giving reasons why. It just simply hit, looks like mold, you know, we haven’t necessarily, we have nobody’s broken out and nobody’s had a reaction that just looks like it. And then you have the other side saying, oh no, it’s not, trust me, not, hey, we had everything tested, we had everything completely gone through and did an internal audit. And here’s our findings. So at that point, who, who, who do you trust or what, what do you think is the reality here? Um, and that’s pretty typical when it comes to mold. There’s a lot of misconceptions and a lot of mm kind of eyebrow raising as far as is it really a big deal? Is it something that we should truly be concerned about? And that’s where I’m going to tie in. Um, a water damage Denver call that came in this week with an individual that clearly had a problem and it wasn’t necessarily at her house, but it was at a house, uh, from someone that she was related to.

And she was being proactive or intending to be proactive by getting a hold of a water damage Denver Company and giving us the information that she had and asking for help. Uh, so as, as always, we, we hopped on it, we got over there as soon as we possibly could, uh, to look at their situation. And indeed they did have a situation. It wasn’t anything detrimental, but they did have a dishwasher that had been leaking on their main floor and had caused some damage to both the kitchen flooring and cabinets and then obviously gravity wise and took it down to the laundry room and storage room and the basement where were more damaged had been done. And as a, as a matter of fact, there was mold both visual and suspected. So obviously nobody wants to hear that news.

Nobody really wants to spend their hard earned money on tackling that issue. But when you go into a room and there’s visible visual mold growth on material and you spill your skin, start to get a little tingly and Itchy, that is not a good thing. And I would be happy to provide the science behind it, but for now, and to keep the, the brevity of the podcast, it’s just not a good thing. And the Gal that called us, she, again, not that she was excited to get this news, but she was accepting of it and there was a conversation there to be had. However, the other individual that it was actually her home, uh, there was no interest in getting the information. As a matter of fact, there was a very, uh, belligerent response to every, every suggestion that we made and everything that we saw, both quantifiable and qualifiable, um, there was very, very, uh, an adult like response and conversation there.

So unfortunately that’s not this just not a good fit for us as far as people that, um, that we want to work with. We want to help desperately anyone out that has a water damage Denver situation that has experienced some sort of mold in their home or workplace smoke, fire damage, anything like that. But there’s just, um, there’s a need and necessity for there to be a good positive working relationship. And if an individual simply doesn’t trust the information that a professional is giving them and not just opinions but facts and is willing to, to show them through and explain and, and do anything necessary to, to gain that trust and to gain that understanding that we’re not just making stuff up here, that this is what needs to be attended to, this as the water damage Denver, uh, lost that has occurred. And here’s the mold that’s occurred as a result and you called us out to identify and suggest remedies. And if that’s the case, then at a minimum we need to be able to make those suggestions and make those professional, um,


statements without,

without, uh, being put in a very uncomfortable situation. So, uh, whether or not these folks are going to come to an understanding that they do have, um, a pretty significant situation that needs to be addressed either by bigfoot or by someone else, it doesn’t really matter. But, um, you know, certainly if we do sign a work authorization with these folks there, there will be a clause in, in, in the, not fine print, but very, very clear that, you know, there just needs to be a trusting relationship. And there again, we don’t want to be just given free reign to do whatever we want. We’re more than happy to, to educate and to take, um, the client right along with us as we go through. And, you know, just keep them in the loop as much as they want it to be so they understand the process.

But, um, again, if there’s just a distrust and there’s, there’s an arrogance from the beginning, it’s just not going to be a good match for anyone. So [inaudible] hope that if you bought lipstick recently, it’s not moldy hope that if he had a water damage Denver loss recently, you don’t have a mold as a result. But in any case, whenever there’s work that needs to be done along those lines, water damage, Denver friends, we would appreciate considered. And as always, we’re more than happy to come out and assess and give. Um, our educated opinions and our, our suggestions based off of industry standards to see if, if it’s a good fit, that’s no charge. That’s something we always do for the community to make sure that people at least know what is going on in their home or workplace. And after that, it’s their decision of how they’d like to proceed. But we want to be that resource in the Water Damage Denver community. So 70 zero five 75 foot is how you get ahold of us. Stay safe, stay dry, stay healthy. We will talk to you soon