Well, what’s up to water damage, Denver friends. It is wonderful to be with you for another mind, Expanding edition of the bigfoot restoration water damage, Denver podcast of gold. So it’s update time. I’m spending my morning driving around to a few jobs to do little, check-ins do a little quality control, make sure that, um, everyone is on the same page. And that’s something that is a very necessary component of any water damage Denver company. It isn’t just as simple as responding to Water Damage Denver job, Tearing out the affected material, putting the drying equipment in place,

Having the drying equipment there for a very finite amount of time, meaning exact, uh, knowing exactly how long the project will take to dry and then removing that equipment and immediately starting the put back in the rebuild and everything else that might need to be done. There’s a lot of coordination and a lot of facilitation that needs to go into all of that to make sure the project goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible and quick, in a sense of lining everything up as, as best as possible, uh, with no, no more gaps than necessary with the rebuild. It can be, you know, something that we can, you know, kind of have all these stuff backs and all of the best Water Damage Denver around.

Kind of the skeleton of the job in general, ready to go. Um, but yeah, and the factors of potentially running into other things that might need to be taken care of during the mitigation and not knowing 100% for sure, the length of time that it will take to achieve the dry standard and to have all the equipment pole means that you know, that phase two, essentially of having individuals in to get everything put back together and back to the way it was initially, um, that can get to be kind of a fluid situation. And we all know that good professional trait, people, whether it’s drywall, painting, finish work, and many of the other trades, they’re not sitting around waiting for people to call them. They don’t have tons of room in their schedule quite often, they are busy and they are booked out and it is tough too, um, you know, get anybody tied down, um, let alone saying, Hey, you know, it could be start date anywhere from Monday to Wednesday, Thursday. Well, that’s nice in theory, but probably isn’t very realistic. Um, and you know, by the time you do have everything in place on your end and, you know, um, you know, the answers to some of those questions that are going to be well looked out. So, um, anyway, that’s, that’s a constant goal of ours and it’s something that any good water damaged, ever company should really be on the top of their game with, you know, coordinating all those things so that the job wraps up in a relatively reasonable amount of time with the best Water Damage Denver.

We always no matter what, keep in very good contact with our customers to make sure that they understand if there are going to be little gaps in, in the project, if there’s going to be not much, if anything done for two to three days, there’s a reason for that. We need to let them know and definitely not let it become a thing where, you know, they have to call us saying, Hey, is everything okay? We’ve not seen anyone for a while now. Um, you know, there’s definitely a lot more work to be done. What’s, what’s the plan. Um, that would obviously be a bit embarrassing. So that would never be something that we’d be interested in doing. But, um, anyway, so the jobs are going well with a better person for Water Damage Denver. Uh, I did a video, a quick video on one of the jobs that we’re wrapping up that required some very specialized fabrication of a certain type of wood paneling for, for an individual that experienced in a water damage Denver job that, uh, had some tongue and groove, um, I think pine paneling, but very interesting, um, design, very interesting, um, look and, you know, no way could it just be any, any old, you know, 10-inch paneling or whatever it was, it had to match all the other boards throughout the entire basement.

Really it had to match them perfectly or else. It just wouldn’t make sense to, uh, put that product back in. So really, really, really liked the way that’s coming along and really give a lot of credit to my main man, Adam, I’m the guy that is overseeing the build back for that project has done great work and, you know, based on everything I saw when I just walked in, you can literally not tell, um, that anything happened, the craftsmanship, the paint, um, the drywall work, the trim, the texture all looks absolutely spot on. So the, I am excited for, uh, later this week, probably when we will do a walkthrough with those customers. And again, just give them the chance to walk through and ask any questions, make sure that they are completely satisfied with the job and if they are, um, you know, it’s just a, it’s a huge load of confidence to us that, um, you know, we can ask them to, you know, consider referring us to family or friends if they experienced a water-damaged Denver situation, or just leave great objective feedback for us on any platform that they choose the best Water Damage Denver.

But whether the job goes super quick is, you know, a little bit longer of a process with respect to having different trades in, or perhaps even goes a little longer than we would all hope for, just because of circumstances in this case, again, having to have these special boards fabricated for the project, you know, it’s, again, just something that we want everybody to be all on the same page and not be wondering what’s going on or why things aren’t happening or, or have any sorts of questions. There’s already enough stress there. There’s already enough anxiety when it comes to their disaster. That’s happened. And, you know, I think most people are reasonable enough to, I understand that you know, you can’t wave a magic wand when there are certain things that are just going to be the way they are, but at the same time to work expediently and to communicate and to, um, you know, to follow through on the things that are promised to a customer are only great things.

So we sure, sure, sure. Hope that you never have to experience a water damage Denver situation, but if you do, or if anyone that, you know, experiences of water, fire, mold, or smoke loss in their home or place of business, please, please, please reach out to Bigfoot restoration and repair. We’ll be happy to help advise, help, assess, and certainly help execute on any sort of need that they may have. It’s what we do. We do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And, uh, we understand that disasters don’t happen always at the most opportune times. You know, it can be a night, it can be a weekend, it can be over vacation. It can always be these times where it’s just even worse than what it would be normally. So in any case, please reach out to us by phone, text, email, web inquiry, we’ll be happy to respond and meet you then, but until then you stay safe.