Howdy ho water damage Denver friends. Hope that you’re doing well. Want to just spend about 6,000 seconds with you? Wait, what would it be? Yeah, not quite that long. Maybe like 800 seconds with you want to drop? Just my thoughts for the day on this a hundred and something edition of the big foot restoration podcast of gold. I’ve never understood cheaters. I’ve never understood what the um,


What the extremes are that people will go to to gain a competitive advantage and then feel good about themselves if they’re able to then dominate their competition.

I’m a big, big proponent of sports and competition. I love it. I think that um, it teaches tons and tons of lessons for life and whether or not you’re an athlete or you love sports or you’re highly competitive, I think that it’s incredibly valuable for every one boy, girl, whatever, to participate in team sports, individual sports, and just get a taste of the dynamic of working with other people, working on your own, trying to accomplish something, working on your skills, being able to navigate a game or a set or a, you know, whatever. The, uh, match whatever you’re doing and be able to go in with a game plan, switch stuff up if you need to based on, you know, the predicament or whatever that you find yourself in. I love it. I love the thought of it and I’ve really never met a sport that I didn’t like. There are some that I like more than others, but, um, just really that’s my thing. But something that’s probably been just kind of an aspect of, of sports or competition and it’s just doesn’t happen just with sports by any means. It happens in all walks of life, but there’s that fine line of what’s appropriate, what’s honest, what’s true, what’s a fair, and then what’s explicitly not. And then it becomes this back and forth of, well, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying or it’s only cheating if you get caught. Um, and all sorts of other little cute sayings that have come up over the years.

And I’m not going to say that I have all the answers to that. I, I think that in most things there’s quite a bit of black and white, but I think there’s, you know, it’s okay to say that there’s a little gray area there that can be discussed and that’s being incredibly general, um, with, with this subject. But, uh, we only have 10 to 15 minutes here so we can’t fully dive in to everything. And you might be wondering how does this relate to water damage Denver or anything that you do buddy? Well, I don’t know. I just love talking about sports and even within our water damage Denver industry, uh, there’s still a sense of competition and it’s not really even competition with other companies. It’s more what’s the water, what can we do to be the best water damage Denver company that we can be? And the competitive nature is within first and there’s not really a sense of we have to be better than these people to feel self worth or we have to measure up this way or that way. We do keep tabs, we like to know what other people are doing. Um, what their websites are looking at, how much content they have, um, the types of things that they’re doing to, um, to position themselves, um, organically on,

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on web searches and things of that nature. And that’s, that’s all helpful to see how other people are succeeding and, and consider that and how we approach things. But it’s certainly not our, um, something we stress about every day. We know that there are some great water damage Denver companies and there are some horrible water damage Denver companies and we don’t necessarily worry about who’s who. Um, we just want to be the best water damage Denver company that we can be. But getting back to, um, some of the intricacies of competition in general, um, there’s tons of examples of I think stuff that people struggle with, with respect to, let’s just say a, they call them what a performance enhancing drugs or whatever. And um, you have everything from creatine to Andrew Osteen and then you have just straight up HGH and, uh,

testosterone that’s extracted from cows and, and all these things. And they work. Trust me. I used to work in a gym and I saw first hand the effects that some of this stuff and not all of it’s just blatantly all right. Horrible. Like creatine is a great supplement if it’s from a reliable manufacturer and that’s stuff that you can take as a pre or post workout and it can be incredibly helpful to muscle recovery and allow you to get the best out of your workout. There’s caffeine supplements that allow you to lift a lot harder and longer than you might normally be able to. So it’s like what is caffeine really? You know, cheating? I don’t think so. But some of those other things that people, you know, straight up inject into their body and a week later they can bench, you know, 50 more pounds than they did last week.

There’s something up with that. And I’m not necessarily against any of that because I think you know, it’s up to a person and what they want to do with their body, as long as it doesn’t then affect other people. And then we’re going down a big rabbit hole as far as, well, you know, what sort of medical attention or they’re going to need in the future, that’s inevitably going to be a tax burden on everyone else. That is a different conversation. But obviously we have a huge precedent set baseball. Many other sports of people using different supplements or straight up drugs or whatever to um, to try to gain a competitive advantage by being, you know, stronger, faster, more locked in, whatever. But then you have this kind of newer scandal with respect to, you know, primarily the Houston Astros, but probably other teams are gonna get busted to some degree with, with sign stealing and actually putting devices on players to give them a code of which pitches to expect.

