I’ll read in my Water Damage Denver friends. Going to spend a few minutes with you here on a subject that I don’t know that we’ve ever addressed. If we have, it’s been awhile, but I’m just going to go for it. We are always looking [inaudible] for the most excellent people in the Denver Metro area.

If you’re listening to this, you know that big foot restoration is water damage Denver company, we do water damage Denver, we also do smoke damage. Denver, we also do mold and fire service. We’ll be adding other little niches down the line, um, at some point. But those are the four main services that we offer right now and what we do every single week. Typically it’s Monday night at six o’clock is we hold group interviews and the reason that we do that every single week is because we don’t want to miss out ever anytime, no matter what on potentially meeting what could be an incredible addition to our team. You might say, well what? What? What could you possibly interview for 52 weeks a year for, you’re not an incredibly large company.


Why would you have a need consistently throughout the year? Well, that’s a great question. And the simple answer would be because you just never know what life is going to bring. And that’s a very general and maybe kind of vague statement. But after being involved in this industry for over 20 years, I can say without hesitation that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what your situation as you just never know what life is going to bring. Now, we would always hope and intend for folks that come on to join our team as being kind of longterm prospect type individuals. Um, and what’s a longterm individual? Um, I don’t know that that can be relative. You know, we, um, we certainly would love to invest time, energy, knowledge training into somebody that was gonna stick around, let’s say at least a year, but very ideally [inaudible] two to five years now for somebody to stick around in this industry past five years, it’s not unheard of. And the folks that do typically find themselves being compensated very, very highly because they’re doing estimating, project management, um, supervision, whatever. But, um, you know, it, I would just say that would be the, the ideal timeline. But again, you just never know what life is going to bring. People have families, they have

spouses, they have girlfriends, they have kids, they have pastimes, they have interests, they have the situations that are positive in their life and they have situations that are negative in their life. Any and all of those things. One or two of those things at any given moment could be a reason that somebody would reevaluate what they’re doing for a job, maybe not be able to do a job anymore, say sustain an injury and illness. Maybe something happens with a family member. They have to basically drop everything that they do. I don’t have to paint out all of the obvious things that happen in life, but

life happens.

You also have a dynamic of folks.

Does that work in a company

for a few months, maybe a year, maybe a couple of years. But again, for potentially a number of various reasons, they lose interest. Their performance goes down. Um, maybe they developed some not so great habits. Maybe they find that they were able to get away with this or that. And so now they’re gonna push the envelope a little bit more and um,

Water Damage Denver | Having A Designated Meeting

just kinda take it as far as they can go and tell. Inevitably they get, um, busted or whatever and you know, they’re excused from their position and all of the bad things, all of those negative things or things that we, we really don’t ever want to think about. And thankfully we haven’t really had to, uh, that much, um, in our, in our history. But we also don’t want to be naive to the fact that, you know, sometimes this just isn’t the right fit for an individual. They might think it is, they might hope it is, but for what ever reason not to go through the exhaustive list again, but for whatever reason, at some point they either don’t want to or can’t continue serving in the position they currently hold. And for that reason, we want to always have the ability to find the most amazing people in the Denver Metro area. We interview every week and sometimes nobody shows up every week that we

post a job, which is every week we on the sites that we do, we get significant interest. We get, I would say probably anywhere from 10 to 40 responses suggesting interest in the positions that we have open. And I do have three companies, so there are multiple, multiple, multiple positions in each company that we interview for, but we get legitimate interest. Well, we confirm that interest to make sure that the person understands when we’re holding the interview, what time place any answer, any logistical or extra questions that they have and confirm that they know exactly when to be where. And are you coming, are you committed, are you going to show up? And again, in general, I would say that those that confirm probably would come in and about, let’s see, 25 to 40% of that week’s total application. So if we’ve had 20 applications people saying, yep, we’re interested in water damage Denver possession, we’re interested in being a carpet cleaner or just sitting being an air duct cleaner, interested in working in the fire disaster response arena, whatever. Let’s probably say that for every 10 that show interest, um, two to four we’ll confirm,

