Hey there, water damage Denver friends, family and we’ll go ahead and welcome in our enemies and competitors today too. But a special extra special invitation today goes out to not only our Water Damage Denver friends and family but also to our inner galactic friends as well. Yup. Our Water Damage Denver alien friends, our extra terrestrial buddies that apparently are hanging out in our skies and in our atmosphere. And so those of you that are a beaming in from outer space listening to the bigfoot restoration repaired podcast of gold. Welcome. I don’t know if you speak English, I don’t know if this translates into your syntax or language, but one of all can you, so check this out. This is a, this is what I read on a pretty reputable, I guess you would say what is reputable anymore when it comes to media, but a pretty interesting article where a navy, uh, leader, I guess you would say somebody that’s pretty prominent, pretty high up in the navy, was expressing his views publicly. His concerns publicly about our apparent and pending situation with creatures and aircraft from not of this world I guess is how he, he described it. Um,


area 51, I’m sure everybody knows about all sorts of little documentaries and um, shows of conspiracy and different things have been around for a long time. And so quite honestly, I don’t keep up on the UFO alien talk, the, the chatter when it comes to that.


the way that this gentleman puts, puts things out there. We, we have known about these sorts of things for quite a while now. According to him, it’s never been a matter of do they exist, do they not? Now the concern is that it’s posing a bit of a safety infrastructure threat, um, safety threat with respect to apparently his navy pilots who have almost come in contact with these UFOs. And so

he’s real concerned. He, he needs, um, he needs the answers. He needs a, he needs some, some promises that, that these things are going to be addressed. They’re going to be taken care of because according to him, uh, number one, the, again, he, he wants to put to rest the, the idea that, oh, you know, it could be something from another country that is kind of a uh, project and just looks differently than anything that we’ve seen or whatever. I guess. Uh, he was saying it, it’s just there’s just no way these things are, are made of anything that we would have access to here on earth. That just the way they look, the aesthetic, the way they perform. I think he, uh, said something along the lines that they had estimated these things moving when they did move at about 5,000, 5,000 miles an hour.

So yeah, we have some aircraft and some different things that move very, very quickly, but probably don’t get into the 5,000 mile per hour range. I guess there, again, don’t keep myself abreast of those things, but, um, he, he described a couple of these objects that his pilots had seen. Um, one guy said that it was, it looked like a sphere type object in cased in a cube. So, not typically something you would think is super aerodynamic, but that’s the way the, the gentleman described this, uh, this one unit. And so you’ve got these spheres and cased in cubes flying around our skies at 5,000 miles an hour. So, uh, his, one of his main concerns is that apparently his navy air vessels have almost collided with these units on multiple occasions. But I guess what he promoted as maybe even a bigger concern is why are, why are they here? What, what do they want? What are they trying to figure out? Why aren’t they communicating with us as a standard? They are violating airspace that, you know, there’s international treaties where rules and regulations are clearly defined and whether or not these things are up this role or not, they’re still violating these things or that are in place. So


yeah, I mean, I don’t know. It’s interesting. Um, good luck with communicating with your little alien friends, I guess. Um, maybe we could send them a few copies of road Rosetta stone and, um, and you know, breach some barriers there. But yeah, I don’t know what the, uh, the approach would be. And so I’ll just leave that to the experts and um, and we will see so that that’s just our, our little company, um, olive branch being extended to, you know, we want to be inclusive, we want to reach out, we want everybody to feel welcome, to listen to and hopefully get valuable information in some form or fashion from these podcasts that we do. And I suppose that there could be at some point in the future, a need for a little eet guy. You know, perhaps they have a Water Damage Denver situation and they need, they need to feel like they have a company that they can reach out to that will keep their best interests in mind. So whether a human or not a human or however you want to describe yourself, if you have a Water Damage Denver situation, if you have a smoke smoke situation or if you’ve experienced a fire or a flood or are the victim of, of mold growth in your home, you’re more than welcome to reach out to big foot restoration. We will be happy to help and get you back on your two feet or however many feet you have. So

there, there is


that, but there’s also kind of the, the seasonal weather that we’re dealing with here in, in Denver and in the metro area. I think a lot of the Midwest is experiencing it a lot more dramatically than we are. But um, we’ll, we’ll address this in one of the next podcasts or two about kind of what the seasonal weather means and why groundswell can start to be, um, something to consider and something to try to prepare for when we, when you have

the potential of pretty significant thunderstorms rainstorms every afternoon and evening, um, it can add up and there’s only so much moisture that the ground can accept before it’s got to go somewhere. And so we’ll hit on that, um, here, here shortly because it is a topic. Does your, it is something that is relative to this time of year and, and not only for our little community here, but you know, I think we’re, we’re pretty much spared from a lot of the big crazy stuff that happens. I think I understand that. You know, we did have a couple of different tornadoes, the touchdown, but it’s not really in the metro area. It’s more out on the eastern plains. And thankfully it’s usually in areas that doesn’t affect actual people, you know, residences as far as damaging structures or strength structures, things like that. So when you have severe weather, just like every other city, country, continent, but we have a pretty mild compared to most.

So, uh, in any case, this is going to be a short and sweet one. Today we, uh, we just wanted to reach out both to our human friends and those that are visiting from another planet, another galaxy, another star to reach out with any water damage Denver situations with any needs, with any concerns, with any questions, we will be your trusted resource to get you into a place where you can continue to live your best, healthiest, and safe life. That’s what we want to be. That’s who we want to be for our community, both near and far. So again, appreciate the support. Appreciate the ability to serve those that have encountered a water damage, timber situation and any other service that we offer. We will talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.