What is going on? The water damage Denver friends got a few minutes here to sneak in. Um, just a bit of a brief podcast today. We, uh, we’ve talked many times about, um, the importance in the water damage industry of being able to network, uh, in network efficiently. It is such an important thing. Um, I won’t speak really for any other companies, but I’ve definitely gotten the vibe over the years that are, that certain companies are just not really interested in taking a few minutes here or there to collaborate with other individuals, other companies, even other industries to um, make sure that they’ve set themselves up in the best position as possible. That they have everything in order for their customers and uh, you know, then you have companies like Bigfoot and so many others that we’ve met with that, you know, especially in the Denver area and the water damage, Denver, a conglomerate that are incredibly interested in networking and discussing new and different things.

Discuss, discussing what works, what doesn’t work and I’m collaborating with other industry professionals. Want to talk to just a little bit about a meeting that I had yesterday with, um, a very successful company just right down the street from us. It’s interesting the way you know, kind of the location that we are in the city. Um, there’s a good handful of water damage Denver companies really within, you know, like, uh, a golf swing you could hit easily. The place that I visited yesterday with probably a five iron, so super close. We’re essentially neighbors. Um, and there are many others, you know, then just this one that I met with. But in any case, this water damage Denver company is one that we use to refer all water losses to, um, back in the day back before we really offer the type of service that we do. Now, you know, we would do minor clean water leaks for people.

We would help them out for clients that called us up and said, Hey, I had a little leak here. Can you come pull some pad for me? Dry things out with fans and, um, kind of get me back super easy. We would do that. But we never, ever, ever did anything more than that. And we never really tried to network with any other companies. We just straight up said, Hey, here’s, here’s the number for this company called them. They’ll, they’ll treat you right. And those are, those are huge referrals, you know, probably tens and tens of thousands of dollars that was just put in, in this company’s lap. And the, the people that are running it now are not the same that we’re running at then, but Oh, that, that I re recall that we ever got as a thank you for any of the water damage at Denver referrals that we sent over was a basket of like water bottles that had this company’s name on the front of it.

So a kind of weird kind of insignificant, and I guess the way we run things today, if anybody passes our name along as a referral to handle a water damage Denver situation, um, we look at that in an incredibly, um, important way that we need to reach out to those people big time and show some sort of gratitude. So in any case, uh, the, the meeting that we had yesterday morning was intended to just be a short one, 10, 15 minutes at most to see, you know, how they’re doing, number one. Um, really do like these guys think that they run a good operation and want them to be in a good place. Um, but also we want to discuss what their needs might be, what our needs might be and how, and if there could be a potential understanding of if working together on projects as they come about.

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And the beauty of this meeting was that there are things that they do and there are resources that they have that we quite honestly don’t. On the same token, there are things that we do that our employees that we have that are incredibly proficient in a number of different areas that they literally do not have or don’t have the interest in acquiring. So how then could that work? Well, it could work beautifully actually. Um, and all it all it depends on is having probably another followup meeting or to to discuss the Pacific, the specifics of how those specific jobs would work, whether it’s a water damage Denver job as smoke and fire, job, mold, whatever the case might be. Um, there would need to be, uh, a pretty, pretty ironed out understanding of, okay, you’re the lead point on this job. We’re just going to do whatever you say on this job. This is ours. And vice versa, you know, we’ll, we’ll give you the directives, we need this from you. So mainly, um, you know, in the case what seemed to be most apparent than just about anything else is they have, they just happen to have a huge inventory of equipment and you know, they acquired this equipment from [inaudible],

you know, over the years. Like I said, back in the day, you know, the company was probably quite a bit bigger than it is now and they just have a lot of great equipment that essentially sits in their warehouse now. Obviously they want in general to rent that equipment out. They want to make money on it. And that’s great. That is, that’s actually an incredible way to go about doing things. Many, many companies literally acquire equipment and that’s all they do is just rent it out. They deliver it for water, lost jobs for whatever type of loss might be going on. And they just charge per day and they, you know, require it when it’s done and literally they’re not doing much if any physical work. They’re just allowing people to benefit from their resources and they’re charging for it. Um, on our end, you know, we happen to have a number of employees that do great work in a specific area and through the course of our conversation, they, they admitted and not really admitted, but, um, just kind of suggested that they really don’t have anyone that does that sort of thing. Does that sort of detailed work. And, you know, the, the, the people that they do have, they’re just not, they understand they’re not

cut out to do that sort of thing. So, uh, that would conceivably in theory, allow them to take on a job with that scope in mind that, that scope that they just don’t do or don’t do well and allow us to come in and provide assistance and allow the execution of the job to happen under their umbrella. Not opposed to that

actually it could be a great thing. So those were just two of the kind of serendipitous ways that we could potentially help each other out. There were a handful of others. And really the bottom line is that there’s, you know, there’s a mutual respect between the two companies. These, like I said, these individuals, they’re, they’re good people. Um, I think they’re super honest people and I know they’re doing what we’re trying to do and that’s just maintain and grow a company. And so there’s plenty of restoration work to go around. There’s plenty of water damage Denver jobs that happen every single day that can be approached as, you know, something that can be profitable and sustainable for more than one company. Especially for small companies that have limited resources. It’s actually kind of a necessity. You really need to be in touch with others that can help in the time of need and allow you to take jobs that you otherwise would have had to say no to based on, you know, the exact abilities that you have.

So, um, we, we value those sorts of relationships. We’ll continue to try to forge ahead and create more. If you are one of those people or you know, somebody who is in that situation or isn’t in that type of business, we would love to meet them. Please reach out to us at seven two zero five, seven five foot and we would love to set it down again for a 10 to 15 meet and greet to see if it’s a good fit. If it’s not, then we’ll shake hands and you know, we’ll vow to keep in touch, but, uh, you know, you just, all you can do is have that meeting and see if it’s a good fit. So anyways, uh, be in touch if that’s the case. Otherwise we’ll wait for your phone call after you have your, your own water damage. Denver, Los, we sure hope that doesn’t happen, but we’re here when you need us to have a does, but until then you stay safe.