What’s going on. Water damage Denver friends. It is a crispy, crispy morning here in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Wherever you are. I hope you’re doing well and going to give you a little bit of insight on one of the little intricacies of the show that we run. As you know, we do water damage, Denver jobs all day, every day. We offer our services in the area of smoke damage, fire damage and mold damage. In addition to the restorative type work that we do. And obviously we 99% of the time on this offering, we are bringing you things related to water damage Denver subjects. But in addition to those offerings, we also have a cleaning companies that we operate. Um, we’re doing, you know, kind of maintenance cleaning. It’s not janitorial, it’s uh, it’s not housekeeping, it’s, it’s more along the lines of deep steam cleaning. People call it hot water extraction, carpet upholstery. We have an air duct division. We clean hard surface, we wash fine area rugs in our shop facility. So we really do offer a comprehensive cleaning and restoration service, I guess is the way that it’s most appropriately put. And because we oversee three companies and need to get a lot of stuff done on a daily basis, um,

we, uh, we need lots of good people. We need to have, um, we need to have great employees. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service on the highest level of communication imaginable and obviously on great technical work as well. But we,

we hire, um, when we need to and I think I’ve shared a little information on, on how we do that. We literally hold interviews each week and we hold group interview each week more specifically to just set aside some time on a Monday evening to meet with anyone and everyone that is interested and seems like they could potentially be a good fit for any of the positions that we have open. We don’t let just anybody walk through the doors to sit down with us, but we know that, um, an email telling us how great a person is, how much water damage Denver experience they have or how much water damage Denver experience they don’t have. That’s really in consequential. Um, we are much more interested in willing to train for personality, for responsibility, for demeanor, for, you know, just a sense of professionalism as we are for an individual that has a handful of years in the water damage Denver industry.

So we hold these interviews and uh, I won’t go through the entire process of how, how the follow up and how the process goes to the point that the individual is offered a position with any of the, uh, companies that we operate. But we’re gonna skip forward just a little bit to the point where they are. And so obviously at that, at that time, from our vantage point, we know that the individual, we don’t know, we highly suspect that the individual is a solid person. That’s first and foremost that they’ve got their head on straight. And we don’t expect people to have a perfect past or have the perfect situation presently. But we do have, we do, um, demand that they have, um, a good perspective on exactly who they are, where they want to go, their goals, their ambitions to us. It’s very important that people have a good self awareness of, of who they are and what they want to do.

Um, and just in general, if, if somebody’s kind of waffling, they’re very fickle. Uh, they don’t know what’s for them or what, what they want to do. And I’m not talking about for a career, we don’t, we’re not saying if you don’t have your career goals figured out, you’re not a good fit. But, um, what we don’t want to do is get involved with an individual that, um, you know, may may kind of come and go with different blows of the wind. We want somebody that knows that this is something that they’re going to give a good, strong, intentional effort that might be, you know, a longterm play and that’s all right. But we do need to have a common understanding that, um, there are good things about this industry in this job. There are great things and there are challenges and there are things that aren’t ho a whole lot of fun, but we, we need some resolve when it comes to those not so great days.

We need people to bounce back from challenges from things that, that may potentially go wrong and come back in with a positive attitude the next day and, and ready to rock and roll and, uh, grow. Definitely. Um, you know, there’s a lot of opportunities out there. There’s a lot of jobs that allow an individual to um, you know, kinda ride that emotional roller coaster and um, come and go from a job, you know, and have, have that leverage, which that, that may be fine for another company or another position, but it just doesn’t work. Um, in our water damage Denver needs and what we need to offer our customers. So when we offer someone a position, we know as much as we can know that they are a good person, that they’re committed to working through both the good and the bad, that they can work well in a team environment, that they understand that we’re all pulling in the same direction.

Water Damage Denver | Going On All The Interviews?

It’s very much a inclusive type company where it doesn’t work for everybody to kind of be doing their own thing however they want to. This is not a free for all. We have a system designed the way we want it done and with the way we know it works. And we need people that are okay with following instructions and systems and not deciding that they’re going to pick and choose which items they’d like to participate in, which ones they don’t. So a couple things there. We, that that’s what we look for on our end. On the other side of the coin, we want the individual to understand that they’re going to be respected and appreciated every day they walk in the doors, but that they w you know, certainly aren’t going to be cuddled and treated like an infant. Uh, that’s important distinction with the water damage.

