Water damage Denver friends, what are you doing? Well, I guess you’re checking out this big foot restoration podcast of gold. Thank you for doing so and thank you for spending the next 600 to 720 seconds with me learning maybe just a little bit of our water damage Denver company and why we do what we do, why we are who we are and what we intend to be moving forward and upward. So I’ll give you a snapshot of a typical job and today we’re going to focus on access access to the property that we are working on


in a typical water damaged number situation. When an individual has their homeowners insurance, they have the unfortunate experience of a water damage Denver loss. The first step for them is to go, is going to be finding a restoration company that will come in and helped confirm that the source has been located and eliminated. So if you’ve got a pipe that’s burst, either finding it themselves or you know, employing a plumber to come in, locate and eliminate the actual source of the loss. Why it started in the first place. Make sure it’s not going to be happening again or during the restoration efforts and then to do all the necessary demo removal of content that’s been deemed on salvageable installation of drawing equipment rebuild if that’s a scope that the restoration company is going to take on. But the bottom line is that this is not something that happens within a few hour time span and then it’s all good and the water damage Denver company wraps up, gets payment from the homeowner and they’re on their way. This is something that for the average water damage Denver job, it’s going to take, let’s just say anywhere from three days to months depending on the exact loss.

Yeah, and you might think months. How in the world would a water damage Denver job take months? Well, can’t go into it right now, but if it’s large, if it’s a large scale property, if there’s lots of different things that have to be done, Nope, wouldn’t say it’s the drying process that would take that long, but just the whole thing from start to finish. So it requires access to the property and it requires consistent access.


that might not be incredibly convenient for the property owner, for the insured. Nothing about the water damage. Denver process is convenient. It’s a challenge. It’s that’s an experience that, you know, we never want to happen to anyone

but thanks to happen.

So when they do and that water damage Denver company has chosen, that decision needs to be made with a number of things kept in mind. And one of those is, am I okay providing this company access to my home consistently? All too often property owners feel that they need to be present and right in the thick of things for each and every visit. That isn’t totally not only not the case, it’s not really even realistic. And when individuals do have that thought in mind, it makes water damage. Denver projects go slower and sometimes go poorly because everything has to be designed around that property owners schedule. I don’t want to speak for every water damage Denver company, but for us, um, that that just doesn’t work. We, we have many projects that we’re trying to multitask on and make sure that things are getting done properly. And for something as simple as a property check, which that would, that would be, you know, after the initial demo has been done, everything has been um,

extracted. Essentially everything is well on its way to being dried out, but we want to monitor our equipment and we want to get by the property every day. Well if it’s a daily struggle of having to coordinate with the homeowner when they’ll be home, when they can be home, and then having to deal with the possibility of their schedule changing and our schedule changing and all the different things that can happen. Again, it really just, it has to be an understanding that the water damage Denver company has access now that could be a lockbox, that could just be an extra key being made to have and then return at the end of the project. It could be garage code, door code on some of the fancier things these days, whatever. But again, it’s a necessary part of the project too to get it done correctly. But also not, not really inconvenience or burden anyone down with no needy needing to miss work needed to rearrange all of the other different things in one’s life. Uh, you know, just a lot of times for a quick, a quick little check. But then, you know, there’s


there’s the constant possibility of, you know, needing to bring in an additional trade to do a minor service. You know, oftentimes we’ll need to bring in an electrician or a plumber or perhaps get bids on a couple of different things. So we might need to bring in somebody that does drywall, all these different things and they’re going to have a schedule. Um, so in that case it is super difficult to try to align, you know, who’s available when make, make arrangements go back and forth between multiple parties to just do something super simple and super quick. Now, in our case, in Bigfoot with the case of Bigfoot restoration, we, we take that access piece to a, a person’s property very seriously. We’re not just going to allow anyone to go in unsupervised or have, you know, have the code or have the knowledge of of how to continually get access.

Water Damage Denver | Giving You Access To Tools You Need

We, we handle all that. We make sure there’s no possibility for anything nefarious to go on with that. So we don’t ever want it to be something that people have to worry about. We actually want them to be relieved that once they hire big foot restoration is their water damage. Denver company of choice that they can provide that access piece to us and not have to worry about rearranging their schedule. Now obviously we’re not going to just come and go as we please. There’s all sorts of different ways for us to um, keep the property owner, whoever the interested party is informed on when will we will be coming and going, who will be coming and going. Like I’ve mentioned in previous podcasts, we can give the property owner as much information as they’d like or as little. It just depends on what they need.

Perhaps if the property is vacant, they could care less who is coming and going when they just need stuff done as quickly as possible, if the home has continued to be occupied. Um, and there are certain times that access is okay and there’s certain times that it isn’t, then that’s something that we try to find out as soon as possible early in the process so that there’s no confusion of, of what those days and times are that are or are not available. But if we can establish that and we can establish that sense of trust and that understanding that this is all, um, this is all done with the goal of accomplishing the water damage Denver project as efficiently and as properly as possible. Um, you know, we’ve done our job in that respect and yet it actually takes quite a bit of a burden off our backs that again, we don’t have to, uh, spend lots and lots and it does turn into lots and lots of extra time simply trying to coordinate schedules for pretty minor things.

So that’s just a little example of one necessary component of a water damage. Denver job, we need access. We need that trust that everything’s gonna be fine, but that we need to be able to, um, you know, within the parameters, within the context of what works well for the client. We need to be able to, um, get in and do our work and bring in others that need to do their work and we need to be able to do that. Um, like I said, when, when we’re able to, as long as it’s okay with the customer schedule, so please keep that in mind as you consider a water damage Denver company. Should you ever experience a loss? We’d be happy to help out if you do, but until then, you stay safe.