Welcome to big foot restoration repair. We’ll talk about a couple of, uh, water damage Denver jobs we had done this week and how we mitigated it and how we took care of things. Uh, this particular job, um, not only do we do residential work, we do commercial work as well. So, um, this, uh, water damage Denver commercial job had a leak, um, and it’s, uh, in a basement area where, uh, a client, uh, rented a space, just not sure how it was getting in it. We initially thought it was through the foundation. Um, here in, in Denver and Colorado, we have a lot of basements, so, um, a lot of water damage. Denver work can come through, um, uh, flooded around the home there and it can leak in through the foundation of a home. So this is what we initially thought, uh, had some, quite a bit of rain.

And so it kinda made sense. There wasn’t any pipes. It seemed everything was fine on that end of things. So we assumed it was a foundation issue. Um, it came through a particular room, which was an exterior wall and then it, uh, leaked into a hallway and into another room. Um, so it kinda made sense. So we went ahead and mitigated it. Um, this was a glue down carpet. So on this water damage Denver job, we went ahead and just extracted as much as we could, left the glue down. Carpet, looked like it was still in good shape, wasn’t coming up in any areas or anything like that. And that was fairly recent. Uh, this particular client is at work six days a week. So we felt confident they got it, uh, within a reasonable amount of time. So on this water damage Denver job, what we did was, uh, just kinda did the perimeter of what was damaged and worked back towards where we thought that the water damage was occurring from. So mitigated it, set a dehumidifier. Um, I think on this one we set five air movers to dry everything out. So what we do is on each of our water damage, Denver jobs has come back each day. Take a look at the, the job, do some measurements, do some readings, make sure everything is dry and adequately, and we’ll go from there. Um, generally it’s three to five days on drying. Uh, so this one usually commercial blew down, dries pretty quick.

So on day two, when we came back, it looked like it was wet all over again. So we didn’t have any rain, so we knew something was a miss on that. So on this water damage ever job, we had to do some more investigating. We did, I did come back on this one on a Saturday so that the client was able to meet me, um, Saturday morning before they opened up. And it’s a little quieter on that, on a Saturday in this particular part of town. Um, not much traffic, anything like that. So when we started to do more investigating, I heard just a slight hissing noise, uh, behind a wall. Uh, did some readings on this wall and saw there was moisture, um, at the base and kind of more of a straight line from where we were, it sounded of this hissing noise. So, um, at that point I knew exactly what it was.

Water Damage Denver | Have A Commercial Leak?

So on this water damage Denver job, we went ahead and cut some, some dry wall, quite a bit of dry wall actually in order to open that up. And sure enough it was just a hairline, um, break in a, you know, main water line there that, um, was just spraying out. So it wasn’t anything, it was one of the smallest ones, wasn’t a drip. It was certainly a spray, but that’s sure we would have found it right away. It had not been so quiet in this, um, office, but we, uh, went ahead and opened it up, saw this spring, so we had to cut down, cut off the main water there. Um, we have, um, quite a few plumbers we work with and so we went ahead and call the plumber sometimes, uh, you know, they may not be available and on every water damage Devore job to run out and take care of it.

But this is something that, you know, when you shut down the main waterline and it’s a place of business, you gotta get ’em up and going as soon as possible. Um, it’s even a residential, it’s very inconvenient to not have running water. So on this one, it’s a, was heightened, uh, time to expedite getting somebody out there. So we called a couple of our plumber friends and uh, on this water damage Denver job, they were able to able to find one that had some tech that was nearby and he was able to come out. So we shut down the water. Anytime you shut it down, there’s still some residual water in that line. So it continued to leak for a period of time. We just simply had a bucket there now catching all the water. So on this water damage dimmer job, we removed quite a bit of the drywall and we had to, once again almost exactly what we had done the day before, setting up the truck Mount, um, the extractor and extracting all the carpeted areas once again.

Um, now certainly we don’t charge for this. It’s just something that happens from time to time where you think you have the issue and it’s, it’s something else. So, um, on every water damage timber job we do, we come back every day, do readings and we just make sure things are drying the way they’re supposed to and this one wasn’t, which led us to do more investigating and find the real root of the problem. So in this water damage Denver job, we open it up, plumber came, replace the pipe. It was just a connection there that um, had split and he repaired that and so we were able to turn the water back on before that it opened up for business. So, um, definitely everything when his plan a little bit more drywall work than what we had initially thought and hoped for. But on this water damage, Denver job, um, you just have to open up walls on time at times.

