Can we take, can we take a few minutes to see if there’s any damage? And in assist you in a potential claim for insurance if you know, in fact, you do have that damage. So his, his, his stance was never hire a company that’s not local. You don’t know where they’re from. You don’t know what they’re gonna do. There’s no way in his mind to verify, you know, how reputable they are and you’re just setting yourself up for potential problems. If you hire a non-local Roofer, even in the case of, you know, a large scale hailstorm where there’s probably lots of um, houses that, that have damage, that need attention to their roofing gutters, they’re siding, whatever. And maybe it’s just a little bit different, you know, maybe it’s not quite apples to apples with water damage Denver, the, the situation is pretty, pretty immediate, immediate. We need response, you know, if you got four, four feet of water in your basement, um, you know, people aren’t going door to door saying, hey, can I check out your basement?

You have a swimming pool down there are, you know, is your storage, you know, floating across, you know, do we have waves going across your basement there? It’s, it’s more like, hey, you know, you’ve probably got, you know, some shingle damage and we can assess this. We can get in contact with your insurance company and we can make a claim and maybe they schedule you for your roof replacement two weeks down the road. Maybe it’s two months down the road Water Damage Denver. It just kinda depends on, on the supplying in the demand with water damage Denver or with any place in the country. The, the name of the game is promptness, immediacy and this stuff has to be taken care of asap or else, you know, you’re looking at something that maybe could have been salvaged, but you know, after a certain period of time there’s just too much devastation.

There’s just too much, um, saturation or whatever the case may be. Anything with a shun at the end and, and it’s gotta be completely demoed. So, um, understandable why, you know, some, sometimes companies rush to certain parts of the country to provide unnecessary resource but always want, you know, always want our clients, always want our friends in the Denver community to, to understand no matter really what industry, what need they have, whether it’s something with respect to hail, water damage Denver, you know, I mean, I guess from time to time we have dry, dry spells and you’ve got fire and you’ve got need for restoration there. But, um, in any case, I always just want people to protect themselves. And that’s why, you know, we’re a little biased, but we, we want people to reach out to bigfoot and to reach out to a company that we’ve designed to always be an advocate and a straight up, you know, friend and shoulder to lean on in the time of need.

So, so that’s our little plug for, that’s our little shameless plug for ourselves. And I guess, you know, I shouldn’t feel bad about about that because this is the big foot restoration podcast and goal. So, um, in any case, uh, just protect yourself. Just just think, just be smart, don’t, don’t feel obligated to go with any company because, you know, we could spend the next hour and a half talking about the different tactics, but usually people’s gut is correct. Go with your gut, but if you have questions and then they’re not being answered, that’s probably a red flag. You want to get a second or third opinion there. And then, let’s see, we’re, we got a couple of minutes here. So let’s just talk briefly about why, um, why these things can happen. Um, or, or what can happen when different companies roll into town and sweet talk you or put you in a place where you feel like you have to make a decision or else, you know, and I guess not a decision necessarily or a decision to go with that company or else you’re going to, you know, basically set yourself up for, um, you know, lifelong regret.

Um, so these are the horror stories, you know, I mean, perhaps, you know, the, you’re asked to put 25% down or you’re asked to, uh, cover a certain deductible amount or this or that. For people to get in touch with their insurance company. Their, again, if you don’t know absolutely who you’re dealing with, that money can disappear, the people can disappear and literally the company that you thought you were just looking up online, that standing in front of you was in fact, you know something where they just put up a fancy website real quick and once they splash and dash in a certain community Water Damage Denver, certain part of the country that, you know, they rushed to to do this, they’re gone. That website’s down and you don’t really have a trail to follow up on. Um, that’s pretty, I would say hopefully kind of pretty rare.

But it happens. And the, I’ve even heard of instances where people don’t really even have equipment. They just, they just show up in a truck that again probably has a, a magnet that they got printed off, you know, at the local quick print shop, slap it on their white truck and it looks legit. It looks, you know, like probably, you know, an option of a way to go. And it’s not, they don’t even have a true restoration vehicle or equipment in, in the city. Other things, you know, can be where, you know, they just get you to sign a work authorization slip, you know, saying, hey, we got to get right to work. We don’t have time to really go over a lot here and you’re potentially signing your life away. We’ve got a situation right here with a customer in town that called us over the weekend.

Uh, we, we just didn’t have the resources to respond as they needed. And so they, they had to go with a different option and this company came in and immediately demoed half this person’s house. Literally half the person’s house is done. Don’t have time to get into the specifics, but now this person is devastated because they don’t know what exactly they signed. But guess what they did sign, they signed that work authorization slip. So, um, it’ll be interesting to see how they, they deal with this and how, you know, if their insurance is gonna cover everything. And exactly how it will all play out. But there again, that that’s a very reputable company that is here in town that is known that, you know, by all accounts you would think is a pretty straightforward place to do business with. But, um, they didn’t give according to the customer, uh, they didn’t give them the full lay of the land. They didn’t give them kind of the, the whole story as to what exactly they were in for with, with that simple signature. So, uh, anyway, more info. It have to come on a different podcast. Uh, water damage Denver friends, we are grateful for your support in the community. We can’t say that enough. And so that’s why we do say it on each and every podcast. It’s been an honor. 15 minutes has absolutely flown by. Look forward to a great year. Water damage him, friends, you’re the best. We’ll talk to you soon.