So water damage Denver friends hope that you are well and happy and safe. So life as we knew it and no it is a little different. And as of yesterday afternoon, at least in our little area in Colorado, there is a, I’m now a stay at home plan that the mayor issued. So whereas before that we go back a couple of weeks of limit social interaction, keep things under a hundred people, then we watch that go down to 50, down to 10. And now literally, um, yeah, avoid any, any group, any social gathering to work place suggestions of staggering staff, cutting workforce by 50%, um, at least in intervals, things like that. All these different steps to kind of culminate with yesterday of just go ahead and stay at home. Don’t, um, don’t go out at all unless absolutely necessary. And then of course there’s the handful of qualifiers along with that was the


was the list of what they have deemed essential infrastructure, essential business operation. And I don’t, I’ve heard that there’s a non-essential list, but I have yet to see that. So, um, I think it’s fairly safe that you go on and you look at what they consider essential. And if that’s the case, then you have at least the ability to S option to stay open if you’d like. And

if you’re not on that list, then better shut things down. So, um, that was a good portion of what the message was yesterday from our Denver mayor. And so what did we do? Obviously, but want to know, even though we have our, you know, kind of ideas and thoughts as far as the essential nature of what we do, we needed to know from a legal standpoint really, um, what, what lists we on. So I don’t think it’s any great shock that water damage Denver companies that provide that service, that provide disaster restoration and mitigation of any kind are listed as in essential part of infrastructure, part of the essential list for the business businesses to remain open. And so that’s what we’re going to do. Um,


we now are very educated and cognizant of the different precautions that there wanting to take place everywhere. No matter what, whether you’re staying at home or whatever you’re doing. And so we get that at this point, regardless of, you know, one’s personal belief or

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or thoughts this way or that, I mean, I think probably just about everybody would agree that whatever the markers that authorities need to see to expedite the stay at home thing or the, you know, severe limitations that have been in place, um, that they would like to try to follow those as much as possible to get to the point where things can get back to at least partially normal sooner than later. And if that is limiting all the things that they say, then whatever, at least for now, um, we’ll, we’ll be good, good citizens, good players and we’ll, we’ll definitely hop on board with everything that has been suggested. But in the meantime, as our services are needed, we will for sure be responding and continuing to help people out with their water damage Denver job with their smoking fire losses and with mold concerns. These are things that are essential to attend to quickly and promptly, number one, to limit damage. But number two, to maintain a healthy and safe indoor environment. And that is, that is the kind of deal that we fall under when you look on the website, um, to look for essential business operations. It, uh, talks about any company that provides, um, uh, services related to cleanliness and the healthy maintenance of a home or business.

So that’s perfect for what we do. We, we work to ensure the proper maintenance and health in an indoor environment


so that’s kind of nice to know that even in the roughest of times you’re an essential part of what needs to continue going on. And it really has very little or nothing to do with being able to stay open just to make money, just to try not to shut things down and avoid economic difficulty or things like that. I mean, trust me, I was ready to, to lock the doors yesterday when, when this press conference was held, but to know that authorities view what we do as an essential service even in the darkest times is kind of nice to know that we,

we mean that to a community. Now, obviously our standards need to be as high or higher than they’ve ever been before. We need to take additional precautions both for ourselves and for the people that we’re serving. But we also have gone through handfuls of additional safety measures to take and just modifying the way we may have interacted with people in the past. We’re never, you know, kind of up in people’s business. I’m interacting super closely, but you know, you do stop and have conversations with people from time to time and um, you know, kind of just act normal. Well normal isn’t as normal right now. So, um, it’s more about having, you know, excessive personal protective equipment on from the start of anything and everything. Um, and then, you know, I’m not going to rehash all of the different things that people have told us over the last week or two. Everybody knows. And for our industry, we not only do that, but we also take extra special care of making sure everything is, you know, wiped down, cleaned up, prepped and ready for, for reuse and not compromised in any way, in any way. So water damage Denver businesses are essential. That’s been established.

Cleaning companies, companies that provide services that help maintain a home or residence, the health and safety, the indoor environment,

those are essential.

We hope that wherever you are, if you’re listening to this right now, that things are okay for you, that they’ll be back to normal soon for you and for all of us. Can’t wait, but until then you stay safe.