All right. Water damage Denver friends. What’s up? Hope you’re good. How are you doing? let you internalize that question for just a second. Well, I don’t get giddy very often. In fact, I’m pretty even keeled. Probably should be a little more in touch with my emotions, but I am kind of giggly, kind of, kind of a little bit tickled because I just looked at the 10 day forecast

and I think it’s gonna be nice. I happened to see in this 10 day forecast a couple of days where the numbers started with six and ended with a five or maybe a six or seven and honestly I think that to me will feel like about 95 96 97 I am ready for some sunshine. I am ready for some flippy flop weather. I am ready to not have the heat cranking in my home 24 hours a day.

I am ready to put the mittens away for the year. I love the snow. I love the seasons that we have, but I am good for this year, for this winter. I’m good. We’ve had some good snows. Some good little storms of moisture. It’s been amazing. Um, cool. If we are on the home stretch, however, this water damage Denver podcast of gold is a reminder to me and you and every single water damage Denver friend or associate that I’m sure we’re going to get more of this snowy stuff. Cold weather. And like probably we’ve talked about hundreds of times in the past, you can’t overreact when it comes to what you think is warm weather. The tear to stay by record in Colorado. These snow, it snowiest doesn’t necessarily the coldest, but the snowiest month of record is wait for it April.

That’s like a month away from now. So literally a month from now and then that month you’re telling me for the next two months I can expect snow. Well that’s what they say. Now the deal is with April snow falls is that they tend to be the, the spring, the crazy spring heavy crazy like blizzard type where you get three feet in a couple of days. So tons of volume.


Very heavy, very wet. And then they go. So you get a few of the, you get like three or four of those in a month. Then that’s going to be where you get your records from. The second snowiest month by record in Colorado is March. So awesome this month that we just got into by record. Second snowiest month of the year. Tough to think about because we have had quite the quite the consistency of snow lately. However, again, those March storms often are very high in volume as well. Very wet blizzardy type storms.

So there again, even though I believe it’s March 2nd today, let me do, yep, sure. Is March 2nd even though we’re it’s going to be a phenomenal compared to what we’ve had on our hands this winter. You will not see me hooking up my garden hoses at my house. Don’t really want a water, want a water damage Denver experience in my home. You will not see me

Water Damage Denver | Getting A 10 Day Forecast?

firing up my sprinkler system. you won’t see me at my shop at my place of work getting the swamp cooler going. I will not be participating in any activities that engage outdoor water systems and I probably will not be participating in those activities for the next two to two and a half months. I’ve seen it way too often over the years where people start to get a little giddy and you think, you know, you get into April. Yeah, you might have a snow storm every once in awhile might get a little cold, but for the most part you have some beautiful days, great weather, hot, maybe even

but it just takes once. It just takes that one time to get a little complacent and start hooking things up and then have that freeze. And then you’re calling Bigfoot for your own personal water damage Denver number job whereby your backflow freezes

then thaws and your pipe breaks inside your house and your basement is flooded. You start watering your little strobes and maybe wash your car with your garden hose, leave it hooked up to the spicket freezes and then a thaws and you spring a leak and you’ve got a water damage. Denver experience all for your own. You fire up your swamp cooler that sits on your roof, you’ve got water running to it, freezes

You’ve got your own water damage Denver experience, pump the brakes hold off. It’s going to be just crack a window. Turn some fans on for your cooling. If you absolutely have to use your garden hose use it does attach it from the spicket. I put your little insulation thing back on water your lawn or your shrubs by hand you some sort of little attachment so that you’re not engaging your entire sprinkler system. Do that. Take it back off. Put the stuff back on around your spigot and live out the rest of your spring days with zero water damage, Denver situations. If you really want to do all that stuff and you do want to play with the possibility of having that go ahead and give water damage, Denver experts, big foot restoration a call and we will be happy to help get you back to normal. But we would highly, highly encourage you to avoid all of this and save yourself some aggravation. So just a little bit of tidbits of gold for you this morning. Hopefully you are stoked about the weather wherever you are. We are here and we hope that we don’t have to meet you under the situation of a water damage Denver number job, but unless we do until then, you stay safe.