So pull the carpet back, cut out, remove the pad. Um, this is a basement. So most basements here in Colorado are concrete. So we have demo, the pad is, is glued to the floor and so we scrape it, ensuring that you get all the pad up. Um, you don’t want to leave little pieces of pad behind because when you install new carpet or new pad, you can, uh, you know, it can be a little bubble there or you know, feels, you know, it’s a little bit harder. So the keys to be very detailed, uh, making sure all pad is scraped up, it comes up pretty easily when it’s wet like that. So on this water damage Denver job, we scraped all the pad that needed to be removed, cut it, bagged it, and laid back down the carpet. But when you do the laying back of the carpet on most water damaged Denver jobs, we have to extract once again.

And even though, so it’s a couple of times you have to do it. Uh, we want to try at first visit, get as much moisture as we can out, that’ll decrease our drying time and I’m able to get things back to normal sooner. So the most you can do initially is better. You have better success. So we wouldn’t go ahead and on pretty much all the jobs, extract the carpet once again on the surface. And so we, uh, when we pull the carpet back, you want to, we want to check the backing, make sure everything is in order and nothing’s coming apart. Sometimes the water can damage the glue and make it separated. If that’s the case, um, the carpet’s damaged in their entitled to, to new carpets. So we inspect it as we pull it over. If something’s going to happen, it’s going to happen on the back side of the carpet. So this one held together strong and, um, felt comfortable that everything was in order and then that it would get re-installed and, and put back, uh, just as it was prior to the loss.

So this particular job, uh, was quite big. So we had a couple of dehumidifiers. Uh, we use formulas based on the amount of square footage areas and access to determine how many fans and how many dehumidifiers. So this particular one had 12 air movers. Uh, we use the axil, air movers when it’s kind of at the ground level like that and not too high or ceilings are affected. So this one, we had 12 axial air movers into two dehumidifiers. Um, every water damage, Denver job will be different. Some ceilings are affected, some drywall, some higher up. So we have fans where we can adjust the height angle at which they are going to be blowing. So, uh, and the keys always to be successful when you’re doing water damage. Denver jobs is to have the correct equipment, knowledge and expertise on handling it all in big foot restoration.

We certainly have all three of those. Um, so we left, uh, 12 air movers, two d modifiers, lay the carpet back down, set them up, um, and come back each day we do some readings, the readings will be of the effected area. So it was a bedroom. We took a reading and then we go to an unaffected area within the house, which was just an upstairs area. And then we’d go outside and do a reading out there. So what our goal is to achieve a relative humidity and temperature in the effected area to match the unaffected area upstairs. So we want to bring down, usually the relative humidity will be higher. Um, and then when we start the equipment that creates some heat within that area. Now this particular water damage Denver job, we didn’t have to create a containment. Sometimes we’ll do that. And when you do that, you’re a, the equipment, like I said, create some heat.

So that raises the temperature, which is good. We want to control that temperature. We have formulas and techniques that we use that we wanted a warmer initially and then we’ll bring it down to the natural room temperature over on day, uh, about the end of day two and into day three. So, uh, initially we want that temperature to rise and kind of bake and, or cook these water damage Denver jobs to help decrease that drying time. So we checked these jobs every day. We go back, we do the readings once again on the affected area and effected in the outside. So we want to make sure we do those temperature readings in the same area each time we do it. So we did that. We’d go back day two. And this particular water damage, Denver job was dry after three days. So, um, we use, we knew we in order to get it dry in that amount of time, short amount of time, we usually, uh, we pride ourselves on drying things out in three or four days.

I’m at the Max, so this one was a three day dry out. Everything was was great. Um, on that third day we were able to, to remove the equipment dehumidifiers and then we set up a time to go back. I’m usually within one or two days to reinstall the pad and clean it. So this water damage Debra job and how we actually were able to go back the following day, day four and install the pad and clean it. And uh, we waited. There was some large pieces that were moved. So we generally went always in each of our water damage. Denver jobs is to move content back form. Um, but they didn’t want blocks under it. They didn’t have their little bit older clients that didn’t have the means of having somebody remove blocks that are, would be placed under the furniture. So we, we certainly pride ourselves on taking care of our clients. So we came back on day five, uh, carpets dry to move everything back without putting blocks. So they didn’t have to worry about that. So we got everything back on day five. So from the time that we got the call and showed up, and five days later,

we were able to get them right back to normal. They had visitors coming and so on, this water damage Denver job, they didn’t have to move the visitors to a different location or anything like that or the guests that they were having. So it’s good to know that you’re appreciated. They were static. That, uh, we were able to have a quick turnaround like that. They had an issue years before and unfortunately it was very similar. Um, and it took over three weeks from starting start to finish. So when we’re told that we, we certainly, uh, made a strong to try and get them back in a timely manner, we wanted to have an exceptional experience when dealing with big foot restoration and repair. Um, so this water damage, Denver job went without a hitch completed in five days and everybody was happy at the end.