old world. I think that was just, um, you know, probably what they had in their closets as they, you know, got out of there and obviously we’re more interested in saving themselves then, you know, gathering all their, their favorite possession. So they just grabbed their, you know, most immediate clothes that they had and suited up and got out of there just in the Nick of time. And thankfully there were some ships nearby that allowed them to escape certain death from that toilet overflow. And this is before Bigfoot existed. So we were not able to be considered as the water damage Denver company of choice. And certainly whoever was called didn’t do a very good job. The whole earth flooded. Um, and that would be a big insurance claim. So, um, yeah, I won’t, uh, I won’t out the company that messed up on that one.

Oh my goodness. Why am I struggling for water damage Denver songs on this beautiful morning? Maybe it’s just a touch too early. I don’t know. Water,


love the water. Um, huge brain block here. Struggling. Well, I would love a healthy list of water related songs that I can go ahead and add to my Spotify account. Clearly I need to up my game. Um, I literally came up with one song, maybe two, and I know I have a ton more than that. This is a travesty. This is really embarrassing. And, um, I guess I’ll promise I’ll make it a point to heavily research

jobs that are committed to educating the public about water damage and how they can avoid that by tuning into the big foot restoration podcast of gold, but also reaching out to that same company as their water damage Denver company of choice. Should they ever have a loss? We sure hope they don’t. But, um, you know, in the time of need, like we always say, we’re here when you need us and we want you to trust that big foot will deliver on a, an amazing water damage Denver experience. We know that it’s a hassle. We know that it’s a big inconvenience in, in a family’s life and an individual’s life, but we want to do our best to help make that as smooth as a transition as possible. Seven, two zero five seven five foot three six, six, eight is how you get ahold of us by phone. If you would like to talk about water related songs, water related movies, water related, screenplays, anything that you’d like to discuss, water damage, timber related, we’d be happy to entertain that conversation. But until you make that phone call, you stay safe.