So this one needed that. I’m fortunate it was in a more of an employee lounge room, so it’s okay if it was a tore up for a few days until we could get our drywall guy out there. And he couldn’t patch that up for him. Uh, so the main concern now is drying everything out to an adequate level. Um, they, what I did know was shutting down the fans, um, during business hours. So, uh, I totally understand that we had them at least keep the dehumidifier going. Um, but anytime you’re shutting down equipment and in each of our water damage Denver jobs, it’s gonna slow the process up. So they were doing this, it’s just loud. Um, when you have, uh, five air movers going, um, and you’re trying to see clients in offices that are, um, having an air mover, it’s just too loud. So we let them know that’s fine.

They had to, uh, they do have a kind of a lunch area from 12 to one 30 that they don’t see clients, so they were able to turn it on for that amount of time. We did move one more into the employee lounge where the water damage Denver, um, issue was occurring in order to dry out the foundation behind the, uh, where the water was leaking as well as, uh, the framing of the building was a wet as well. So we had to move one of the air movies there, uh, in order to, to dry that out. So after, um, this particular water damage, Denver job took four days to dry, um, removed equipment, everything seemed fine, but always, uh, we like to do a final carpet cleaning, uh, when possible. And in this one we had done as well, sometimes with a lot of the water damage Denver jobs we do, you can have a water Mark and that’s a, a pH change in the carpet and it can leave kind of a Brown look or a watermark on the carpet. So we wanted to do our best to have it cleaned, uh, do a pH adjustment on this as well, and neutralize the carpet and make it look back to, to normal. And, and know that everything that was on the carpet is fleshed out and, and it’s clean once again, and it’s safe for everybody. Safe for use. So we came back, we went ahead and clean the carpet on this particular water damage Denver job. Mmm. And uh, was done within this one, took six days total. Uh, we just couldn’t schedule it then. Okay.

Um, once it dried. So we usually try and dry it, grab our equipment and clean that same day. Just makes sense. We’re there. Um, but this particular time we just didn’t have it on the schedule, so we had to come back, uh, two days later and do a, a carpet cleaning. So this water damage, Denver job turned out well. Client was very happy. Um, we scheduled our drywaller to come in. He was a little bit booked up, so he, he’s about a week out, so we were able to get him in there. Uh, he’ll be coming in next week and, and taking care of this as well. So this water damage, Denver job start to finish six days, um, five air movers and a dehumidifier. Um, the key is that what big foot restoration does is, is check it on a daily basis. Had we not come back rather it’s Saturday, Sunday, we just come back every day.

So we work weekends as well. Um, had we not come back, this could have been a, you know, a severe issue and um, sometimes it was such a light spray that, uh, maybe the, the client thought we have the carpets just there’s still this dry are still wet and maybe they’re not drying as well and not really giving us a call to know that it was still leaking. So we knew going back and X years of experience, we know, Hey this isn’t right. You know, it’s still, it’s, it’s wet once again. And so we are trained in to, to evaluate things and um, it was just very difficult to find. We made the assumption that, uh, because the water went directly from the employee lounge into where we thought it originated from, cause that’s where majority of the water was. But, um, as you may guess, not every floor is level.

Um, water always go to the least resistance. And so it really flowed into the room that we thought was where was coming in through, uh, with the amount of rain we were receiving. Um, it made sense and it’s, it’s very common, like I said in Denver, to get a lot of foundation leaks and when you have a lot of rain. And so that’s what we were, we were dealing with was quite a bit of rain. Uh, but fortunately, like I said, being going back every day, we can, uh, check things and make adjustments. And that’s what we did here on this water damage. Denver job made some adjustments and got the, uh, the problem taken care of. So anytime you need work done, whether it’s residential, commercial, no, that we’re going to thoroughly check everything.

Every day. Do readings, set the required equipment in on every water damage. Denver job, we’ll make sure it’s done right. Hey, we will talk to you next time.