Good morning water damage Denver, dear friends, happy that you are happy. I just feel it. Not sure that I can see the future but I just feel that you’re super happy. So that makes me happy as well. Want to just touch on a part of day to day business that we deal with that um, that’s kind of a touchy subject but you know, we have both goods and bads about work and in business and stuff don’t we? And that is the unfortunate part of our job that I hate to bring up, hate to be a bother, but the part of us getting the best, getting paid for what we do. And I think I’d probably set a timer to like our goal is to help our water damage dimmer clients in the best, best, best possible way, both technically and from a human element as well. Empathizing with their situation, letting them know that they’re the most important things on our plate right now, our desires to get them back to normal life as soon as possible. But we do have bills to pay both personally and professionally. And most of the time when an individual has, you know, the typical water damage Denver loss,

they’re going to reach out to their insurance company, they’re going to file a claim, they’re going to deal with an adjuster and perhaps I’ll pay their deductible. But other than that, um, they don’t have to worry too much about, you know, financial decision so to speak. Hopefully they’re properly insured. Hopefully their, um, their, uh, insurance agent has properly instructed them to have the correct amount of insurance, the correct type of insurance and should they ever have a need. The whole design of that is to kind of take a huge emotional, psychological, physical burden off their plate. If for whatever reason the claim is uninsurable, if it’s not covered, then they do have a financial decision that has to be made. And of course, we’ve talked many times about the options there and how we attempt to, you know, consider, consider that, that part of it and how, you know, we can help advise them to save whatever money can be saved and still properly and safely accomplish what needs to be accomplished. So we get that. Um, and you know, just to protect ourselves, we, we have a, um, work authorization

that we have to have signed to ensure that people understand the ramifications of what, um, what they’re asking us to do, what we’re asking them to do as far as good faith for, you know, not necessarily coming up with maybe the total amount of the job right at the beginning, but perhaps a portion and then to pay us promptly at the completion of the job once the quality check has been done and all the needs, the needs have been satisfied. Um, no, it’s not, not something that we finance, it’s not something that, that we can, um, then negotiate terms of payment or if payment won’t be made at all.


you know, again, not, not that it’s our business necessarily, but it’s not an amount that people feel comfortable or have in their bank account credit cards and option. Um, and if that’s the way it has to go, that’s I suppose the way tab it would have to go. Um, but then we have the, the fun little subject of insured claims


claims that are are covered that the homeowner or property owner has submitted that the insurance agent has assessed the water damage Denver situation and conceded that yes, this, this is within your policy. Yeah. And of course we then communicate with them heavily

Water Damage Denver | Getting The Payment Needed?

and submit an estimate based off of the standards that need to be set and uh, you know, what needs to be accomplished to get things back to, you know, light condition for the homeowner. And that is all stuff that, you know, probably 95 plus percent of it is done up front. You know, we can go in and inspect and identify pretty closely a scope that should be pretty spot on as far as you know, what, what the end total will be. We do have to, you know, kind of have a caveat in there that as we’re going along perhaps doing the demolition part of the water damage Denver job, that we may discover something that would change the work order. That’s the case. Then we make it a priority to communicate to anybody that needs to know why we need to do something different or extra, you know, or get, you know, just kind of approval for a, we’d be doing something a little bit different than what we initially thought was necessary. But other than that, I’d say just about every time what we say it’s going to be up front is exactly what it is at the end. And I think most individuals, gestures, insurance companies appreciate that and at least the effort in the communication.

And so knowing that and having an established, you know, kind of claim amount, you know, was one of the adjusters jobs and you know, whatever software they work within as they’re processing, um, you know, the estimates from the water damage, different mitigation company from any other contractor, from, you know, if there’s a construction or general contractor that’s involved with the build back of the property. Um, they take that in all into consideration, kind of wrap their minds around a total for both the mitigation and the rebuild and issue checks really as soon as they can. Uh, you know, not to speak for adjusters, but one of their main goals is to get claims off the table, so to speak. They want to get resolution to things and get them wrapped up issue checks. And once those checks are cashed, then that signals the, you know, the, basically the end of their culpability and their responsibility for their customer.


the little catches kind of is that they issue the check to the homeowner and if the homeowner has a mortgage on the home, if they own anything, oftentimes they will also include uh, the note holder as well. So it’s got, it’s got the name of the homeowner, it’s got the name of the bank, say Wells Fargo, you know, hold your hold your loan. It’s going to have kind of them as a pay as well. And so then there’s this process of the adjuster issuing the check to that individual. But of course checks need to be endorsed by all parties that they are written to. So then it’s process of having the both parties in that, which means usually means like overnighting the check or you know, something kind of weird as far as mailing, you know, a high amount, a high dollar check to a mortgage company, having them do whatever they do to endorse it and then return it to the homeowner. At that point, the homeowner deposits that money.