which isn’t bad numbers at all. If we’ve got 40 applicants, I’m 16 saying that they’re definitely coming. That’s a pretty solid number that suggests that we’re going to have a pretty packed conference room, might need to scoot it out into the water damage Denver restoration garage and um, you know, have maybe more of a standup meeting than a sit down. But that’s okay. In any case, you then take that number and usually divide it, maybe not quite in half, but something like that to determine the actual amount of people that are gonna show up. So basically what I’m saying is by the end of the deal, if you have 20 people that initially reach out, I’d say you’re doing pretty good if, if four people actually end up showing up to the interview. And again, that might seem low and I don’t know if it is or it isn’t.

But there again, we’re interested in people that say they’re interested, that confirmed that they’re interested and then actually show up to the commitment that they’ve, they’ve made. So if you’re not going to show up anyway, it’s probably not going to be a good fit and that’s okay. We’d rather not waste your time, time more ours. We want the best potential water damage Denver team members that we can possibly find. So last week we had 10 people show up, had a packed room. It was fun, good time. All sorts of different types of people. Um, kind of the energy rate, energy level just kind of raises exponentially the more people you have in the room. So not that we need hype or we need fluff or we need, you know,

um, synthetic energy or anything like that to, to make an interview go well. But it’s just kinda cool when you have that many people in it kind of makes people sit up a little bit straight or sometimes you can really just kind of glance around the room and and see if people are trying to set themselves apart if they’re already looking at it as a lost cause. And that’s interesting because you know if you have a group of people and you know you’re just kind of a scrub and you’ve really are just there to go through the motions and maybe trick somebody to giving you a job or something and you realize there’s a bunch of other qualified and engaged people in the room, then maybe you’re just kind of bummed out and you don’t, you know, your, your demeanor goes down the drain. You slouch in your chair in any case, whatever. It’s always interesting reading those dynamics of the room. Tonight we had three and you know what,

two of the three tonight, we’re better than all 10 from last week, maybe not all 10 maybe nine out of the 10 there was one gal that I really, really liked that she was just phenomenal. And there may be a, there may be a good spot for her that we can, that we can offer, but two of the three tonight, um, again, not necessarily looking for any type of person necessarily, but just where they are in life, what they’re looking to do, what they’re, you know, kind of short and longterm goals are what their financial, um, kind of desires are. And again, this is just based off of a 50 minute interview, which went definitely longer than usual, but, um, it was just based off that 15 minutes. It seemed incredibly, um, synergistic as far as them being a good fit for us. So that’s why we do it every week because we could literally have a group of 20 people show up and there’s just not one person that really would be, uh, the right fit for us and what we need and really for them to, it’s not all about us, it’s, you know, putting people in a position to succeed and do well and be happy and all of that.

So there’s two sides to it for sure. Um, but you might just have one or two people show up and I’ve had that happen before where I’ve literally had one individual out of everybody that’s confirmed show up and I’ve hired that individual because they were just a good, good person and I was, it was my pleasure to invite them to join us in our water damage Denver efforts. Do you have any interest? If you know anybody that has interest and you know the big footway, you know what we do, it’s not the sexiest job in the world. It can be difficult, it can be hard, it can be gross, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. And if you know what we do and how we have our design, the best water damage Denver company out there, feel free to reach out seven two zero five seven five foot. Feel free to give others our contact information and we would be happy to invite them to one of our next group interviews. Again, reach out. Things may change, but in general, Monday nights at six o’clock it’s been a pleasure spending a few minutes here with you and we look forward to helping you with your water damage. Denver issues, should you ever have any. We also look forward to speaking to you if you want to potentially join the best water damage Denver company.

This a mature area has to offer in our humble opinion. We’ll talk to you soon. You stay safe.