Denver industry, you do have to have a little bit of thick skin, sometimes not only within the company, but without. You’ve got other individuals that you’re going to come across, whether it’s homeowners, um, adjusters, insurance agents, other restoration companies, other contractors. And you know, just like in life, there’s some people that are, you know, a little bit abrasive, maybe have a certain type of personality that, uh, can be a little bit rough. And there we need to know how to navigate each personality and understand that our job is to do a great, perform a great water damage, Denver spectacle. Have great attitudes and wrap. Wrap the job up and move on to the next one. So it’s gotta be everybody’s in from both sides. And I guess the point I’m getting to is we’ve got an individual that’s now been with us for a few weeks and today we have a brand new, a young man that is coming on board, excited to have him in.

He is just new and from out of state and ready to get rolling and uh, super excited to have him join us. But with anyone new, um, we are going to make sure that they are trained, that they are checked in on that we have a good sense of how things are going, that we answer questions immediately if they arise. And we want to monitor the progression of those individuals for their water damage. Denver position early and often we’re going to, you know, we’re going to check in, we’re gonna have a very intentional and continual Q and a day to day kind of look. Little check-ins, how’s everything going or any questions about the day, what, you know, what, what do you think anything go right. Anything go wrong. How that water damage Denver job go, you know, tell us, tell us what you saw, what made sense, what didn’t make sense.

So on and so forth. But at that 30 day threshold where we’ll have a sit down and we’ll have more of an in depth chat about performance, about good habits, about bad habits, about how we see things progressing, how um, we observe the individual and a specific, a specific goal and game plan for the next 30 days at that 60 day threshold. And I should mention that the 30 day threshold, there may be a, you know, a little bit of a, a decision to make for both parties. Like, is this the right job for you? Um, we all, we often say that 30 day sit down, you know, we can honestly, if it’s just not working out for either party, we can walk away from that and go our own ways and it’s, it’s all good. Sometimes people need about a 30 day time period of see the totality of our water damage Denver industry and see everything that, you know, you may come across in a day to day and although we’d love for people to fight through, um, you know, that that gives them a good idea.

And if certainly at the 30 day threshold, if it’s not for them, we don’t want them, when do I start time? We want, we don’t want them to waste theirs as well. And so that might be a good time to, to shake hands and say, uh, we’ll see you soon. Um, but if everything’s good, if we’re going to keep powering through, if they do see themselves fitting into our water damage Denver environment, then we say, okay, here’s your next 30 day type a roadmap. Here’s what we’d love for you to work on. Here’s what we think you can do. We’ll see. I’m 30 and again, it’s not that there will be zero communication between 30 day 30 and day 60, but we’re going to give them a little bit more leash. We’re going to give them a little bit more artistic, uh, independence to not necessarily do what they want but do what they’ve been taught. And again, we’ll continue to monitor things and we’ll continue to touch base between day 30, day 60.


our thoughts are usually people are pretty much in the groove by that point. They understand the basics of the job, so it don’t need to treat them like a newbie anymore. Day 60 comes around and they’re two months in. So should be in the groove. I’m not a water damage Denver professional necessarily by, by, uh, by relative standards. I guess when you talk about people that have been in for, for years and decades, but, you know, getting the gist of things, understanding, uh, the, you know, the basics and really having a solid,

solid, a kind of basis of, of how, how this environment works, how this job works, what the emotional sides are, what the technical sides are. And so day 60 is a little bit different of a talk and we’re getting a little more specific and looking at, uh, more like longterm positions that we want to let them know, here’s what we really see you as at this point. Here’s what we want, we want you to work towards. We have one more talk like that initially and that’s day 90. So at day 93 months. And uh, they really should have a very, very good functioning understanding of what exactly they need to do on a day to day basis at that point. However, we should know after 90 days of working with them, um, what kind of specific position we would really like them to start focusing on and developing kind of a niche for, not that they can’t cross perform and you know, do a number of things that are water damage Denver company offers.

But um, is that estimating, is that project managing, is it, um, with respect to a certain type of thing we do. Are they just a rock star at this or that? Um, do they Excel? So 30 60, 90, and then after that we do quarterly meetings. So for each of our employees, we want to sit down about every quarter we have incentives, we have different things in play that we need them to understand. It’s not just a cute little uh, goal, but it really is something that they need to, they need to accomplish. It’s designed for them to be able to accomplish and it’s incentive based. So it’s something that should, they should want to do. So there is an ongoing training, there are certifications of many types of water damage, Denver certifications and others that we want them to continue to pick up along the way.

But those things cost money and it’s an investment that we have to decide if we’re going to make to an individual. And so obviously there’s got to be returned some return there, but it’s obviously a good thing for us if you know, if people continue to, for them themselves, technically education-wise, and then just the day to day street smart. So if you like the sound of that, if you know somebody who does and you’re halfway interested in seeing what this whole water damage dimmer thing is all about, we would encourage you to get in touch with us and we will go from there. So (720) 575-3668 if you have any questions. Otherwise, until next time you stay safe.