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so it’s officially summertime. The NHL playoffs are over, the NBA playoffs are over, everything’s said and done. NFL isn’t even doing anything right now. Many camps are over there, I should say OTAs are over many camps. Haven’t started kickoff in July. So we have baseball for a long time by itself, which is fun. But it’s a, it’s crazy when you go from having just tons and tons of sports to digest the game on every single night. Just fun to be able to check in on scores to literally nothing, but you should be out side in the summer anyway, not doing anything, um, screen wise, so that’s fine. But uh, I do love my playoff sports with a little bit of spring baseball mixed in and just have multiple, multiple games every night to flip through and see, see what’s going on.


so we’ll have even more chances to get on the waves here and throw some knowledge out and hopefully so water damage Denver people we


we are like most companies, a water restoration companies in, in that we have um, a healthy mix of the type of people that help us execute our jobs. And this subject kind of popped up this last week cause I was in a, a meeting where a gentleman was presenting that owns a painting company and he, he’s a great guy. He owns a great, great company, very reputable. I am getting ready to use this company to paint my house and he’s the, he’s the face of the company. He is the been always the one to meet with me. Uh, we’ve had a couple of networking meetings, um, one on one type things and just been around the guy a bunch for the last probably year and a half to two years. So I’ve always met with him. He’s always been the point of contact. He actually does have kind of a right hand gal and she’s fantastic too.

So I guess the two of them are the ones that, it’s always just a minute in my mind. Those are the two folks that if I ever had a question and needed anything, I would reach out to them. Never really popped into my mind that they’re not the ones that are painting. I mean, I knew that, I knew they weren’t going to show up with their paintbrush and roller to paint my house, but never crossed my mind like, who actually is doing this work? Um, I just didn’t think about it. They didn’t really care. It wasn’t something that was a big deal to me because I knew that these two individuals would, wouldn’t send anybody but the highest quality folks to my house to do painting. And I’m not talking about highest quality in that they all graduated from an Ivy League school and you know, had a fully diversified portfolio or something like that.

Just, you know, professional painters, professionals in their craft, able to prep well, do whatever they needed to do for the couple of repairs on my home and then get, get the painting done in a a good, timely quality manner. But in this meeting, in his presentation, he said that he gets asked the question all the time, you know, have your own, do you have your own crews? Do you have, you know, just a bunch of employees that, that or your pain or employees or do you subcontract? And he said, both, we have some great employees that do wonderful work. We also have a list of qualified subcontractors that we have execute the painting for us. So He’s, he made a great point. He said, you know, that’s the way you want it to be. There’s pluses and minuses, there’s benefits and there’s drawbacks to both.

There’s great employees out there and there’s employees that are not that great. They’re actually horrible. There some wonderful subcontractors that are eager and willing and qualified to help out. And there are some subcontractors that totally dropped the ball. So I just thought it was a phenomenal point that he made with respect to almost like don’t, don’t worry about it. I’ll, I’ll just call on the folks that I need to for any given job. And I put my name on the bottom of that invoice when I s you know, he’s, when he sends me the bill for his, for the painting job, it’s not going to have, you know, the six or seven or eight guys or gals that actually painted my home. It’s going to have his name with his company on the bottom and he’ll stand behind anything that’s done or not done and it’ll all get figured out and everything will be good at the end. So we have a lot of similarities when it comes to that. Uh, water damage Denver Buddies, same thing. We have some employees, we also reach out to some great, wonderful, highly skilled sub contractors and

we like it like that, you know, it’s, it’s perfect. Um, and I won’t necessarily go into all of the, the reasons that we operate. I think everybody, um, you know, it’s in our, especially in our industry, you know, we’re executing on a lot of fires, doing a lot of water damage Denver automotive jobs, things like that. And it kind of varies randomly what types of jobs come in. And I don’t think there’s necessarily a seasonality to our business except for probably water damage. Never. I mean you just expect a big snow storm potentially to freeze a pipe, you know, maybe a cold spell to freeze a pipe or you know, constant torrential rains to bring the, bring the craziness and you know, unfortunately drop some water damage Denver issues on folks and need to help in those situations. But typically, you know, you can’t really help or predict when a fire is going to happen in the metro area, just an accident.

It’s going to happen, you’re going to have a fire or smoke damage, those sorts of things. So to have just multiple employees that specialize in mold and that’s what they do. Or fire damage or water damage Denver, you know, you just might have a string of, of time that you just don’t, maybe have a lot of work for them. So in that case, when you are able to put together a list of highly reputable subcontractors, you can reach out to them. When you do have something, um, you know, a lot of, a lot of jobs come in, they’re relatively small, they’re getting relatively speaking. So, um, it’s something that maybe can get handled by somebody in our company pretty quickly, pretty easily. One man job, two man job, whatever. But there’s definitely those jobs that come up that need, you know, multiple individuals. And in that case it can’t be done in a house.

And so you need to have that list and we do have great subcontractors that you can say, Hey, we’ve got this situation, here’s our checklist, here’s everything that needs done. Um, I need you to, I need you to help out with this. Can you help? And they’re obviously either available or not. If they are wonderful, we’ll get right at it. If not, you, you move on to the next, next crew on your list. And it all works out. So it really is dependent on the situation. You know, you’ve got some massive water damage Denver flood in a commercial building that all sorts of material needs to be dried out, things need to be moved, a lot of demo needs to happen. That’s not happening with three or four or five or six or seven people. It’s, it’s going to be a pretty major effort because you want it done promptly.

You know, they’re not wanting five people to take three months to get the water damage Denver loss figured out and back for them to get back into their work. They want tons and tons of people on it immediately and they want to get back in there as soon as humanly possible. So both is the answer for us as well and probably will always be. And like this gentleman said from the painting company, that’s a good thing. There’s wonderful individuals as employees and there’s wonderful, wonderful individuals as subcontractors. So if that was a question that was on anybody’s mind, there you go. There’s some truth and yeah, that’s how we roll. So water damage. Denver friends is going to be a beautiful day. I’m going to hop off. We’re going to get some work done. I want you to stay safe, stay dry, stay an smoky and fiery, and have a wonderful one. If you do need us, our contact info is all over the place and our phone number is seven two zero five seven five foot. We are ready to roll when you need us. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a fire loss, a smoke situation, a moldy basement or a water damage Denver flood here to help. Seven two zero five seven five foot. Talk to you soon.