Good morning water damage Denver friends. It is yet another episode of the big foot restoration podcast of gold. And this morning we have a very, very special guest joining us on our water damage Denver podcast. I want to introduce to you ms Lilly small. Good morning Lilly. How are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself, Lily. Um, we’re going to school right now. Uh, are we going to my school or your school. Okay. And what school do you go to currently? Okay. And are you a freshman or a sophomore or senior? What, what grade are you in at, at Redstone elementary. Third grade. So they, you’re not quite a freshman or a sophomore, that sort of thing. Okay. Um, what, uh, what’s going on in this first week of school? How are things going so far?

You learning new things, meeting new friends, um, any large drama in school yet? Anybody getting in fights or being disrespectful to teachers at all? Or is everybody being pretty well mannered? Okay. So we’ll probably check back in with you here in a couple of months and see if that’s changed. Um, okay. Just give us an idea of, um, what sort of things you’d like to do on a daily basis. What, what’s your typical day look like? School. Go to school every day pretty much. Right. And then what happens after school? What do you typically do? Like to do my homework in my room cause there’s no noise around. Okay, so you’re able to stay focused? Yeah. Okay. That’s good. And then what happens after you wrap homework up to jump on and make your green or plain roadblock. Okay. So you do that until what? Like do you eat dinner or do you skip that? Okay. And then what’s after dinner?

Okay. Will do for a day. And then I like to read it. You loose, you know, until I get that. Okay. Sounds good. So it sounds like you have a pretty fun day most days, would you say? Yeah. Okay. So let me ask you a question. What if when you came home from school one day you went down to the basement and there was tons of water, lots of water damage Denver, like so much water. You could literally like swim in it in the basement, but what do you think you would do?

my neighbors were home. I would go ask them for help or I would call [inaudible] number. You would call docs? November. Okay. And if you called Bigfoot restoration for your water damage Denver, if mom and dad weren’t home, what would you say when they answered the phone, what would you tell them that was going on at your house is flooding and then to come fix the pipes in my house. Okay. So do you need them to come like really, really soon or like maybe next week or next month then my Hill house could be flooded. Okay. What if, what if they weren’t able to come like really soon? What if it was like, um, well I’ll see you like today’s August 11th or 12th I think. What if they said, we’ll see you in October. Low will come out in October. What would you say?

Water Damage Denver | Getting Your House Ready

Probably be drowned by it. You would probably be drowned. Would you maybe call another water damage Denver company? Probably to get there a little sooner because the name of the game when you have water damage Denver is we need you now, right? Yeah. Okay. So what do you think would be the most important thing if you called big foot restoration for your water damage? Denver job and you said, Hey, I need you right now. And they said, okay, we’re coming right now. What do you think the most important thing would be once they actually showed up? What, what do you think would be something that they need to do and and do to make the job successful? Run down stairs and look at the pipes. Okay. You think it would be important for them to communicate with your mom and dad and let them know what’s going on and what to expect? Yeah. Okay. And then what about just that day, but even moving forward, like for the next step and the next step, do you think it’d be important for them to keep in communication? Yeah. Okay. So have you ever seen the big foot restoration company do a water damage? Denver job? Not really. But you’ve seen all the equipment and you’ve seen the big trucks that they have and stuff,

the little slides that people [inaudible] cause they do little videos,

they do little videos. And do you think they do a good job when they have a water damage Denver job that they have to go do. Would you say that they typically do a really good job for people? Okay. Would you, if your friend called you and said, Hey Lilly, my basement is flooded, do you know anybody to call? What would you tell them?

I would tell him to call Bigfoot because they can clean work on flooding in your basement or

they can help get everything dried out for you. Yeah. So you would say that you would feel comfortable referring a friend or family member if they ever had any water damage Denver in their house. Would you say that would be the case? Yeah. Okay. We’re just about wrapped up here, Lily. Is there any other things that you would like to tell everybody out there? Um, about Bigfoot or water damage? Denver in general, or just any other thoughts? So you have before we drop you off at school here. No, no, you’re all good. Yup. Well, thank you for being a part of our water damage Denver [inaudible] counts today. It’s been a pleasure. You’re the most beautiful guest I’ve ever had. You have a wonderful day at school and I love it. Yeah.