And that’s just flat up wrong. You know, that even having only played high school baseball and dabbled with the college team that I went to, um, that, you know, there’s no way that anybody really would, it would be able to, you know, in their heart of hearts say, yeah, that’s, that’s cool. That’s, there’s no problem with that. But what’s interesting is that when you don’t get caught, if you’re able to gain that competitive advantage and ultimately win a world series like the Astros were, no, I just wonder what is going through somebody’s mind when they’re standing at the top, holding that trophy, celebrating, but having to, you know, look themselves in the mirror the next morning and S and do they have a conscience? Do they have any sort of regrets about how they got there, what, what methods they use to, to win? No clue. But just intrinsically for myself, you know, I, I have a pretty dominant conscience when it comes to, you know, being honest with myself and others about what, what’s fair, what, what can I do to do a great job and work as hard as I can.

And certainly you want to be able to find an employee tricks of the trade in the water damage Denver industry or any, any industry that you might be in. But at some point, if that means, uh, let’s see, what would it mean in this, uh, you know, if you had the ability to hire someone to, um, talk poorly about your competition, which that does happen in the water damage number and industry industry in the cleaning industry. People straight up spend their time or have other people close to them, spend their time putting out false reviews for other water damage, Denver companies or a restoration company or whatever, um, to make other companies look bad. And I guess so to speak, make, make them look better. No way that that’s a honest and ethical thing to do. Um, and there again, just like with everything, uh, you know, people are more sometimes not always, but more interested in figuring out, figuring out in nefarious ways, sneaky, you know, conniving ways to boost themselves up, to put others down when you know, it’s like if you use that effort and time and energy for, for good, for pure reasons, you probably be just as good, if not better off, um, than where what you accomplish with being nasty and trying to be, you know, just kind of a creep.

So as we’ve mentioned before, as I’ve mentioned before, I apply sports and competition and everything that goes with it into my daily life, whether it’s how I deal with our water damage Denver company, how I deal with the other companies that I’m involved in, uh, business in general. And for me, again, it really is internal. The con, the competitive nature is internal. I know when I was on the basketball court or the soccer field or the eyes or football field or whatever, any sport I ever participated in, I knew I wasn’t the biggest, fastest, strongest individual in the game. But I knew what my abilities were. I knew what my strengths were, I knew what my weaknesses were. And that’s at the heart of anything that you do. In my opinion, water damage, Denver industry related these days for me, but sports back then was applying the SWOT model to anything and being honest with myself about what the reality was. And SWOT stands for street strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And if you can realistically identify all of those, even if it’s you know, a healthy mix of both good and bad, you can then identify the things that you do best. And this is a Patriots thing as well. Their coaching staff is committed to finding out and


putting players in a position to succeed based off their strengths. So you know, I’m sure they have a healthy understanding of what the player’s weaknesses are as well. But if they enter, if they focus in on those one or two or three

positives that that player can give to their team, that’s the situation that they put them in. And we’ve seen time and time again, even though I do not like the Patriots or some of the, in my opinion, pretty shady stuff that they’ve done over the years. They win and their players perform for them and they have a knack for coming up with these things that are, you know, I guess you’d call them innovative or whatever, but it works. And as a former athlete, you know, I had to understand what I could do, what I couldn’t do, you know, I’m not going to put my position myself in a position to try to out speed somebody on the soccer field. So as a forward I had to know how to play and use my body and distribute the ball and to take shots from certain areas because I knew I wasn’t going to dribble past three defenders just with pure speed and take a rep from, you know, close in. So now that I’m not nearly as heavily involved in in sports and competition, it switches to business and it, it motivates me to have a pulse on what my water damage Denver industry company, what our strengths are, what our weaknesses are, where our opportunities and where our threats. And if that and those things change. It’s, it’s fluid. It’s not something that’s the exact same thing every day could be, but you better be attentive to those things that that can change. And again, just like in competition to be able to modify and switch plans up when things change to win. Football teams don’t come out

in the second half of a game doing the same thing. If they’re losing 28 to nothing, they identify how horrible of a first half they just had.


take inventory of both the good, the bad and the ugly. That swap model again, I guess to some degree, and hopefully they put T you heady enough to put together a different approach for the second half of that game to make a comeback to win the game. So anyway, don’t be a cheater. Compete with yourself. Push yourself. That’s what we do at Bigfoot in the water damage Denver industry, and it’s all good. So have a great day. Until next time you stay safe.