And that’s, this is where it gets a little tricky because unless you are pretty heavily successful person, you’ve got lots of zeros in your bank account and not zeros as in nothing but zeros as in numbers in front of the zeros with lots of zeros to follow those numbers. The amount of money that you might get from a water damage Denver job or any other sort of loss is going to be substantial, could, could be. And you know, on a, on a pretty intense claim on something where, you know, perhaps a water line burst up in the second, second story of a home and ran for the better part of the day until people got home at night. We could be talking about literally, maybe a six figure insurance claim.

So what, what would you do if your bank account went from say $10,000 to $110,000 overnight and it doesn’t happen overnight. You, you know, anytime you deposit a high, high dollar check, it takes several more days to clear for whatever reason. Never understood that. But, um, that’s, that’s the thing. So say you deposit a check on Monday and on Thursday or Friday you’re sitting in your office staring at your bank account and you’ve got $110,000 liquid cash that you didn’t have that you haven’t had for, you know, when that’s just not, the balance you’d keep can be a little weird.

And oftentimes people get so mesmerized by the fact that there’s that much cash in their personal bank account that they forget that there are people and companies that have been working tirelessly to handle their water damage Denver job, get them back to normal and need to be compensated for their work. And the money that they have sitting in their checking account is a direct reflection of all the work that’s been done on their home. So it really isn’t their money. It’s just the way the process works and it’s their responsibility to then properly pay all of the contractors that have so so far floated the job and we understand that that’s kind of the nature of the beast that, you know, we kind of have to kind of have to do everything we do. We have to come up with materials, labor equipment and do quite a bit and get paid a long time after all of that stuff has been provided. And that can be a little scary on our end, but we know that hopefully eventually people will honor what they promised and pay the money that

it’s due.

But unfortunately every once in a while, and it’s not all that often, but we are going through a certain situation right now where it’s interesting, um, you know, you have an idea of, of the totality of the claim and you still haven’t been paid and you know that insurance check has been issued and you go back into the home for whatever reason to do some final checks or final cleanings or whatever. And this individual has all brand new furniture, brand new, big screen TVs, brand new, a lot of stuff. But what they don’t have is a check for you to cover the work you’ve done on their home. And we hate to assume, we hate to, to start thinking, you know, the potential and the various Snus of individuals, but we’re not stupid either. And we can put two and two together


kind of realize when, you know, maybe we’re not a

being given

the full story hen man, we, we don’t like when that happens. It, you know, it, it turns from, you know, a potential great relationship to one where it’s almost like you’re required to start digging your heels in the sand


almost being made to look like the bad guy for consistently asking to be paid what you’re owed. But again, you know, as much as we love this industry and as much as we want to provide amazing service for our water damage Denver customers, we’re not in the position to do it for free. Nor do we think that it’s fair and honest for people to collect insurance money. Um, that’s due to their contractors and for them to pocket that money and go on a shopping spree. We’ve never had to go litigious, we’ve never had to go to court. But those are things that we probably need to set ourself up for as far as understanding [inaudible]


process and um, you know, the potential of putting liens on homes, things like that. Man, that’s just something we never want to do. But as a company that is incredibly exposed by, you know, the potential of people’s whims and you know, kind of bad choices, it’s something that probably would be a good business practice for us. So anyway, if you ever need our services, we would sure appreciate the courtesy of getting paid promptly. As we wrap up services, we’re always up for a conversation and understand things can go a little weird in life, but we just need that communication and we need that understanding of what’s going on and what we can expect so that we don’t think the worst. Please get ahold of us if you have any water damage Denver situation that we can assist with. But until then, you stay safe.