Well is up my water damage Denver friends. Lovely, lovely, beautiful morning here in the Metro area.

Man, the sky just looks like it’s been painted with a beautiful light blue pink, orange paintbrush today. Sunrise is gorgeous this morning. Hope you’re doing well wherever you are. And today happens to be the day that uh, the final two top college teams are going to play for the college football championship. And I love competition. I love sports. I think I’ve made that perfectly clear in the time I’ve spent with you on some of these episodes, but, uh, it’s pretty intriguing to me how the college football system works and that is what I am going to attempt to, uh, talk about today with respect to water damage Denver, our industry, uh, water loss, the ability of companies both big and small to get the job done. Some of the football landscape, you have divisions, you have conferences, you have tiers, I suppose you’d say. And you’ve got literally thousands and thousands and thousands of student athletes. Personally, I played in a collegiate

setting, I played soccer in college, and our classification was in a I a, and I don’t even know what that stands for, but at the moment, I mean, I probably could piece it together, but, uh, what did it, what it wasn’t was the NCAA. Now within the NCAA, if you, you’ve probably heard that, um, national collegiate athletic association, probably they have division one, two and three, division one obviously being the highest. And, uh, again, then you’ve got NAI. I believe there’s two divisions in that and within, and then I think there’s probably others. So it’s, but those are the two main ones, NCAA and NAI. But within those, you, uh, like I said, with NCAA, you have three divisions. In AI, you have two, and then you have, um, conferences all throughout all of those divisions. So literally hundreds and hundreds of schools,

thousands and thousands of student athletes. But tonight, two teams will play. And that’s who is considered the, uh, the cream of the crop, that national champions of everything, anywhere, everywhere. That’s the best. That’s the highest, highest uh, trophy that you can get in, in sports for college football. Toss him. So tonight, Clemson and LSU will play both phenomenal teams with phenomenal athletes. And I’m sure it’ll be super entertaining. But what about the rest of those teams? Well, in the, in division one, you have tons of bowls that are played and those have kind of lost their luster over the years. They used to be a big deal back when I was a kid, that format wasn’t, wasn’t the same. Um, so bowls were super big deal. Now they’re cool. I think each, each school really

kind of

as fun going and playing in their bowl game. Some are, some are a little more, you know, prestigious than others, but it’s another game you get to play, you get to travel, it’s fun and you get your trophy for that bowl game if you win.

Water Damage Denver | Getting The Hype You Need

Division two has that same same sort of thing. They’re doing their playoff, but probably nobody could say, Oh yeah, uh, whatever school was the division two champs this year, nobody would know that unless you’re a part of that program or if your school is real competitive when it comes to that league. Same thing with division three. Same thing with, with the NAI. I could tell you who our football powerhouses were, but that’s because I, I played in that league for one of those schools. So all that to say with respect to the water damage Denver industry is that there are hundreds and hundreds of restoration companies that perform water damage Denver duties. Um, same sorts of things that we do all throughout really the world. But let’s stick to national nationally here, thousands, literally thousands of companies now, a lot of them are franchises that you’ve probably heard of. And there again, that would, you know, in most people’s minds, make them think of, you know, being a little more prestigious, maybe some similar to some of these bigger school names that everybody knows and sees a lot. Why? Well because they’re successful,

but obviously they have probably a pretty, pretty legit, um, marketing budget. The ability to get their names out there consistently. And that’s a great thing for them. And, but the way that that kind of presents to the public is that they are,

are highly competent. They’re, they’re probably the ones to reach out to first, um, in the, in the case of an emergency. And when likewise, when you see a school, um,

touted for their success and you see them in their, their signage and their, their likeness, their logo all over throughout the, the, the year, whether, you know, the, the athletic year for whatever sport is being played. And then you’ll also see as you’re, you know, watching some of these channels, a little commercial for their campus and this and that. That’s big time marketing. And you know, just about every school campus these days is just gorgeous. They’re all, you know, top-notch. They’ve got great facilities, whatever. But when you see, um, the exposure of a certain school or schools, you just naturally think, Ooh, that’s the place to go. That’s where I’m going to, uh, you know, find my best chance for success. If I’m looking for a college, you’re looking for somewhere to, you know, maybe further my education. That’s not necessarily a bad choice, but, um, you know, may or may not be necessarily true.

I would argue that there’s probably tons and tons of colleges that get absolutely zero recognition, zero press, zero marketing that are just as good or better than the top rated athletic schools. But does anybody know about them? Um, you know, it’s going to be a lot less just because they don’t get that same exposure. So similarly, you know, again, in the restoration world, in the water damage Denver market that we are a part of, um, you know, our name is out there. We do a lot, um, you know, relative to our abilities and, and kind of what, uh, is in our marketing budget and things like that in our online presence and so on and so forth. But, um, certainly we know that, um, you know, if we’re being honest with ourselves, the exposure that we get relative to some of the bigger companies, it’s just not, um, not close. And we’re not too worried about that. But we understand that people see, um, certain companies over and over again. Maybe they have, uh, real bright vehicles driving the road. Um, again, maybe if they’re franchises, they do have, uh, that different presence where they’re marketing as a whole nationally. And, uh, that that really does, um,

that really does have an effect on people when they are looking for a restoration company in the time of need. Um, you know, they’re, they may or may not be thinking specifically about, um, what job that they have. Um, what, uh, specifically they have. But, um,

but all they know is that, you know, they’ve seen this company on TV or heard about them on the radio and this is the company that they want to go with. So, um, interesting. And we, we understand that Dan dynamic, again being a business, a marketing and management major, um, totally get, uh, that dynamic when it comes to people choosing who, who they want to work with in their time of need. But we certainly would classify ourselves as, you know, probably one of those smaller colleges, one of those, you know, smaller water damage, Denver colleges as opposed to the big, big guy that’s um, you know, out there constantly. Um, doesn’t mean we don’t have superior talent. Um, just like the big guys do. As a matter of fact, we wholeheartedly believe we are, I’m right up there with the best of them, but just not super huge at this point, so that’s okay.

But, um, love the college football system still, um, get, get why it exists, why it is the way it is and uh, very entertained by what they, the product that they put out on the field. So if you’re looking for a water damage Denver company that may not be nationally recognized but still can perform and execute any water damage, Denver situation, smoke, fire, mold, and other things for you, please think of us. We are more than ready to help when you need us, and we hope that you’ll choose big foot restoration in your time of need. So when a, God forbid you do have that situation, but, uh, if you do, please reach out seven two zero five seven five foot and we will


see you then. But until then, you stay safe.